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Last posted Nov 01, 2021 at 02:39PM EDT. Added Oct 20, 2021 at 08:52PM EDT
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I admit I dunno if this is the right board for this, but fug it.

Be it Hololive, Nijisanji, Vshojo, or indie, I think most of us have found one or two Vtubers we like to watch on a fairly regular basis. One of the main things I'd like for this thread is recommending some Vtubers you like, and see if some of your favorites might become a favorite for someone else too.

I'll start with an indie I recently discovered, Dollip Daze. A "doll" vtuber, she's the IRL girlfriend of Snapcube/Penny Parker, the YouTuber and streamer probably best known for the game dubs done by her and her friends (Alfred's Eggman improv of course becoming the now famous "Eggman pisses on the moon" copypasta). If you like watching Snapcube's stuff then you'll like Dollip, she's got pretty much the same sense of humor, and a love for YouTube Poops (she even did a YTP contest that got Captpan6 involved, a dude I've been following on YouTube for over a decade now, and DaThings is a fan of her). I'll link two highlight videos from her channel (her debut and one from a regular stream), and for anyone else who wants to promote a Vtuber they like obviously I'd love it if you also posted some of your favorite clips in order to entice others to check 'em out.

Dollip Debut:

Dollip playing Ocarina of Time Randomizer and chat can mess with her game with donos:

And so i finally have an excuse to post this

I hope to God she will start Portal 2 soon i loved her Portal 1 stream and her co op with Irys (seriously these two make a pretty good pair

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I'm not some degenerate weeb simp who religiously watches any of their streams, but I'll watch some clips here and there (my favorites are when they speak English), and I must say:
Korone is cute.

Taking a break from my constant love for hololive to share some spotlight for the little channels.

Tsukino Diana, a vtuber who posts almost exclusively bionicle-related content:

SuniaFox, a friend of a friend I wanna shill.

Check a look and remember to contribute to smaller creators.

Ina is still my oshi |w ' )

The linking of the JP and EN Minecraft servers has got to be one of the most unexpected but also pretty good decisions of Cover Corp (just look at how many moments it has given us)

My very first exposure to Vtuber stuff and all time favorite vtuber clip.

Those two, Pikamee (kettle noise) and Tomoshika (let's kill da ho) are part of the VOMS Project, an indie group. Pikamee is the most popular for being bilingual (half American, half Japanese) so she got a lot more worldwide viewers and is legitimately funny.

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@Fresh Dippy
I like how even though Pikamee's bilingual and lived in America for some time, her grammar is endearingly a little off. I saw someone make a comment that her manner of speaking in English reminds them of Starfire from 2003 Teen Titans, and after reading that I was like "oh holy shit you're right." The main thing that solidifies it is her tendency to add an unnecessary "the" or "a" when referring to a person or thing. Also Tomoshika's limited English can be pretty amusing, leading to funny moments like when she accidentally thought "hand job" was a way to refer to "writing by hand" and she also accidentally misspelled "cook" as "cock" in another stream where she was showing off her progress of writing in English.

Oh and what I've seen so far from the newest VOMs members, Daimonji and Miuneru, has been pretty amusing, especially clips from Miuneru's Mario Sunshine streams.

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I don't follow the "Vtubing" scene--the one where they mainly play games and…talk? I dunno, but I am into the subgenre(?) of "Vsingers", which is exactly what it sounds like.

Some of my favourites are Ashizawa Saki


and Domyoji Cocoa

They mainly do covers but also have original songs.

Also, that Cocoa is actually the second generation; her first voice retired back in late 2019, and there's been a hole in my soul since. They've also recently privatised her old channel, making those videos unviewable.
Luckily, a helpful redditor has since begun uploading all of her songs to an archival channel.

This post took me nearly if not actually an hour to write because I keep finding myself listening to their songs while getting those links.


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