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Memorable PCs you have made for TTRPG.

Last posted Sep 27, 2022 at 09:09PM EDT. Added Aug 28, 2022 at 06:52PM EDT
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Pathfinder, D&D, Cyberpunk, etc.

I'll post what started this idea. My current character, the half-elf rogue Irini. She was a backup character I made after my original was knocked out and taken by Demons during the Path of the Righteous campaign. I had originally planned to bring her back to the Capital once we have rescued my initial PC, but I started to have more fun with her than I did with Utrop.

I built her solely for DPS. Maxed out her DEX and replaced the racial feat Adaptability for Ancestral Arms to allow her to wield the Elven Curved Blade: Which was a two-handed weapon that can also be used with Weapon Finesse to take advantage of the DEX boost. And mostly used the rogue talents to gain combat feats that may suit her during fights.

But for some reason, my GM turned her into a slime girl an ooze lord. Highly acidic, too. As any non-magical item she had were dissolved instantly. And even better were two especially lucky rolls of a 1d100, that she somehow gained the spell dimension door and can summon forth a pair of slimy wings that resemble that a luna moth's in terms of silhouette.

As of now, she has adopted another slime person a tar child. This happened during the fight with the Herald of the Ivory Tower. Turned out the final bout was taking place above a mythic colossal tar jelly. Said jelly grabbed Irini and tried to absorb her, but also being an ooze type allowed her to convince the jelly to grab the herald and assist us into absolving him.

Turns out the jelly was an amalgamation of all the prior adventurers that tried to take on the Herald before us and failed. After making the GM laugh that this thing was my child, he allowed me to coax the jelly into humanizing a tiny portion of it into a personality. It would only cost him a tier of his mythic level to do so and now I have bardic cohort that plays buffs on a haunted hurdy gurdy.

I have plenty others. But I'll delay to see if anyone is brave to post here their experience.

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I don't play enough as a player to have a good array of PC stories, but there are some. The most come from a 3.5e gestalt game, where the players chose 2 classes and got the features of both (taking the highest between saves/hd, etc). There were a lot of fun builds to work out there.

Urak the Bloody
I was… going through a phase. I wanted to play an evil-aligned character for the first time and the GM told me another player was playing a werebear and I have a deep love for werewolves (hence the username) so I built a Scout/Dire Werewolf. Scout gets +#d6 damage when they move at least 10ft, similar to a rogue's ability, so I was doing a "the murderboner shuffle" where I would tumble back 5ft then tumble forward again for massive damage. Had an overpowered axe that was like medium-sized yet still did 3d6 damage (it's called a Butchering Axe in pf1e now) so that was crazy op when I enlarged, we had difficulty calculating exactly how much damage it should be since there was no precedent for it among other weapons. Character-wise they were an excitable asshole yet barred from killing the party by divine mandate from their deity, made for an interesting dynamic that never really fully worked out, lots of IC chafing which made for an interesting time. Had to work out an agreement that Urak would get 1 no-rules kill of his choice per week (I think I negotiated it to 2 per week) to sate himself. It was a bit unsustainable and I think I would've changed his alignment over time to something tamer, the next time I played CE I eventually did that and it was satisfying.

Rosemary was a 5e oneshot PC I made that became a beloved fave. In my head I pictured a Changeling Inquisitor but 5e doesn't have that so she was a human eldritch fighter (I think, might've been an archfey warlock), rapier-wielder and bit bratty (pictured someone like Weiss from RWBY). We dicked around with rolling for stats and I had like 10s on all my physical stats and 15-17 on mental ones. She was a good tracker and I set up some good moves but BOY she could not hit a DAMn thing. It was pretty fun regardless, hard to be mad at failing rollings when it's a oneshot and it makes for humorous acting. I recall successfully recreating the "GOD BLOW" scene from Konosuba by whiffing a very hyped magical strike attack against a goblin.

Most PC ideas I get nowadays I transfer to NPC ideas. Some recently I've had are:
- Character who is actually an extremely well-made programmed illusion.
- Instrument-only bard, none of this pussy "I sing/dance my inspire courage" shit nah we are here to play that hurdy-gurdy and cast spells.
- Swashbuckler/Barbarian multiclass. Insane and loving it.
- This bug. Because if the character art is inspired I'll play it.
- LN (formerly LE) monk and his CN (formerly CG) brother, post-settling their differences through a duel to stop the LN bro's past evils. Now one is seeking enlightenment and the other is seeking to brag and drink.
- Lich Bard, plays the ley lines like strings on a lute.

A day before the month is up. Lemme put some exposition before posting

It was called Starless Nights and it was a homebrewed campaign that was post-apocalyptic. The Blood War ended in a demon victory and now the entire population of the Abyss has set its sights onto all the other planes. How they would do it was to open planar tears from Limbo and unleashing its primordial storms onto the planes of existence through the means of sleeper agents.

Normally demons are too stupid to be making such a plan, but the neutral evil yugoloths were essentially pulling the strings in the background. So what would happen is that they would soften the target with hurricanes laced with chaos before unleashing the hordes onto the celestials.

These attacks lasted for a thousand years until Desna sacrifices her existence into destroying all of the planar tears in existence. The results of her death came with the complete eradication of the stars with her corpse replacing the sun, along with the moon shattered as a sort of final fuck you by the demons before they were driven back down into the abyss.

The game was essentially Kingmaker but with more focus on rebuilding a community rather than colonization.

Session Zero:
The campaign starts at session zero where our GMs told us to make two or three PCs. My characters consisted of a gillman primalist, an elven infiltrator, gnome alchemist, and a kitsune NPC that was made solely for fluff. The backstory for all of these is that they were all former specimens who were once belonged to the Neothelids, each one subjected all sorts of horrid experiments and weird science.

All four bonded together after a Great Escape scenario that left a lot of prisoners dead. And because they do not if they any relatives at all outside the lab, they chose to stick together rather that split apart.

Person of Interest:
Largo was my primalist. I had him using reach weapons for the entirety of the campaign. The spells that I used were long arm, enlarge person, with the help of the black blood bloodline, I was able to get his reach up thirty feet. Which is not a lot but especially helpful as long as there is a tank in front of you to keep the baddies from going under your swing.

Sadly, the game came to stopped when the GM's house was robbed. The fuckers stole an heirloom that was precious to him and he lost the motivation to continue the campaign.

Surprisingly, the adventure log is still intact. I am unsure if it is open to the public but if it is, then go ahead read some cringe if you like.

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