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Do you have any form of notoriety outside of KYM?

Last posted Sep 25, 2023 at 06:47PM EDT. Added Sep 18, 2023 at 09:05AM EDT
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My only minor claim to fame outside of KYM as of this moment is a while back I commissioned an artist on deviantArt named HugeSenpai to make blueberry inflation art of the vtuber Bao because Bao showed off some AI generated inflation art of herself and I was like "I want something like this made by a proper artist." In a collab stream with another vtuber named Toma, Bao made a joke to Toma by telling her to google "Bao inflation" and one of the results ended up being the very art I commissioned, and they showed it on stream! Bao even complimented it which I take as a compliment towards both HugeSenpai and myself for giving the thumbs up on the final product. The art in question in case anyone is curious

Most of my internet activity is limited to Youtube and Discord… Kinda hard to get publicity in either unless you're making content on youtube, which isn't really what I'm doing. Except for my Ultrakill speedrun videos, one of which got picked up by the algorithm once. And as for discord I guess I'm prominent in a few niche communities but that's about it.

I am apparently a somewhat notable person in my college due to the goth fashion sense, according to a few people I know? That I really only bring out in full force every once in a while. Not sure if that counts.

Youtuber cloudstrife8 made a Final Fantasy Abridged Series which I discovered while I was playing the game for myself for the first time. He and his crew had a Q&A special where users could ask the characters and crew members various questions often for comedic results. Some of the jokes you wouldn't get if you haven't seen the series, but the my questions that made it into the video are at 7:24 and 10:02.

Also last year I visited the Center for Animal Research and Education in Bridgeport, TX due to being a long time subscriber to resident personality BigCatDerek. He conducted the tour of the facility that my brother and I went on, and he later mentioned us (anonymously) in a later video show below (embed is at point where it starts). The actual tour is on my own Youtube page if you want to see for yourself.

Another thing I forgot to add since I didn't think it was noteworthy enough at first, but after seeing Bilbo's post I figured I share this: Game Grumps had asked fans to suggest memorable moments from their videos to clip on one of their sister channels. They stopped doing this a year ago, but I made several suggestions to add on to there and managed to get three of them onto the channel. The videos mention the person who suggested clipping it in the video itself, and I what can I say, I just like seeing my name in things.

Also worth mentioning that the Grumps just released a video today where they react to their famous moments playing Wheel of Fortune, and two of the clips are from that game (only one of them was in the reaction video though).

Some stuff I create get somewhat popular though later forgotten, this meme I made got 335 upvotes on reddit that is something….I guess, yeah not much

The title was: Can Batman defeat this Spiderman Villians on a 1v1?

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I would rather not be known, whether outside here or inside here. Maybe it's due in part to my jaded views over time. Maybe after hearing the horror stories from popular people, it isn't worth it. Whether case, I would rather have an impact on real life or at least change people's lives. Online, I'm just another icon with a mediocre art style or a mediocre personality.

If I dropped dead one day, no one would weep. My very footprint's a drop in the ocean and it be miracle if someone did remember me.

I've had a pretty big laundry list of small achievements throughout the 10+ years as an animator/voice actor, but I won't really name them all. I will say I have gotten the attention of Nostalgia Critic and Somecallmejohnny back in my stop motion days for animations I made of them.

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