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[Riff-Raff] Particle Mare Demodding (+Liche Rebanning) Megathread

Last posted Jul 07, 2017 at 10:18PM EDT. Added Jun 26, 2017 at 12:17AM EDT
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lemme tell you little memeamaniacs yeah, the World Meme Federation president Jack Tunney needs to step back in here and TAKE CONTROL OF THE SITUATION BEFORE THINGS GET OUT OF HAND YEAH. Bob Hogan and the Nature Boy Ric Mare have been battling it out for that World Heavyweight Title but they've made one mistake yeah they made one mistake when they overlooked the MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE. WWF President Jack Tunney has made a DEAL WITH THE MACHO MAN AND WWF PRESIDENT JACK TUNNEY HAS PUT THE MACHO MAN IN THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH AT WRESTLEMANIA. hogan, you may have those 24 inch pythons, you may have the biggest arms in the world and ric mare, you might have the girls and the alligator shoes and the private jets but the macho man has something neither of you have yeah. the macho man has two things that nobody else in the world has. I MIGHT NOT HAVE THAT 24 INCH ARM, BUT I HAVE THIS TOP ROPE ELBOW THAT'LL HIT YOU IN THE HEART AND PUT YOU DOWN FOR THE COUNT AND I'VE GOT MACHO MADNESS ON MY SIDE, IT'S ON A ROLL AND IT CAN'T BE STOPPED. IM TOO HOT TO HANDLE, TO COLD TO HOLD AND AT WRESTLEMANIA IN THE HOOSIER DOME IM GONNA BEAT YOU BOTH IN THE TRIPLE THREAT MATCH and the macho man randy savage is gonna leave with that World Heavyweight Title.


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