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Which of the Fire Emblem 3DS games DLC is worth getting before the eShop shuts down next month?

Last posted Feb 18, 2023 at 10:05PM EST. Added Feb 15, 2023 at 09:57AM EST
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Out of all the 3DS Fire Emblem games I only ever got the Revelations story path for Fates as it's the only way to get the true ending (still shocked Nintendo seriously went the Asura's Wrath route on the Revelations DLC for Fates). I never got any other DLC for Fates, but I also never got any of the DLC for Awakening and Echoes as I just never really gave any serious thought on if the DLC for those was worth it. So for anyone who did already buy and play them, which ones are ones that I really should grab before the 3DS eShop shut down next month, and which ones are a waste of money?

(though knowing my funky luck as of late, as I just bought a whole bunch of GBA virtual console games on my Wii U a month before Nintendo announced GBA for NSO, I'm imagining come the next Nintendo Direct there will be an announcement of a "Fire Emblem 3DS collection" for Switch that includes all four games plus the DLCs, but I'm not counting on it either)

As a fan, I would say pirate all of them, but if you want to give to one of them, Awakening dlc for "postgame" content. Fates I recomend only if you enjoy the gameplay and the cast and Echoes for some reason its dlc cost more than the base game for content thats not worth it imo. (I recomend youtube videos about its content if you are still interested)

I saw on a different site apparently most of Echoes DLC is just "grind maps" but one is a story prequel so that sounds worth getting honestly. I guess I should further clarify what I'm mainly looking to know is if the DLC for any of the 3DS FE games contain good or important story material that makes the games feel "more complete." If it's not important to the narrative and is simply a case of "just a bonus map that really doesn't add to the narrative and isn't even that good on its own merits" then that makes me think it's probably worth skipping then. If it's either "has important narrative or expands on the characters and narrative in a good way" (like Revelations) or "is standalone but still has fun moments that are worth experiencing" then that's what I wanna grab.

Echoes DLC consists of:

2 dungeons filled with random items each time you visit: The Astral Temple and Inner Sanctum.

Mila Shrines for changing into new op classes

2 maps to help get more silver and gold marks

2 maps to help grind exp

4 prequel stories (specifically for Alm’s side) focusing on the Deliverance. Beating these will unlock more support conversations for these specific characters in the base game (except for Fernand cause he turns traitor in the story), but beating them while doing certain conditions can reward you with character-specific weapons that can be op as hell when upgraded at the forge.

2 maps that can reward you with 2 playable characters from the Fire Emblem Cipher tcg per map.

Most of the dlc for awakening is worth it. I would also say that in general, it'd be a good idea to get the fates expansions before the shutdown.

Homebrew on the 3ds will basically be the saving grace for the 3ds after the store shuts down. You don't even need a free dsi eshop game to mod a console anymore so dlc content will be available to install after the servers shut down.

The wii u, however, will likely not have much going for it after the shutdown. Most of the titles for that system is already on the switch or other consoles anyways, so there's not much to miss out on.

Went ahead and got everything for Fates but only the story and character focused DLC for Awakening and Echoes.

I might as well ask while I’m here, I haven’t gotten Engage yet so I might as well ask for future sake, is the expansion pass for it worth it? Granted maybe I’m asking a bit too soon as the last Direct said xenologues are coming later.


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