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Total War stories

Last posted Feb 06, 2011 at 08:41AM EST. Added Feb 05, 2011 at 07:32AM EST
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Troll King wrote:

Well, I see someone takes a liking in my taste of image selecting.

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When I looked at one of the trailers for Shogun 2, Someone said that this game even lags on the creators' computer. I'm not even sure if that's true, but if it is then unless we get awesome computers, processors, video cards, shit like that, we're screwed.

P.S I have Rome, Barbarian Invasion (borrowed from library), Medieval 2 + Kingdoms and i'm planning to buy Empire (mostly because i want to play as my country (Holland, Or as in the game: United Provinces))

@HitlerOnHacker Fuck Yeah that would be fun as hell.

The reason I loved Rome total war was because the Romans were such bad ass's, and they looked profession, and gave a feeling of epic.

I personally did not like medieval total war 2, it was lacking.

The only unit I like in the entire medieval total was the Teutonic knights, because they were the only unit that had a different skin.

Although Milan was a fun faction.

The cannons were near useless, the mortar was one of the few good guns( if not the only good gun.)

The musketeers were kinda lame, under powered, could not aim for their life's, which I proved over and over, could not shoot from walls, and would often hit each other more than the enemy unless on a hill or something to elevate them.

The crossbowmen militia were overpowered, particularly milans militia, I won a fight with only 150 men in shatter groups like down to 40 men or so or ever less, and I held off 1000 men by using choke points in the citys, thank god for gold bars.

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I've got every single total war game and expansions (I know I'm a fanboy for war). I personally like playing as Prussia in Napoleon, trying to unite Germany. I've fought massive battles, and turned the world against me, but it's been worth it. Also, I was playing Empire as Marathara Confederacy and Had only 2 regions left to conquer: Georgia USA, and Georgia in the Caucasus. USA had gone without me noticing all the way to the other Georgia and conquered it. I then conquered Georgia in USA, meaning that the United States of America were in Eastern Europe.


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