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New members introduce yourself

Last posted May 25, 2023 at 02:45PM EDT. Added Aug 20, 2010 at 11:28AM EDT
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what is with these ads?
anyway, for all the newbs here, please report ad accounts here on kym to watcher. he is the officail watcher here. and he is not a furry.
(maybe) :D

Thank goodness for Adblock. One of the best weapon against trolls.

I've been around for a few months (*cough*lurking*cough*), but might as well introduce myself. Pachi's the name.

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Boxxy has supposedly donated DNA to an undisclosed advanced cloning lab, they're said to be close to project completion. They're working on a number of variants, including mutable Boxxys. Check the initial thread i posted on the subject that THEY don't want you to see.

Oh and I'm female and love kittehs.:/

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nice meeting you all. . .its nice to be here in this forum. . .

Edit: Link removed. Please do not advertise on the forums.

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@bryan badaran

Hi Billy Mays Here Telling you to GTFO Off My Forums for Only 19.99$

But wait we will double the offer, not only cant you leave our forums, but you can get off the internet free.

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