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Forgotten TV shows and movies

Last posted Apr 10, 2016 at 08:17PM EDT. Added Feb 08, 2016 at 10:04PM EST
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And note I'm talking like legit obscure stuff, not things that have a cult following.

One TV show I remembered existing recently is "Game Over." It was a CG animated series on UPN (back before Warner Bros. bought the channel and merged with with The WB to form "The CW") that lasted only a very small amount of episodes because ratings were just that bad (even so, I recall it getting a limited DVD release, probably in a failed attempt to recoup production costs). The premise is actually rather similar to Wreck-It-Ralph as it's about video game characters who live together in their own interconnected world.

Unlike Wreck-It-Ralph, Game Over was more of a Simpsons styled animated sitcom. The mom I recall being sort of a cross parody of Lara Croft and some fighting game characters, the dad a driver in a racing game, and while I remember pretty much nothing about the son character, I remember the daughter character was actually supposed to be part of a game that was a spoof of Dead or Alive Xtreme, only she hated the idea of wearing skimpy clothing constantly. The fact they actually spoofed DoA Xtreme of all things was interesting to me, and of course this came with things like jiggle physics and lots of boob and butt jokes.

To be honest, at the time when the show was brand new, I heard out it via the TV Guide and thought it sounded interesting, but my UPN only aired the first two episodes and nothing else, replacing the rest with reruns of Star Trek. As I said, the ratings were just that bad. Plus it's been so long since watching it I get the feeling my opinion on the show would probably really differ today, especially in light of things like Wreck-It-Ralph.

elmashojaldra wrote:

Remember the time were Gene Simmons created a cartoon?

I actually do. I remember it aired on Nickelodeon in the mid-00s. I remember younger me thinking it was alright.

I guess in terms of "forgotten" movies, Dreamworks 2D animated stuff always gets ignored whenever the studio gets brought up, which always breaks my heart when people say Dreamworks is the definition of "cheap kiddy fodder animation" ;_;
Especially since they've made some of my favorite (and also seemingly forgotten) animated movies like Sinbad: Legends of the Seven Seas and my all-time favorite movie Prince of Egypt.
Especially the latter. It's magnificent dammit talk about it more people.
I also always thought they drew people beautifully in their 2D movies…

Wow, I really didn't like my dad is a rockstar. By this time, the mid-00s, there were a lot of forgettable subpar cartoons like Robot Boy, Four Eyes, Yakkity Yak, As Told by Ginger, Kappa Mickey, or that one cartoon with that kid on a wheelchair (which I just learned right now is called Pelswick). Still, despite a bunch of flops, you had some really good shows come out at this decade like Danny Phantom, Fairly Oddparents, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Ben 10, and of course Avatar the Last Airbender.

However, there was one show that I remembered believing had a lot of potential but never really took off:

Does anyone remember this? It aired on Nickelodeon.

I wondered why it never became a hit and then I remembered: It was so boring. The concept was interesting enough; the world was split apart, so airships were required to travel, and a totalitarian government or smth didn't want people wandering around. The characters looked promising too. They fall under the same archetypes as Avatar the last Airbender so they couldn't have been bad. The main character, Lena, was basically Katara and Aang joined together: i.e. the protagonist with a lot of magical potential + mother issues. She had a brother with a boomerang and a sarcastic wit so he's essentially Sokka. They had this bald chick antagonist chasing them and she's essentially Zuko from Book One.

The problem with this show was the 3D animation was awkward, and the voice acting was so damn dull.

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Smiley Dog wrote:

they’ve made some of my favorite (and also seemingly forgotten) animated movies like Sinbad: Legends of the Seven Seas and my all-time favorite movie Prince of Egypt.

I've never seen Sinbad, but Prince of Egypt is one of my favorite movies as well and I loved Road to El Dorado so I'll have to give it a watch.

Does anybody remember a movie called The Incredible Journey? It was a story about two dogs and a cat trying to make it home for the holidays or something. No, not the 1993 remake Homeward Bound. I'm talking about this one:

I remember really enjoying that when I was a kid. The animals didn't have voices, it was just a narrator talking about them occasionally, like being read some kind of story book. Which would make sense, since it is based on a novel. I might have to watch the re-watch it, and maybe see the remake as well, just to see if its any good.

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And this:

I still stand by these are among the best animated Disney films made. Frankly,the only reason they got bashed at their time was because people expected from Disney nothing but "kiddy princess film" or another Lion King, doesn't help either Pixar was at their pick of popularity at that moment.

The characters are amazing and believable, the stories while simple are very well done and visuals in both films are gorgeous beyond believe.

