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Songs Inseparably Tied To A Single Setting

Last posted Jul 05, 2022 at 03:02PM EDT. Added Jun 25, 2022 at 10:17AM EDT
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Obviously, scores and songs made for movies and TV shows have a tendency to evoke a particular setting--if you think of the kind of music that goes with a Spaghetti Western, I suspect you'll think of something like the theme from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

But there are others that, although they started in popular culture, have later become associated with certain scenes and settings. Classic example: Fortunate Son by CCR = Vietnam War.

What are some other songs that, though they didn't start in the movies, are effectively inseparable from a specific type of setting or scene?

Also acceptable: songs that bring to mind a specific movie scene because of their use in it (again, provided the song was not made specifically for the movie):

Can't think of anything else as broad as Fortunate Son, but for films I have a few.

Stuck in the Middle with you – Reservoir Dog: the torture scene
Where is my Mind – Fight Club: the ending
Hip to be Square – American Psycho: Hey Paul, Aggh!
Eye of the Tiger- Rocky III: the training montage
Don't Stop (believin) – The Sopranos: suddenly stops (infamous fade to black)

"Don't You Forget about Me" – The Breakfast Club: the ending (although younger people will likely associate it with that Family Guy episode.)
"Korobeiniki" – Tetris (I know it may be off-topic, so I will mention that it's used in the wedding scenes in The Deer Hunter as well.)
"The Best Around" – The Karate Kid: the training montage.


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