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Suggest your idea for a cartoon/comic

Last posted May 31, 2021 at 10:42PM EDT. Added May 26, 2021 at 06:05PM EDT
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Pretend a random executive from any media company comes tells you that your idea for a comic or cartoon is going to be made real. What is your idea of a cartoon/comic that you’ll suggest to this random executive?

I’ll start, it’s an anthology series focused purely on fantasy characters going about their daily life. Like a Dwarf getting into a drunken argument about of forging to a cultist trying to commune with their Eldritch god to an Orc losing his favorite axe in a bet and trying to get it back. The main piece is an ancient dragon telling the tales of each characters short story.

An evil force threatens a generic fantasy realm. Fortunately a convoluted prophecy foretold the coming of a Chosen One. Unfortunately the Chosen One turns out to be a rowdy and careless adventurer whose ego gets inflated once he learns that fate chose him to be the saviour of the world.

Since he alone can save the world, the king and the denizens of the realm have no choice but to endure the hero's antics, who ventures through the land causing more harm than good. One of the king's retainers, a young but sober and dutiful man, worries about leaving the fate of the world to such a reckless hero and sets out to join him incognito on his adventure, so that he can keep an eye on the hero, becoming his sidekick, subtly steering the hero towards his doom-averting quest and trying to minimise the collateral damage that he causes.

The series would focus on the duo's (mis)adventures doing generic rpg quests, but with the twist that the sidekick does most of the work behind the scenes while the hero receives all credit on grounds of being "the chosen one".

A group of friends composed of moe anime characters based on stock anime archetypes all get transported to a hell or a hell-like dimension its not clear. Its a comedy about them going on wacky adventures, fighting demons with giant guns and trying to not lose their sanity as they try to find a way out.

Like school live but there is absolutely nothing serious about it.

An adventure series about two 20-something lovers, a random girl who joins them, and their abandoned AI friend, inhabiting an alternate-history Earth in the mid-2000s. Using their collective skills, they investigate unusual events and wrongdoings in their hometown, which leads them into a rabbit hole of corporate chicanery, government corruption, and "probably vampires or something" and sends them on a quest to bring the truth to light.

Unfortunately for all involved, they're idiots (especially the main focus character, a newspaper journalist and amateur urban explorer) who just kind of stumble through things and usually succeed via improvisation and occasional bursts of temporary brilliance.

Basically, X-Files but Mulder is two guys, an implied-to-be-robotic girl, and a sentient AI stacked on top of each others' shoulders and Scully's gone on vacation, and also animated.

A slice of life cartoon where a weeaboo and a westaboo hang out together in Japan, The weeaboo is bubbly blonde girl from america who super ecstatic about being able to study abroad in Japan and having hopes of one day officially moving there becoming an English teacher.( A lot of her preconceptions of Japan comes from anime but of course). While the westaboo is a rebel tomboy who is really into American culture and hates anime. The westaboo reluctantly befriends the weeaboo hoping to get free English lessons from her and learn more about western culture from a real American. The westaboo at first finds the weeb's obsession with anime and her personality off-putting but she would eventually come to value their friendship down the line.

The episodes would usually have the two girls talk about cultural differences between Japan and American and showcasing the misconceptions the two cultures have for each other.

This cartoon is something that I actually want make someday. I am hoping to post the development of this cartoon here on the forums. Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated! Don't be afraid to go hard on me.

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The setting will still be our earth, albeit with dimensional rifts. Every mythological creature imagined back in the day were actually real, as they were victims of unexplained wormholes opening close to their prior vicinity and sent them to our Earth, which they were then worshipped as minor deities or feared depending on the original myth.

Fast Forward to the Golden Age of Piracy where a dimensional rift is ripped open in the very middle of the Bermuda Triangle, and pirates were utilizing this new opening to garner trade and arms with otherworldly beings. Resulting in faster ships and better arms against governments of the time which extended the age straight into the Revolutionary War.

Upon discovery of the rift, Great Britain essentially abandons the Colonies and focuses its war effort onto the rift. What they were not expecting were the pirates forming their own faction/country, defending the same rift that provided them not only profit but also a place to call home. Great Britain loses a huge chunk of its Royal Navy and have no choice but to hire privateers to send into the rift to understand and close it at any cost.

This is just only a significant exposition on the first part. My original intention is to JoJo it and each new arc takes place during a certain part of history. As part 2 would take place around the American Civil War, but the South replaced all their slaves with robots that come in both humanoid or various forms. The start would involve a former slave spending a good amount of years developing a virus that gives the machines sentience, which eventually leads to revolt, which leads to a revolution, which leads to the southern part of the US being temporarily under machine control until the machines either get citizenship or become a country of their own.

I'd pitch a serial comic made from my Smash Brothers parody where they run around to different dimensions to recruit new fighters for the tournament. The gimmick would be that every time they switch dimensions, the comic would be drawn by a different artist in the artist's own style. A publisher could develop a new talent pool that way.


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