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Fired because of Internet History?

Last posted Jul 28, 2023 at 03:04AM EDT. Added Jul 28, 2023 at 03:04AM EDT
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TL;DR: Have you been denied/fired from a job because of something you posted or said on the internet? If so, what was it and how do you think they found out? If not, but you think you could've been fired, what did you do to keep that stuff hidden? You can leave out details at your discretion.

Someone told me that I should start being more careful of what I look at and post on the internet after they looked at <a href=">this image, because there's always some entity tracking your every move and can use that information to make your life hell.
While I remember somewhat high profile controversies involving old stuff getting dug up (like Rebecca Sugar's, I think it was, explicit drawings, or Liam Neeson and his racially charged attempt at retribution), I don't think anything long-term has come out of those situations unless it was something explicitly illegal (like EDP and Featureman, and even then…). In addition, politicians get grilled all of the time, but unless it's truly reprehensible and bridge-burning, they still stick around (or maybe I'm succumbing to survivorship bias, where newcomers get weeded out for their minor sins).
However, those are all high-profile people who either have resources for counter-narratives, or connections to downplay their downsides and highlight their brightsides. Additionally, they're also either controversial people or work on controversial things, thus drawing in huge waves of criticism and mud-slinging.
What I want to know is how much your digital footprint (comments, posts, things viewed) affects your job prospects, assuming it isn't illegal or straight-up looking at explicit content while others are around. I know about the guy who got fired for "">using the bathroom on company time, but that was while he was on the job, in addition to openly admitting what higher-ups would call an abuse of the system. I'm also not talking about using your entire profile (or a profile that has questionable content on it) as a portfolio (as at that point you're just asking for it).
What I'm interested in is if the stuff you normally do on the internet, in private, has gotten you fired or puts you at risk of getting fired, and what you wished you did or have done instead? Or are my fears just overblown, and as long as you don't show your hand explicitly, you'll be fine?

TL;DR: See the first TL;DR


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