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Daft Punk breaks up

Last posted Feb 28, 2021 at 10:13PM EST. Added Feb 22, 2021 at 10:17AM EST
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It had to happen sooner or later. After all, their last CD was from 8 years ago (not counting the TRON rerelease). They only did some collabs and had some minor cameos since then. Their influence on EDM was enormous, from Around the world to Get Lucky, i was a big fan!

These are Hard times but we must stay Strong for they will get Better Faster. Don't get Derezzed because it's Over, but be glad they brought the Music Back To Life they had the Prime Time of their life so i'm sending them off with a smile by playing their music One more Time!

First MF DOOM, now Daft Punk. It's a special kind of pain.

Daft Punk was one of the acts that helped shape my musical tastes.
When I was younger, I never knew just how cool "Techno" music could be because nobody I knew listened to it. Then I heard it. . . "One More Time" hit my eardrums on a boring evening, and it became one of the gateways to the Electronica genre.

"If Love is the answer, You're home."

Jazz Wizard wrote:

Guess they were Human After All!

The lack of guts suggest that this was, in fact, a lie

Though, to be fair, you'd probably have to transcend human form to be a machine capable of spreading infectious grooves Around the World.

I never listened to all of Daft Punk's music beyond their Discovery album that was used for Interstella 5555. Didn't even look up some of the other music they had until I watched Eulogy. That said, it's sad to see the band splitting up but even then, it was a fun ride for 28 years for them to make the music they were known for.


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