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The *Unofficial* April Fools Day 2023 Forum

Last posted Apr 02, 2023 at 06:50PM EDT. Added Apr 01, 2023 at 01:55PM EDT
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Post some of the stuff that companies, games, sites and such are doing for this years April Fool’s Day.

I’ll start:

Payday posted a video of the Payday gang with Grouse and Badger reenacting the Card Scene from American Psycho
Adult Swim had AI create some of their episodes
Overwatch has an event going on in which the heroes have funny voice lines and overtuned abilities/reworks
Bungie and by extension Destiny 2 is selling a funny emotes cosmetic pack (take with that as you will)
Black Clovers Mangaka joked about ending the series early
Steel Ball Run was “confirmed”
Let Me Tell You About had its yearly April fools day episode except with an “AI” guest appearance
Team Fortress 2 is doing its usual stuff so nothing new
NewGrounds is doing a collab called Clockday
The Manga scan site MangaDex offered a “premium” version of the site for some users
r/BlackClover’s discord was turned into a One Piece discord
r/FireEmblemHeroes was converted into a subreddit about Embla
MyAnimelist put cats up in the popular series
Some people in TF2’s skin community have been making joke warpaints off of memes. Such as one for Animen and the other being for Sonichu.

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Gacha games did their usual gacha game things.

Dokkan Battle had their usual fake new mode--this year being a fishing minigame--announcement followed by the cancellation notice and free unit the next day. Unlike previous years', though, the unit doesn't seem to have any connection with the fake mode in any form. Jacketed SSJ Goku doesn't have anything to do with fishing.

DB Legends added a new story event where Pui Pui beats up Vegito Blue and Fused Zamasu, often citing Pui Pui's home planet having ten times Earth's gravity being the source of his strength; the next day, they apologised after having it pointed out that the Capsule Corp's gravity machine can reach 500x Earth's gravity, and Goku himself trained under 100x gravity during his trip to Namek early on in Z. Pui Pui himself is a new free unit, and is actually pretty strong.

I don't play this one myself anymore, but D4DJ replaced character sprites and dialogue with cats and meows. Maybe I should pick it up again.

Nikke had a somewhat baffling little story event…and I can't tell if it was poorly-written because it made me confused, or if it was an absolute masterpiece of writing because it managed to make me feel the exact same emotion as the player character: complete befuddlement.

All in all, it felt a bit lacklustre this year, but maybe I just missed a lot of the jokes. I know I didn't give the Mangadex one much thought when I used the site that day.


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