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Screw memes in politics

Last posted Oct 26, 2022 at 12:06AM EDT. Added Oct 25, 2022 at 07:26PM EDT
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tl;dr Pic related represents a problem of how KYM operates or perhaps how I see it.

I can't even talk smack about dumb entries on this site without Trending taking it as legit engagement and bringing a passing comment to the front page. I get that topics worthy of (inter)national discussion are technically trends by algorithmic standards, but I thought this site was about silly in-jokes and other non-serious internet phenomena and discussion, and not say, the first scoop on the president's Over a Billion Two Hundred Trillion goof, but what is the point when an editorial or a deadpool is more appropriate? (on that note, why is DP underutilized?) Heck, this site has become my #1 live feed on the Ukranian crisis –although welcome to get more comprehensive coverage outside Twitter and the occasional TV news,– but should not have to be. Maybe despite lurking here for ~10 years I still don't know how to navigate properly to see past the present's Feed into the past, or I'm just growing up and these celebrities and real life topics are too hard to ignore anymore.
Understandably we are all in an emotional slump and we don't really have the focus to pump out and catalog every happening weekly now, but this constant breach of escapism feels exhausting, and I'm not talking about questionable groomer-cheater-abuser accusation of the month. This might also look like a complaint of the site itself, that is only partially true for how it functions, especially for newbies. Maybe it needs a red-

"Maybe it needs a red-"
red-? Red-what? Red carpet?
I completely agree with what you're saying, don't get me wrong, but if you hit the character limit then you likely could have found a way to say so. It doesn't feel like you were done talking, nor does it help that it's been 5 hours and you didn't write a part 2 or something.

If you mean to say REDO then hell yeah it does. What a mess this place is.

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