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Suggestion for Entry Stubs

Last posted Aug 27, 2022 at 12:16PM EDT. Added Aug 27, 2022 at 12:16PM EDT
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So this is a bit complicated but essentially, Don has frequently stated that he would rather have an entry that is not in great shape/bare bones but is about something real than no entry at all. Media mods also generally are in favor of this. It would allow them to be able to do something they are good at (recognizing memes at a glance and moving images) without having to worry about messing up entry research. Plus, it would allow for them to do it preemptively of others who can't/forgot to move images already on the site to these galleries.

The biggest reason this doesn't happen is that a lot of the time, the creators of these entries are harassed for leaving articles incomplete. This might not be so bad if these users were requesting editorship to fix the entries themselves… but they generally don't. A bare-bones entry isn't ideal, but considering the alternative of no entry being made, or an entry only being made years after the fact which results in a bunch of duplicate uploads when the ones already on the site may already be highly upvoted… I think most would agree which of these options would be better.
Basically, I'm seeing if there would be support for a header that would clearly indicate that this entry is a stub and needs much more research and that its current state is mostly to fill a functional role with the galleries. But then comes the harder part. Should the header make it clear that just complaining about the state of the entry without offering help violates the "be friendly rule"? This would be less over the rather pointless +1 work comments or ones that do offer legitimate suggestions, but rather over stuff that attacks the entry creator or the article for its state. I'm inclined to think that this would prove extremely unpopular to the general user base, but it might make people more willing to actually make entries even if they worry they won't be particularly good at it. Especially when a lot of people complain about how something "only now has an entry" but also have never worked on a single entry on the site.

Again, this is basically just throwing a thought I've had for a while out there to see what people think more than anything.

I did a quick mark up of what I sort of had in mind. feel free to make suggestions on the wording in the box as well.

This entry is currently a stub. It has been started to create an image gallery to collect image examples. Please do not comment solely on the incomplete state of the entry. Feel free to contact the entry creator to gain editorship to improve the entry.

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