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Offensive Memes

Last posted Mar 06, 2010 at 11:30PM EST. Added Feb 17, 2010 at 06:48PM EST
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In light of Anonymous creating tasteless Nodar jokes, I have a suggestion that will help decide whether Nodar is a meme or not.

Please post other memes offensive to either the viewers of the meme, the people the meme focuses on, or the general public, and discuss the degree of tastelessness.

If Nodar is a meme, there has to be other memes of around the same level of offensiveness – I think.

Last edited Feb 17, 2010 at 06:51PM EST

So far, my list consists of Star Wars Kid, "Don't call me a homo" Kid, and 2 girls 1 cup (and maybe even Meatspin and Tsimfuckis).

The first two are offensive to the people the memes are based upon, and the last three are just plain sick.

Last edited Feb 17, 2010 at 11:50PM EST

Yes it is a meme. It spread BECAUSE it was offensive. That happens a lot. People just need to remember that when writing a meme article, it should be written as a passive observer of the meme, not an active participant.

There are to many to name! Goatse, Nigga stole my bike, hell even the word "gay" being used as derogatory (it may be IRL, but it probably gets a lot of its use on the internet.) Face it; the internet has become an offensive place. Since there are so many people on it, someone is going to post and upload things which are offensive to somebody. It's not right, but I'm sorry to say it happens.

9/11 itself was not an internet meme. There are plenty of memes ABOUT 9/11 but all together the subject is way too broad to call an internet meme. You can find lots of 9/11 related images in plenty of meme entries. It's not a question of what's acceptable, it's a question of whether or not the meme is specific enough.

You could create a meme entry about "JEWS DID 9/11" if you want.

ANYWAY, I suppose Nodar is a meme. But I have 50 internets that say it won't last. Remember balloon boy? No? Exactly. Sure, everyone was talking about it. Sure, it had the entire world holding it's breath waiting for the outcome. Sure, there were a bunch of pictures and jokes made about it. But it was still just a flash in the pan. It was too mainstream, I suppose. The same thing will happen here: the world's eyes will follow Nodar's death, pictures and parodies will be made, and it will be forgotten.

The most enduring memes are the ones that are from the internet, by the internet, and for the internet.


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