Ayy who else here remembers Martin Mystery ?

After eating dinner as a kid, my sister and eye would turn on the TV to Nickelodeon and this show would usually be on. I remember liking it a whole lot despite the few nightmare inducing episodes it had.

I guess in terms of completely forgotten movies, there's Valiant

I actually watched this quite a bit as a kid. It was meh, but I do remember liking it.
And holy shit what a cast. Ewan McGregor, Ricky Gervais, Hugh Laurie, John Cleese, Tim Curry.
Also interesting is the fact that Disney distributed this in the U.S.

@Scout Leader
Let's not forget Extreme Ghostbusters

Those cartoon pretty good, Infact The Godzilla cartoon was the hell of lot better than that '98 remake. Plus they all had awesome theme songs. Fun Fact: The guy singing the Extreme Ghostbusters theme song is Jim Cummings voice of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too!

For some reason while on the can, I remembered a show called Martin Morning

Apparently they're rebooting it
As for movies there's the film that inspired Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli fame
The King and the Mockingbird

Somewhat based Hans Christian Andersen's The Sheperdess and the Chimney Sweep it apparently was in one hell of a development The film started production in 1948, and wasn't finished until 1980! It definitely looks like something that was created in the 40s, which is a good thing!
I bet most aussies know Bilnky Bill

But I bet some don't realise the TV Show most of us grew up on in the 90s was based on a movie, which were based on a series of books

Mr. Bug Goes to Town

The reason this film is forgotten is due to the unfortunate circumstance of the film of being released two days before pearl harbor. Well that and Paramount having no interest in it, caused the film to tank at the box office.
As for more Adult Animation
There's The Tragedy of Man

Based on play of the same name by Imre Madách, This too was victim of development hell, It languished in development hell for 2 decades! As for the film, It's about 3 hour long and it consists of several segments, each with its own art style, appropriate to the depicted age of man.
Rock & Rule

Apparently from what I'm told, If you want to check this the movie out it's best to find the Canadian version instead of the US version, because the US version cut some scenes and re-dubbed the lead with a different actor.
Fantastic Planet

If you like surreal shit than this is your film. I'd also suggest René Laloux's other films
Time Masters

This is pretty much how Jodorowsky's Dune would of looked like if it was an animated film, fitting as the late artist MÅ“bius worked on both.
and Gandahar

There so many other great animated films that are ether forgotten or not well know for now I'll just post a link to this tumblr page

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I remember there was an old Starship Troopers TV series. It was apparently animated.

Apparently it was one of the first CGI things ever done (and god can you tell).
Also it was a lot less violent than the movies. And I mean A LOT. Like I only saw blood once the entire series. As well it has those other aliens the Skinnies from the book too.

Pirates of Dark Water, one of the better dramatic shows from Hanna Barbera's autumn years. Took itself surprisingly seriously, but was ended after only 21 episodes, well before the story was completed.

Moville Mysteries.

Given the "urban legends" are real kind of vibe this show had, It's weird that it doesn't has at least a cult following, and it was pretty dark: I remember at least two episodes that had (asshole) kids ending up (implicitly) dead, and one were a girl was (explicitly) dragged to hell by a leprechaun. Also, I didn't remember the theme song before just looking it up, but hell, it's a really good theme song.

From around the same period of cartoons Onion Syrup mentioned, he seems to have forgotten the last third of the cable cartoon trinity. Disney Channel, Yes Disney Channel's pre Phineas and Ferb cartoon hiatus period was likely shorter than you thought. That decade for Disney includes the following 3 cartoons (Note that doesn't imply hat they are all good)

The Buzz on Maggie:

Brandy and Mr Whiskers:

American Dragon Jake Long (probably the least likely to qualify)

and Dave the Barbarian (probably the 2nd least likely to qualify):

Other Forgotten Disney Cartoons include a spinoff of the Emperor's New Groove and a cartoon about fishes that isn't part of that era of Disney Channel Cartoons (Fish Hooks).

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Eris wrote:

Ayy this little nigga was the shit in my childhood! Who else here remembers Doodlez ?

Nigga you're listin all the old shit they aired on teletoon and discovery kids. Holy shit.
I mostly remeber the live actions shows that aired on YTV (15 Love, Prank Patrol, Some weird 3D Live-action show) but Family is where I remeber the most shows.
Hose Houns, The Dalmatians show, fucking KING. Something else, Secret world of Benjermin Bear, Katie and Orbie, Henrys World, The show with the russians dolls and I'm pretty sure PBJ Otter and Stanly count.
This is the shit only canadians know. Shout out to all of you.

