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New Suicide Squad game is indeed a live-service title with forced online and people aren't happy

Last posted Feb 26, 2023 at 05:10PM EST. Added Feb 24, 2023 at 08:32AM EST
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I get this game technically began development before Square's failed Avengers game released, but man it looks like Warner Bros. learned no lessons from Square and Marvel and didn't opt to course correct in the three years since that game came out. It's such a shame too as tbh the actual story and character interactions look like they might be just as good as Rocksteady's previous Batman games, and the gameplay might be pretty fun even if the game is a shooter rather than a beat-em-up styled game like I was hoping for, plus the game is notible for the fact it's confirmed this will feature the final performance of Kevin Conroy as Batman, but making it a got-dang live-service in the wake of that service model being at an all-time popularity low (and with so many games of that type shutting down) just really sours things in a big way.

If I do play this game it's probably only going to be after it enters a service like Xbox GamePass or PS Plus, no way I'm paying a full $70 on top of battle passes.

Well it's WB so I expected as much. You would think they would do a course correction after Marvel Avengers fell flat on its face and, more recently, their own failure with Gotham Knights by their own Montreal subsidiary. The market is oversaturated with "GaaS" and I'm starting to think the appeal of the superhero genre has begun to fatigue somewhat, unless its Spiderman of course.

EA gets a lot of shit and rightfully so, but I've come around to them slightly as they have embraced singleplayer titles as a viable market strategy once again. Here's hoping good things about the upcoming Iron Man game by Motive.

I suppose they're operating under the logic of "yes those live services have failed, but I'm sure that my live service won't!"

Maybe that's one way that a market can stay irrational longer than you can stay liquid…

Live service games are like mmorpgs…but somehow worse, at least real time rpgs are often very complex and deep games which helps withis sort of "eternal" type of game, meanwhile many of this live service games…not as much

Some live services work fine but most dont impress me, it is like taking the bad part of mmorpg and stapling them on random ass games, they are going to make a live service hentai visual novel and a live service random ass tetris game at this rate just wait.


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