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Post a movie you HATE but everyone loves.

Last posted Jan 12, 2022 at 07:36PM EST. Added Dec 30, 2021 at 12:54PM EST
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Zack Snyder's "300"

I understand it's being faithful to Frank Miller's work by adopting the comic-book visuals style, but I find it off-puting when translated to real life. Also. I'm not the biggest history buff, but the movie is chock full of inaccuracies about the battle of Thermopylae and watching Greek Hoplites fighting outside formations was giving me an aneurysm.

Kenetic Kups wrote:

While it's not loved, people act like The Force Awakens is ok when i'd say it's far worse than the Last Jedi, due to it having not a single drop of originality

Lack of originality is a virtue when you look at how TLJ and episode 9 turned out.

Better to copy/paste movie ideas than insert your own terrible ones. But I will give props to TLJ for daring to try something new.

xoxin wrote:

Lack of originality is a virtue when you look at how TLJ and episode 9 turned out.

Better to copy/paste movie ideas than insert your own terrible ones. But I will give props to TLJ for daring to try something new.

I would rather see brand new garbage than copy pasting something good and turning it into bland, flavorless nothing

Arrival. The way the plot resolves itself with circular reasoning – what's-er-name prevents WWIII by remembering a phone number she was given in the future as a result of preventing WWIII – comes across as trying to be clever and failing hard.

When Avatar first came out, people in my circle were going nuts over it, calling it an amazing piece of art and commentary. They thought I was crazy for calling it hot garbage with a pretentious message and no story. As the years have gone by and opinions turned against it, I must say I feel vindicated.

Another thing like that is the movie Juno. My highschool went into total Juno-mania for some reason, and my youth group too. People for some reason found it "cute" and "insightful". They would get so angry with me when I'd tell them it was unironically one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Now all almost no one remembers it and those that do recall it and cringe. Still my nominee for most annoying protagonist in any movie.

Chewybunny wrote:

I despise the movie "Elf". I also hate "zoolander". Both films are just horribly cringe.

Yeah, I'm pretty much with you. Elf has its moments, but is overrated, over referenced, over marketed, and overplayed. A fine holiday mediocrity at best.

Zoolander tries so hard to be funny, and just isn't. Some of its jabs at the fashion industry are amusing, and it's got the "school for ants" meme. But other than that it's just boring and uncomfortable more often than not.

Anchorman 2
Everyone I ask loves it, but holy shit, I don't think any sequel (or movie, period) ever disappointed me that badly. I distinctly remember going to the theater with my brother and grandpa and we were all so excited. We were quoting the first movie, singing Starland Vocal Band, and just having a good ol' time reminiscing and getting hyped. 2 Hours later, and we all walk out that that theater without a hint of a smile on our face. We had wasted 35 bucks or so + snack expenses on a slog of crappy story, unfunny gags, over-reliance on "1/5 stars on newgrounds"-tier sex humor, and a literal 10-minute extension of a joke from the first movie that ran itself into the ground so hard we almost walked out that very moment. We rode home with the soul-crushing feeling that we were never going to get those two hours of our lives back (or however long that movie was, felt like 3 hours, honestly). I don't understand why so many people say it's funny.

I never really was a big fan of any of the Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street. I do like some movies from Friday the 13th, for example Jason Takes Manhattan is a favorite of mine, but alot of the other movies just aren't even that great.

Literally the only good thing about Kubo And The Two Strings is the animation, that is it. The characters are so boring to the point i question why should i even care in the first place.

Dear GOD was the second matrix a disappointment, it wasn't bad per se but…it pissed me off a little bit, so much stupid shit and undermining the first movie on top of that.

People tend to only look at the third one as the bad one but while I cant call it bad per se did NOT like the second matrix very much, it's got so cynical and pretentious…blah


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