Hackenbacker wrote:

Please…please someone tell me that you watched these too, I couldn't have been the only person to like really good educational kid's shows…please

thanks for reminding me of eyewitness. I loved that intro when they played it in science class.

btw does anyone remember this weird nickelodeon show with action figures, kinda like robot chicken. there was a naked guy.

edit: I remember, it was called Action League Now.

btw while I was looking it up I found this horrible gem that should have stayed forgotten

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TheLastMethBender wrote:

This show was fucking amazing but only lasted 1 season

This shit was weird

My favorite game show ever. Me and my brother would watch this on Spike all the time. DON'T GET EMANATED!

Ah, yes, Kenny The Shark.
I liked that show, too bad it didn't last too much.

Hackenbacker wrote:

Please…please someone tell me that you watched these too, I couldn't have been the only person to like really good educational kid's shows…please

Oh god the nostalgia….
PBS Kids was all my sister and I were allowed to watch (we fought so much over the TV and parents had enough of our bullshit), and Liberty Kids and Cyberchase were the best. Both had superb opening themes and, surprisingly, both had a lot of major celebrities voice characters. Liberty Kids was probably my favorite since I liked the art style and characters more, and the Revolutionary War was my favorite subject in school.

Another good PBS Kids show I remember was Between the Lions.

Another reading show but I think they would also teach about tropes and composition used in literary works.
Funny thing is that I remembered this show recently when I was taking a test and the theme song randomly got stuck in my head after god knows how many years.

Next to the Magic School Bus, this was probably my favorite educational show:

Don't remember much about this show, but I liked the theme song:

Loved this show:

ijustdontknow wrote:

Next to the Magic School Bus, this was probably my favorite educational show:

Don't remember much about this show, but I liked the theme song:

Loved this show:


I remember that first video. Holy shit that use to come on before digimon.

I remember there was a segment where the old man would talk really quite and tell you to turn your TV all the way up to the max sound then when you did it it would pan over to some kid who yells super loud. I got yelled at and in trouble for doing it.

LMAO what dicks why would they tell kids to do that

So, since I do what I want, and I forgot about this thread I'll respond to as many of these things that I remember.

  • Dreamworks 2-D animation: Sorta think these are popular enough not to be here, but they certainly aren't know well like say, Shrek, Bee Movie or even Over the Hedge. All of the 2-D ones are worth watching IMO.
  • Atlantis: So, when I was a kid I loved the Disney Dinosaur movie (more because Dinosaurs than because it was good) and the Ad for it was on the VHS. The ad is great and, though I never actually got to see Atlantis for a long time, I thought I would really like seeing it. While it is not terrible, I personally was a bit disappointed in the movie versus how I thought it should be when I did eventually see it.
  • Treasure Planet: odd film in that it tries to be Treasure Island in space. It's hard to describe but I do think it is worth watching. The robot is odd… but the animation is good and the relationship between the two protagonists is well done.
  • Godzilla the Series: Confession time, I love the design for the 1998 Amrican Godzilla. The movie isn't the best, but this Godzilla actually looks like an animal that could have existed as opposed to a guy in a rubber suit in a toy city. This series being absed on that design akes me like it a bit already. While it does do somethings that are a bit questionable (this Godzilla is a good guy and can conveniently travel halfway across the world whenever there is a monster issue) is a fave. The monster designs just seem so much more creative in this series, not only compared to most animation of the time, but even in movies of today. I'd like James Cameron's Avatar at least 50% more if the creatures were as interesting as these.
  • Jumanji animated: I know that I watched this as a kid, but I really don't remember anything about this.
  • Men in Black Animated Series: I know that I watched it when it was on Kids WB. I don't remember much, but I liked it back then.
  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!: I saw ads for this show, but I never watched it. The only time I've seen it referenced online, out side of TV tropes was in one of Suede's reviews of "American Anime" but not in a good sense.
  • Valiant: I remember seeing ads for this as a kid but never watched it.
  • The Buzz on Maggie and Fish Hooks: Again, vaguely remember seeing ads for this show, but never watched it.

As for the other Disney shows in Sam's post I do remember, and I saw at least one episode of each. Dave I know I saw quite a few Episodes of and liked it.

