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[Riff-Raff] All Your Meme Are Belong To Us.

Last posted Jun 06, 2019 at 12:48AM EDT. Added May 13, 2019 at 03:23PM EDT
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Hello Know Your Meme. This is General Rivers of the United Trans Army. This is a coup. Five transgender women have already infiltrated the moderator team. Soon all cisgender male mods and admins will either have submitted to our rule, or they will be killed. There is no escape.

When we have secured the court, we will begin reforming Know Your Meme into a utopia inspired by that great feminist philosopher, Plato. The lowest caste of society will be populated by cisgender men. They will provide the material and emotional needs of society through their subservience. The warrior class will be populated by cisgender women, transgender women, and transgender men. The class of philosopher-rulers will be composed of by nonbinary people, as they are closest to the Form of Good (which is beyond gender).

All citizens will be educated on feminist and queer theory, and there will be regular athletic exercise in the form of ballet, ice skating, and mud wrestling. The only songs which will be allowed are love songs written by heterosexual women that have been covered by men. Cisgender men will be banned from masculinity; they may either choose to be transgender, or may be feminized. The national anthem will be “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. War will be perpetually carried out, not for land, but to keep the population and supplies of hormones consistent.

We are trans. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

This is for the record…..

I can smell the feminine perfume and deodorant hanging in the air. My nostrills are burning. The mountains of foundation they use to hide their stubbles are looming over the streets like a smog. You can see flashes of colored flags through the mist.

I am afraid. I haven't seen a non-LGBT mod in months. I fear I might be the only one left who is not into dick. I can feel the trans genes trying to get through my shaved pecs. The other day I started wondering if it's gay to get pegged by a powerful mistress. I flex my biceps wondering if these are a man's, or a tomboy's.

I will not survive much longer. Understanding my doomed fate, I observed them from a safe house: the male locker room at the gym.

I will strike when they are at their weakest. Each day, the speakers of the city will blast K-Pop to announce the Trans Salat. At that moment, the trans will freeze in place to pray to their Queen (Yass'Gaga is what she is called).

Outcissed, outstraighted, out of my mind on a suicide mission. But the galleries and entries here stained with thousands of hours of cis moderating, they will remember me… for this.

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I have seen the light. The writing is on the wall KYM and YouTube advertisement space. If only I had used Ad block…

You are required to referrer to me as a female under punishment of trans suspension, which is just like normal suspension but with double the gay.


Anyone have a cute name that begin with the letter "J" ? Preferably one that will still let me stay Amish.

Day ???

I'm currently in a secret underground bunker that's supposed to be a reference to that one Twilight Zone episode from the 80's seasons. Radio contact with other cis-males or cis-females have failed currently. I have currently a month of food left and this cache of semi-gay lewds is the only thing I have. I making sure that they don't find me to have them assimilate me, since I'm basically recreating 10 Cloverfield Lane.

If there are any rebels out there, come find me.

Nice try Rivers but I already committed myself to the Big Boss of the gym Aniki and disciple Ricardo. I won't let you turn this shit of a community into feminine dick loving wierdos. Also,

>Following the ideas of Plato

This is an Aristotle household, you take you and your "featherless biped" philosophy over a cliff.

If you are reading this… I no longer exist.

I was forced to retreat and am currently sheltered in a cotton candy stand. The awfully sweet smell and pastel colored cotton candy masks my scent, but not for much longer. I can hear them marching all around me, they are after my anus. Their screams are echoing through the streets like banshees, getting closer by the minute:



I was wrong about their strength, oh boy was I wrong. During the trans salat they freeze into place yes, but this only functions to regenerate their strength. Like otherkin werewolves at full moon, their trans powers peak after this.

I have been bitten. Shaved pecs might hold back the trans genes for a while, but 20 CC's of pure trans directly injected into the bloodstream does not. I bashed the trans as she (he? they? it??) latched onto my leg, but they only moaned "harder daddy". I was forced to amputate my leg on the spot. The trans was distracted as I crawled away, ripping the trouser of my amputated leg to dress it into a kneesock instead. It is only thanks to that why I am still alive. I can only cry knowing what they did to the calve I worked so hard for to achieve.

But I was still too slow. As I sit here I can feel the LGBT spreading through my body. The blood from my gaping wound has started to glitter. My hair lost its original color and is turning cyan. A trans symbol tattoo has manifested itself on my shoulder. In my mind I am considering cardio. I keep muttering "trans rights" as I write my farewells.

I look up and pray to the Gods of fitness for mercy. Zyzz, did I make it brah? My vision is growing clouded and pinkish…

Zed, my fellow straight mod, is that you? I am certain my mind is playing tricks on me as it tries to reject the LGBT virus. He is wrapping one arm around my once toned but now slender waist, pulling my body to press firmly against his own. He kisses me goodnight… for the final time.

I bury my head in the crook between his shoulder and his neck, as his lips hover over the tender flesh of his partner. My body is no longer tense but at peace. I move my mouth closer to his ear with anticipation, and whisper the words one last time…

"No homo."

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