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What are some shows you watched years ago that do feel are genuinely "forgotten"?

Last posted May 29, 2022 at 12:40PM EDT. Added May 18, 2022 at 08:26PM EDT
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One that recently crept from the back of my brain to the front recently is a cartoon from the mid 90s called "Waynehead." It's a short lived (only 13 episodes) cartoon series created by Damon Wayans that was inspired by his childhood in Manhattan (the title character was voiced by Orlando Brown, who prior to Waynehead was a child actor from Wayans' previous work on Major Payne, and nowadays would be best known for playing Eddie on That's So Raven). The "quick and dirty" description I'd give the show is you could call it "Hey Arnold with an almost all black cast of characters." It was first on Kids WB, but I remember it most from when Cartoon Network aired reruns of it semi-frequently from 1998-2000. One thing I certainly remember the best is the theme song, which I'd describe as "a very 90s sounding hip-hop tune."

(sorry for the super artifact'd video, this upload from 2006 is the only video I could find that's the theme song on it's own)

And the other show I feel is pretty forgotten nowadays is "Insomniac with Dave Attell." This was a show on Comedy Central in the early 00s where stand up comedian Dave Attell would walk around various American cities after performing shows at local comedy clubs in order to showcase the local nightlife. Most often he'd visit the local bars, chat with people who are out for a night on the town, and people who work assorted nightshift jobs like cow milkers, bicycle police, and even hookers. The series was popular enough to get 4 seasons and even specials taking place in cities outside of America (being the weeb I am my favorite was him visiting Tokyo), but despite this I rarely ever see people talk about this series as some "Comedy Central classic" like South Park, Drawn Together, The Daily Show with John Stewart, The Colbert Report, or Chappell's Show. I guess this could be because compared to other shows on the network it was a much more "laid back" series, but personally I've got a soft spot for it even if it has been years since I last saw it.

Class of 3000
My Gym Partners a Monkey
Mike Lu and Og
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee
American Dragon Jake Long (sort of)
Code Monkeys
A massive amount of flash animation series like International Moron Patrol if those count.

Id put Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi and Kappa Mikey here but every time I do suddenly I find people talking about them or a new fanart of them.

The Life and Times of Tim a crudely animated sitcom on HBO from the late 2000's. It was a odd show for HBO at the time, it felt like it would have been more at home on Adult Swim. Regardless, it was a favorite of mine for it's focus on awkward situations and deadpan, crass humor.

The Mole: A reality game show that premiered around the same time as Survivor, but never really caught on. Basically a group of people would compete in challenges to earn a pot of money one would win, though one of them known as "The Mole" would try to sabotage the challenges. Players were gradually eliminated based on how they did in a quiz about The Mole. It ran two first seasons, then two short celebrity based seasons, and then one more revival season some years later. The first two seasons (second one is my personal favorite) are both on Netflix, and with the popularity of things like Among Us, I'd think it should have more recognition then it should.

I didn't realize how similar these shows were until I started typing out this post. I guess this will show y'all my taste in entertainment.

Martin Mystery: A cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon (in the United States; I read that it aired on a different network in Canada and elsewhere) that aired in the mid to late 2000s. It's about the titular Martin, his (step?)sister Diana, and their caveman friend Java going around the world solving paranormal incidents while as part of an organization led by M.O.M. (she's not actually anyones
mom, but she's definitely MILF material) who's assisted by their alien friend Billy, while also dealing with everyday high school drama. This show contributed early on to my interest in science fiction. There's also a lot of horror elements in the show, which may have scared away its target audience. It was made by the same studio that made Totally Spies which it had a crossover with, but between the two shows, it's clear that Totally Spies ended up becoming more popular. The show lasted three seasons.

The Troop: A live-action show that also aired on Nickelodeon in the late 2000s to early 2010s. It follows a trio of high-school students Jake, Hayley, and Felix who are members of their local Troop, a secret organization of monster hunters. In a time where shows like iCarly and Victorious were popular, The Troop may not have been able to find the same audience and lasted only two seasons. I remember being the only kid in my friend group who actually liked this show.