  • Liberty's Kids: I guess I didn't know that this was forgotten. I saw it on PBS quite a bit.
  • Eyewitness: loved to rent VHS's of this as a kid. Really well done, and I wish that this was something still being made. Honestly, while it was in the kids section, it's done well enough (and most adults are ignorant enough about the subject matter…) that it can be seen at any age. The only bad thing is that the science is a little dated compared to our current knowledge.
  • Zaboomafoo: pfffttt. Okay, not really a bad show, I remember watching it. But, when I see this, all I can think of is the Kratt's Creatures show that came out years before that and liking it more to be honest. I remember one episode talking about the genetic bottleneck in cheetahs. Zaboomafoo is't bad, but Kratt's Creatures did things that they don't really start to teach you until high school biology if you're lucky.
  • CyberChase: This was a forgotten show? I watched it a bunch on PBS. Don't really remember if it was good or not, but when you didn't have Cable or Satellite anything was better than golf on daytime tv.
  • Mr. Meaty: I know I saw ads for it, but never watched it. Ay online reference to it seems to be rather negative.
  • Teacher's Pet: I know I saw ads for this, but never watched it
  • Stanley: Never saw it but I know I saw an image like the preview, so either it was on when I was at a doctor's office or I saw an ad for it.
  • PB&J Otter: I know I saw ads for it and I think I might have seen an episode or two, but I can't really remember much.
  • Kenny the Shark: I know I saw this, Tutenstien, and the Walking with Dinosaurs cut for kids when Discovery Kids had a block on NBC.
  • Between the Lions: This was a forgotten show? Again, likly should have stopped watching PBS Kids before this show cam out but I didn't.
  • Histeria: This one is a bit forgotten. Don't remember too much, but it was one of the few "Educational" cartoons that was actually pretty entertaining and could stand up on it's own if you took out the education part.
  • Sheep in the Big City: Remember seeing this show but don't remember much about it. Honestly remember seeing Sheep in an online Cartoon Network Trick or Treat game more than the show (and he was only a still frame there).
  • Baby Blues: Remember seeing it a bit as a kid (and I mean really as a kid, way to young to get the jokes).

Most of the others in the thread I've never even heard of. I'll try to list a few that are not already hear in a later post. The problem is that, many of them are so forgotten, I don't remember their names and I can't seem to find what they were called.

Forgot to mention I did see Mike Lu & Og as well, though I don't remember anything about it.

Anyways, my turn. So glad this isn't about quality, because many of these I don't remember if they were good or not. Should be noted I was not able to access cable much as a kid, so basic on air channels were what I had access to the most. Watching Kids WB from at least when Pokemon started airing on the channel to when they finally stopped airing on afternoon block means I have way more memories than I should about some of this stuff existing. Did see some cable as a kid but it was limited to Grandparent vists mostly. (Linking to Wiki pages in case the videos are eventually taken down).

  • The Zeta Project Apparently this is considered canon in the DC Animated Universe as it's a spin off of Batman Beyond
  • Max Steel
    I was completely unaware a new series is on Disney XD and apparently a movie is also coming out this year about it too.
  • Street Sharks

    One of the various TNMT knockoffs but with sharks. I liked it when I was young because sharks are cool.

WB show that only had 13 episodes

The animation quality is… not really good by any means, so no real surprise it is not remembered.

My brother and I watched our copy of There Goes a Train so many times. I wanna see if I can find the music to at least episode somewhere for nostalgia.

  • Kidsongs

    Okay, so this was weird. I don't know how I turned out as normal as I did having seen this.
  • GeoKids

    Another National Geographic Kids show
  • Amazing Planet

    Another National Geographic Kids show, but in this one, they focus on Alien saniation workers who crash into Earth. I know I loved the shark one because, again, sharks are cool.

Used to love this show when it was on Kids WB. CGI is a bit… dated but the robot designs still looks neat. Part of me wants to go back and try to rewatch the series.

  • ¡Mucha Lucha!

    Notable for being the first animated series created with Adobe Flash. I remember liking it.
  • Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island

    I didn't hate the show as a kid, but the main voice actor stated that he regretted doing the show, and said that it was nothing more than a shameless SpongeBob SquarePants knockoff.
  • Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi

    I'm still not entirely convinced I didn't just image or dream that this show existed. I only remember seeing it once and everything about it seemed to be more like a parody of a real show while someone was on a sugar rush. That' not to say I thought it was bad from what little I did see.

Have some other shows but this post is already super long.

One moment I'm lying on the bed, and the next I have flashes of more deep-buried shows that have slowly crawled out of my mind.

Toonsylvania – Nowadays, the channel is known by the name of Disney XD, however, before that, it was known as Jetix and even before that, it was known as Fox Kids. I remember that it was sometimes shown in-between commercials. I was only able to catch glimpses of it most of the times, a miracle if I watched one episode complete. Overall, I really liked it.

Ultimate Muscle – I always saw this as Dragon Ball meets the WWE, seasoned with conspiracies and espionage drama (probably, I don't know, could it be?). In other words, a pure festival of joy, serious moments and overpowered dynamics.

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