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Regional Internet Meme Research Project

Last posted Jan 14, 2021 at 03:27PM EST. Added Jul 30, 2012 at 03:57AM EDT
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In the spirit of Summer Olympics, we're starting a campaign to revitalize our focus on researching regional / local internet memes that are well-known within the countries, but less so on the global level! This means for each day throughout the duration of Olympics, we'll research & feature an entry that is particularly well-known or representative of each country's internet culture. This will also be a good opportunity to go through the regional meme research threads (listed all the way below) to track back on anything major that we've missed in the past:

Newsfeed Schedule: Featured Countries

7/30: China
7/31: Australia
8/1: Canada
8/2: Brazil
8/3: South Africa
8/4: United Kingdom
8/5: Israel
8/6: Japan
8/7: France
8/8: Mexico
8/9: Argentina
8/10: Egypt
8/11: Germany
8/12: Russia

Here you will also find a list of entry collections by countries and meme research threads by continents:

Entry Collections By Country

Last but not least, check out regional-specific discussion threads for collaboration with other researchers:

KYM Meme Research Discussions by Regions

Meme Research
   Latin American
Meme Research
Meme Research
   Eastern European
Meme Research

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A Dutch meme that might need a second chance, I would say Duif Meneer.

He was practically some weird guy interviewed by a tv station who was obsessed with pigeons. Not really noticable at first you'd say, but his way of attracting the pigeons was by saying "Hoe Hoe" (or "Who Who" if it has to sound English).

The interview made him quite popular, small amount of fanart, music remixes of his luring the pigeons, merchandise, mainstream mentionings. They even offered him to record a track, which actually came out and was mentioned in some articles.

Yes, I have deadpooled that entry atm, but with some extra research it can be given a second chance.

Last edited Jul 30, 2012 at 08:39AM EDT

argie saludos!

I have to propose two Argentine memes:

One is Julio Grondona referring to the rules to be implemented in a future soccer tournament. The idea is that Grondona is president of AFA for decades and is a symbol of corruption in the local environment, and changes in the local soccer tournament always benefit the most powerful teams. The meme in question is a macro image parodying Grondona, setting ridiculous rules (the next tournament we playing with 3 goalkeepers", "in 2012 draws are defined in PS3", etc). Was very popular time ago.

The second meme is also referred to football: the commentator Fernando Niembro, which tells the international football matches in Fox Sport Latin American. It is unpopular for several reasons: it is very partial, does continuous advertising for their stories, says data "wikipedia", is mean to subordinates, not know or even pronounce difficults or foreign names.
The meme is an image macro Niembro known phrases that are never placed in the correct context.

I first met in "taringa", but appeared in several places.

I hope you understand what I wrote (claims to google translator)

So, I got a very brazillian meme that I decided to make a clean up on the entry to help clarify it a bit.

I renamed it Mussum Forevis. It's basically photoshopped images of a local deceased comedian followed by captions expressing the way he used to speak on his jokes and gags.

It's not very known on the outside, but I'm sure all brazillian users can confirm this entry.

Last edited Jul 31, 2012 at 11:27PM EDT

There's this new mexican meme called "san juan cholo". It must not have more than 2 months old since it went viral and it already has a lot of "crossovers" with other memes and other elements of popular culture.

Its basically a mocking about the stereotypical "cholo" (mexican subculture) and their jargon.

Memes from Finland? Quite a few meme s began on the Finnish imageboards, most famously, Dolan:

And I recently noticed that Spurdo has trickled through the internet's digestive system and landed in the toilet that is 4chan and will probably get "flushed" down to Reddit:

Just thought that Egypt's Sarcasm Society might deserve a "Site" entry. Do we have any users that understand arabic and Egyptican culture/politics? (~500k likes) (~22k followers)

Here's an interview with the creator:

The biggest meme at the moment in The Netherlands is the King's Anthem (Koningslied). All the big musical stars in the country were assembled to sing this anthem when King Willem-Alexander is sworn in on April 30th 2013. However, the negative response to the song was enormous upon release on Friday April 19th 2013. People commented about the poor nature of the song on social media, including the bad writing, spelling- and grammar errors and the lyrics. Many commentators on TV, internet and Radio trashed the song, breaking down the lyrics. Parodies and 'alternative' anthems appeared on YouTube. #koningslied turned trending this weekend. Upon the negative response, the song's composer John Ewbank announced on Facebook he would pull the song back, while criticizing the song's most vulgar critics.

Even the BBC reported on the tragedy:

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