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Minor thing that pisses me off

Last posted Jun 22, 2023 at 09:35AM EDT. Added May 25, 2023 at 10:24AM EDT
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In most articles, dates are typed with ordinal numbers. Now this really bothers me.

Putting ordinal numbers in dates makes your article sound less professional and read out like shit. Most people say that using cardinal numbers are better than using ordinal, so why don't most of the pages do that? It's better to speak ordinal and not write ordinal and it's easier to read when it's cardinal.

TL;DR, Cardinal numbers are better to use instead of ordinal numbers when typing out a date.

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You're literally gonna give me -2 karma because I can't agree with you saying that "ordinal numbers in specific dates makes the wording more formal?" There are grammatical studies that say, "ordinal numbers spoken, cardinal numbers written" when it comes to dates. Follow the studies, and don't be so foolish.

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Admiral Loadsamoney wrote:

If you're getting so unreasonably pissed off about ordinal numbers and dislikes on a dumb meme site then consider that you might be the 'autist' here.

All users of this website have autism tbh


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