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Hero: 108: An action adventure comedy show that features a squad of five heroes that attempts to stop the war between human and animals caused by an evil trickster named High Roller. Mostly by doing animal competition to get the animals on their side if peace doesn't work. The show is loosely based on the ancient Chinese book, Water Margin. It was on Cartoon Network around the early 2010s but doesn't seem to garner many attention, mostly due to the fact the only commercial it had was a toy figure collection for Toys R' Us and was aired on the graveyard slot 6 AM. That said its decently well known back in its home country. I didn't watched it back then but I did watched all episode on Youtube.

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@Mr. Plankton
I feel like it's no exaggeration to say some people probably remember Mystique Sonia more than the very show she came from.

That also reminds me of another show I recall that's also associated with Kabillion and MoonScoop (the studio that co-produced Hero 108 but is best known for Code Lyoko). Tara Duncan is a French cartoon based on an also French book series that got an English dub through Kabillion, and I recall watching a couple episodes through Comcast On Demand years ago when I still had Comcast, and while I remember finding the theme song super catchy and thinking that the show itself is probably something I would have loved during middle and high school, I barely remember that much about the show itself weirdly enough.

(turns out there's also a much longer French version of the theme if you're interested in checking that out)

Also why not lets add in some anime.

Darker than Black is an anime original (meaning it wasn't based on a pre-existing manga) that I remember watching the entire first season of and looked forward to season 2, but by the time said second season finally aired I was too busy with college stuff to check it out, and ngl I just forgot to later check it out when I did have the time. Probably should change that one day. Of some note is the creator of the show also co-produced the anime adaptation of Soul Eater.

And speaking of my college years, one anime I actually did watch the entirety of during one year in college was Solty Rei (another anime original). This is a sci-fi anime where a robot girl named Solty basically ends up becoming the surrogate daughter to a grizzled bounty hunter who is searching for his biological daughter, and I remember the show being filled with a lot of heartwarming moments. It's one of those animes that only got one season plus an OVA, and yeah while it's been a decade since I last watched it, it's a show I remember very fondly from a time in my life when I was pretty stressed out with college.

>shows you watched years ago that do feel are genuinely "forgotten"?
>all examples are ones that you can readily find evidence that they existed


Because I didn't have cable growing up, I had to make do with shows that came over the air. As such I watched some kids shows that I've barely if ever seen referenced online. PBS kids shows like Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat and Kratts Creatures.

I also watched education kids VHS series that my library had like as well. Real Wheel's There Goes a… series and National Geographic's Geo Kids and Really Wild Animals and Amazing Planet

Outside of one bit of Sagwa neko arton KYM and the previously linked Sagwa video essay, none of these I have seen any reference too online to my recollection. This is almost depressing when you realize that Amazing Planet had a spherical robot named "Orb" who answered questions but I never saw "Pondering my orb" fanart.

But all of those at least I can prove actually existed…

In the late 90's-early 2000's I remember watching a wildlife based show with an hour time block called "Wild Things" on UPN. It often had schedule issues with Maximum Exposure and The Lost World and for the longest time I could not find any evidence it actually existed. It really did not help that a film of the same name came out around the same time, as well as numerous other things sharing the name.

It wasn't until I found this post on Reddit that I could confirm I didn't just imagine the entire thing. For reference, the IMDB page has one name listed and it otherwise empty. All I could really find visual wise were two advertisements:

And a German dub of the show uploaded by someone whose channel consists primarily of Candy Crush videos lol:

I was less than ten at the time I last saw it, and knowing what types of shows generally aired on UPN at the time, I have serious doubts that the show had any real education value. Still, given the blank IMDB page, and that no clips of the actual show in English can be found online, it appears to be basically lost media at this point.

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When I think of "forgotten" shows, I think of some of those late 80s children shows that got picked up as reruns on cable channels in the 90s--shows that aren't part of a continuing franchise (e.g., Transformers or My Little Pony) or that live on as memes (e.g., the Legend of Zelda cartoon, and the Super Mario Bros. Super Show).

