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Starfield delayed yet AGAIN, now scheduled for September 6

Last posted Mar 28, 2023 at 02:18AM EDT. Added Mar 08, 2023 at 12:39PM EST
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It was expected for a "first half of 2023" timeframe, but now it's coming out in the second half of the year on September 6. One thing of note is Microsoft is also holding a "Starfield Direct" (I guess Nintendo really is just cool with letting Microsoft use the "Direct" name for game showcases) on June 11, which is where I guess Todd Howard and co will do another deep dive on the game, and maybe show off what's improved since the last one (the last big showcase did show the framerate was struggling to maintain 60 FPS, maybe by now they've ironed at least that part out, though regardless of a fixed framerate or not I'm still expecting some of the usual Bethesda jank when it launches, lets just hope it's more like Skyrim jank rather than Fallout 76 levels of broken).

I guess I'll be Skyrim level of broken or less.
They want people not to wait 6 months to play the game without game-breaking bugs. BUT if they delay it way too much, we should have low expectations and see yet another Cyberpunk 2077.

The game itself will most likely have more RPG elements than Fallout 4 but less than Oblivion and classic Bethesda fans will surely be dissappointed. At this point, I just want Nexus Mods to bring high-quality mods to play. Glad we at least have the bare minimum for quest mods not to turn into a chaos like Depravity and the others Thuggysmurf made.

If Todd's having it delayed, one can only hope they'd at least drop a gameplay video or two just to show one how it looks after the initial gameplay reveal. That said, jank is always expected and I can only hope that as far as depth goes for the game, I legit hope they have a few more options to a quest beyond just accepting it now or accepting it later. I want to just tell an NPC to piss off without being told to listen to his scheme or at least hoping difficulty doesn't boil down to "we jacked up enemy defense and damage while making you as strong as wet paper." I'd want more builds than just "stealth archer in space."

Please dont make it more shallow than Skyrim, please dont make it more shallow than Skyrim, please dont make it more shallow than Skyrim, please dont make it more shallow than Skyrim….


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