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What's a dumb or silly headcanon you have?

Last posted Jul 10, 2023 at 09:26PM EDT. Added May 10, 2023 at 01:29PM EDT
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What's a headcanon of yours that doesn't really mean or affect anything, but you kinda want it to happen/be true anyway?

I'll start: Until proven otherwise, I imagine Cream the Rabbit's father to be named Ice the Rabbit, meaning father and daughter's names together are Ice Cream and the whole family together is Vanilla Ice Cream.

I have one that is indeed silly, but pretty long-winded:

Enrico Pucci's master plan consists of him performing an ACE exploit on the world he lives in, not unlike how one would perform an ACE exploit in a video game.

That's why it involves such seemingly inexplicable, yet specific steps such as reciting the 14 phrases and harnessing the souls of exactly 36 "sinners". ACE and other obscure, but potent glitches in video games tend to involve similar oddities that don't make sense to anyone that isn't intimately familiar with technical aspects of the game (and considering that Pucci is knowledgeable enough to monologue about probably obscure facts like fate and the eternal recurrence of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure universe, he's likely to have that kind of familiarity with the inner workings of his universe), and the end result of Pucci's plan succeeding warps the universe on a scale that ACE is sometimes used for.

The 14 phrases in particular bear a notable resemblance to some Pokémon exploits I've seen that rely on manipulating text fields. Neither results in a message with any clear meaning, but the messages nevertheless have very significant effects.

There's another, more reasonable explanation for Pucci's 14 words that I've accepted, but it's nowhere near as outlandish and can't be used as a justification to joke about Pucci being a better gamer than Kakyoin.

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I fully subscribe to the headcanon that Jar Jar Binks was originally written as only pretending to be a bumbling idiot and Lucas was going to make him an evil foil for Yoda, but people taking Jar Jar at 100% face value as an "idiot" in Episode 1 caused Lucas to panic that audiences wouldn't see the following movies if Jar Jar stilled played a prominent role and wrote him out of the major plotlines in Episodes 2 and 3.

George Mallory and Sandy Irving didn't die in their attempt to climb Everest in the Pokemon universe because Articuno saved them. Maybe it's stupid, maybe it's silly, but I like thinking of Pokemon's universe as the "good timeline" where nothing that bad has to happen. That isn't to say there isn't tragedy, people die and accidents happen, that's just life, but nothing as cruel as dragging yourself and your friend to both die alone on a mountaintop on a fool's errand ever has to happen.

It's something I want to make a meme out of.

I personally believe that Miguel initially considered recruiting the Spider-Man of Earth-7642 but decided against it.
Why? It's mainly due to it being a world of crossovers.

Basically, Earth-7642 has both Marvel and DC characters co-existing as seen in Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man, it's sequel, Superman and Spider-Man which had Wonder Woman, Hulk, Dr. Doom, and several more like Batman. It's not limited to just DC characters existing. New Avengers/Transformers, also is stated to take place on Earth-7642 and Spidey appeared there.
With that said, given that Spider-Man has met with DC's trinity and the Autobots, characters above the Spider-Society's weight class, it's likely Miguel possibly saw it as too much of a risk to try recruit that world's Spider-Man and have him make sure "canon events" occur. It's likely if Peter-7642 had opposition towards the Spider-Society's adherence to the Canon Event theory, he could possibly let the likes of the Avengers, Justice League, and Autobots know and would Superman and Optimus Prime believe the Canon Event theory or condone the Spider-Society's actions? No. Hell they and several other heroes could possibly poke holes in that theory before possibly raiding Nueva York and putting an end to the Society which in Miguel's eyes would endanger several universes. So he likely wouldn't want to bother recruiting that world's Peter.
Similar reasons occur for Stealth the Hedgehog, a version of Sonic who's Spider-Man.

Mainly since the Spider-Society might have to deal with the Zone Cops.

Last edited Jun 13, 2023 at 06:47PM EDT

Here's a few L4D Headcanons I really enjoy
-Coach is secretly this omnipotent god, Fueled by cheeseburgers and slices of hot apple pie. Every time you see him die, he's only pretending to make it fair for the zombies. The blood you see? what self-respecting man wouldn't carry around a bunch of ketchup packets on his back, beneath his shirt?

-Save Me Some Sugar was written for Bill

-Keith is at least 12 hours ahead of the L4D2 gang at all times. He already was on the choppers seen in the beginning of the first campaign and trailers, he was on the second to last evac for dark carnival, and In classic Keith fashion, he ends up crash-landing or finding himself in the same areas the survivors go through.

-Francis and Louis become total bros after the passing, and once they're on that island, they get really good at fishing

-Bill comes back to life at some point, becoming a coach-level threat for the zombies

Here's one that's waaaaaaaay out there I made a long time ago.

Master Frillard (Animal Crossing: City Folk) was supposed to be a reference to George Carlin. He was considered to be a comedy genius from what i remembered some of the animals said, had kind of a similar look, and he never showed up in future animal crossing games, in reference to George passing away in 2008.

Of course, this theory was made slightly after I played New Leaf. I have no idea idea if he's in New Horizons. And I kind of abandoned the theory a while back because it really was a stretch even back then.


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