The Adventures of the Gummi Bears is the main example I can think of:

Also, although not an 80s show, whatever Disney tried to do with the Mighty Ducks in 1996 is… something…

Leave it to kym to remind me of shows I genuinely forgot ever existed. I use to love Sagwa! Such a fascinating setting for a children show to go with Qing Dynasty China.

There was another show that kym galleries brought to my attention that I had also completely forgotten, The Big Guy and Rusty. I really liked this one, I love how overtly patriotic it was and art-deco design for Big Guy was really cool. The show was an adaption of short lived comic by Frank Miller. There's only 2 samples of this series existence in the galleries from what I can find.

Keeping in tradition of turning R rated films into kids show, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles was another favorite. I can't remember what station this was on, but I recall being fascinated since it was one the first tv programs I watched that was done completely in 3d animation.

One aspect about Robot Jones I remember quite well is how when the first season originally aired the title character's voice was provided by a text-to-speech program. When season 2 began the show switch to using a real person with their voice modified in post-production, and they even re-dubbed season 1 with this new VA. I wonder if any of the original episodes that used TTS are now lost media since after the re-dub the didn't air the original TTS versions of season 1 anymore.

And another robot related show, Cartoon Network's Robotomy was a show that really fell victim to CN barely advertising it despite it airing when CN was underdoing their early 2010s renaissance period (the era that gave us Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, and Steven Universe). It's from the creator of Superjail and Ballmastrz: 9009, and is arguably just as violent as Superjail but because the characters are robots and they don't really die it was able to get away with a PG rating. I remember Patton Oswald voiced one of the main characters, and rapper Lil Jon guest starred in one episode. Ended after 10 episodes due to poor ratings, and so far the only acknowledgment it's gotten from CN since its cancellation was a brief cameo in an episode of OK KO that was a sort of tribute to CN's history.

on the top of my head:

Basically every sitcom aired in the 00's that aren't the classics.
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
The three friends and Jerry
Hero 108
Camp Lazlo
Squirrel boy

There was also this one show i once saw which was on Nickelodeon i thought. That show was WEIRD.
It followed the misadventures of mutants or something that were created by a mad doctor, when the doctor got arrested the mutants got left behind on his private island. The mai character were some orange dude and a weird cow creature. The only episodes i remember were one where the cow creature got cursed to turn everything in mayonaise because he loved it so much, turned out it was just his imagination because he passed out from eating too much mayo. The other episode was a big-head smart mutant who turned everyone else smart because he was tired of the others being dumb, he regretted it the moment he realized everyone was now smarter than he was. So he let them made a time machine to prevent himself doing that. It ended pretty much like that one spongebob superhero episode where everyone kept traveling back to that point.

A thread about old and obscure shit?!
Crack knuckles

All right, here some of the stuff that not many people know:

Corrector Yui: it an anime set on the future where people apparently lives in perfect harmony and the Internet Redcom is everywhere and involves (for some reason) magical girls to solve any problem the Redcom has with the dreadful computer viruses. It was a cheesy and innocent show. When I was a kid I watched this show at high hours in the night and the thing that stand out was its opening.

Looking back now I must say there's nothing like the optimism of the 2000's, and Ai Shinozaki is best girl.

Cinderella Boy: boy on this one I have fuzzy memories, it features a rip-off of Lupin the Third and Spike Spiegel agent/spy and the gimmick, if I recall correctly, is he can transform into a woman when the clock strikes midnight, just like Cinderella, and neither part can remember the stuff he o she did before the clock strikes again:

Ashita no Nadja: many considered the "Candy Candy" for the Millienials [citation needed], and I don't have many to say except that the cgi in the opening still holds up and the ending is cute as hell:

Kaleido Star: my little sister and I did spend some good afternoons watching it

Damn I don't remember the opening song being this upbeat

And lastly how can we forget Roswell Conspiracies:

These are the ones on top of my head, if I remember more stuff I'll dump it here.


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