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Medieval NationRP

Last posted Oct 31, 2018 at 01:49PM EDT. Added Oct 29, 2018 at 06:26PM EDT
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This game will be a turn based historical simulator during the middle ages, starting during the rise of the barbarian kingdoms in western europe up to the discovery of the americas

To play, simply fill out the form below as a response in this thread.

Nation Name:
Language Base:

Language base will determine your people's and your ruler's culture, i will use it to name your cities as well as other important people in your nation. example: nordic language will get you a city named Hokstead and a ruler named Gorfdan Hardrade.
You can also combine two lenguage bases into one such as Ottoman + Russian giving you Olfabakir.

Your people's History determines everything that happened to them before the game start, and how they got to where they are now. The migration period sees large movement from tribes of all around the world, and the fall of the largest empire in history has left a huge power vacuum for former subjects to gain independence so take that into account.

Location can be anywhere in the Mediterranean and most of Eurasia excluding the Americas, development and growth in regions will be taken into account as not all places will be hospitable and competition against players being important.

The game will run on "Prepare to Die Mode" which means difficulty is increased and dying or losing will happen and even be necessary.

Finally, have a poll to decide how history went and will go in this medieval world

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Count me in!

Nation Name: Assuristan
Language Base: Assyrian Neo-Aramaic
Religion: Nestorian Christian
Location: Northern Iraq (Nineveh plains)


The hilly plains of northern Mesopotamia were since oldest days home to a people of hardy peasants and herdsmen known as the Assyrians. For centuries they have been the subjects of various empires, yet they staunchly preserved their ethnic and cultural identity.

Though by now baptised and reduced to a small people, the blood of their untamed warlike ancestors from biblical times still seethes through the veins of the proud Assyrian hillmen, and Holy Writ as well as erudite sages tell that long ago these ancestors ruled over a vast empire stretching from the Tigris to the Nile. Even if this ancient Assyria is now little more than an old legend, the towering ruins and heathen idols left behind by their ancestors still inspire awe in the Assyrian peasants who cultivate their fields and herd their livestock in their shadows.

Recently an ambitious Assyrian noble emerged to prominence, as he rose through a mix of shrewd tribal alliances and martial cunning to a leading position in Assyria and established it as a vassal realm under Sassanian hegemony with himself as its king.

Nation Name: Iberiastan (Iberian Moors by the Christians)
Language Base: Arabic(main)
Religion:Muslim(Christianity is allowed)
Location:All Iberian Peninsula

History: Arabs of Berber Origin that invaded the peninsula and managed to Conquer all of it. Leaving their nomad ways, they prospered even with some uprisings of the Iberian natives, to resolve that they were allowed to speak their language and profess Christianity, making them more favorably to the regime(opposition still exists). The nation managed to fend off the Christian nations of the north by building forts and ad having fleets at West and East of the peninsula.

The kingdom has been ruled by one family since the conquest of the peninsula.


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