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Spoiler Guidelines

Last posted Jul 15, 2023 at 03:33PM EDT. Added Dec 14, 2016 at 09:48PM EST
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This thread is intended to clarify the proper usage of the spoiler tag on KYM. Y'know, this thing:

We've had debates about the proper usage of them before, so this will help add some consensus to discussions about it. Note that these are guidelines, not rules. You aren't going to get warned for removing a spoiler a bit early, or not spoiling the most mundane of leaks. In cases where someone is unsure, or a dispute comes up, these guidelines can help.

  • Normal spoilers constitute things like plot points, jokes, and characters not revealed in promotional material – basically, anything that wasn’t in the promotional material that is some level of substantial. (So, a boring screencap of some random house in-game would not be a spoiler, even if it wasn’t revealed in promotional material.)
  • For most spoilers, they can be removed 4 days after its public release. This means a full release, or the fullest release it will get in the near future. (A relevant example would be four days after a RWBY episode shows up on YouTube, the related spoilers can be despoilered.)
  • Larger spoilers may be spoilered longer. (e.g. if The Empire Strikes Back was released today, Darth Vader's relationship with Luke might get a spoiler tag for up to a month.)
  • Descriptions of an ending or other major plot points of semi-popular or popular series when it is not already widely known (e.g. Attack on Titan major plot points, ending of Fallout 3/4, etc; not ending or major plot points to Star Wars or a no-name anime) may stay spoilered indefinitely, either until the points are well-known, or no one cares about the series anymore.
  • Leaks should be spoilered until at least the public release. At that point, they follow the same guidelines as normal spoilers.

btw other mods you aren't allowed to bitch about this, I've been waiting for more feedback for 5 straight days and none of you have responded so if you don't like it that's your fault

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Can you add a thing about spoiler tags being used as "bait" or for meta purposes, or is that not an issue any more? For example someone using the spoiler tags for the purposes of a joke or to get people to view the image.

btw other mods you aren’t allowed to bitch about this, I’ve been waiting for more feedback for 5 straight days and none of you have responded so if you don’t like it that’s your fault


It is an issue, we just haven't really come to a decision how to express it. Have a statement in nsfw guidelines and spoiler guidelines threads? Put it in rules? Haven't really discussed it, although we seem to be in agreement that it's an issue – it throws off search results some, and misleads people, both of which make it harder to find what you want.

…not revealed in promotional material…

What about promotional material like screencaps from trailers, PR images, etc? A lot of that can be pretty spoilery and there are large contingents of fans that specifically avoid trailers and title/synopsis reveals so they can better enjoy the media when it airs.

Promotional material like that probably shouldn't be spoilered. As mentioned, these aren't hard-and-fast rules – if there's a REALLY spoiler-y piece of promotional material (as in, it's just kinda bad advertising at that point) go ahead. However, it's best that you stick close to the guidelines.

sorry this took so long i totally forgot

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