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Nintendo Indie World for April 19, aka "is today the day Silksong fans get to remove the clown makeup?"

Last posted Apr 20, 2023 at 12:30PM EDT. Added Apr 19, 2023 at 10:03AM EDT
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So yeah it's an Indie showcase so I don't have a whole lot in terms of expectations, but I've still got a few. My main indie hopes are:

-Pizza Tower Switch port (with a later confirmation of it coming to every console as well), either as a shadow drop or at least coming soon (like summer at the latest)
-Vampire Survivors comes to Switch (especially since it's unclear if my favorite "Survivors clone" Holocure will get the greenlight to come to anything other than PC)
-Silksong finally gets an actual date and everyone asking "Silksong when?" can finally stop cosplaying as Bozo the Clown

Welp looks like the clown makeup stays on for the time being, though I'm also wondering if Microsoft somehow has "dibs" on Silksong announcements now given it was confirmed last year the game will be a day 1 GamePass release.

None of my predictions came true but I was still pleased with this Indie World as it did have announcements and new looks at stuff I am looking forward to. Highlights for me include:

-Mineko's Night Market, a game first shown off in an Indie World years ago, finally got a date (September 26)

-Official confirmation of Rift of the Necrodancer is coming this year (I love the first game even if it's basically impossible for me to get the true ending, and the Zelda crossover with Cadence of Hyrule was a major surprise, so a new Necrodancer is definitely something for me to look forward to)

-The first game from Dunkey's publishing label Bigmode finally got announced, a metroidvania called "Animal Well" which looks to be a game full of atmosphere (one screenshot I'm looking at even shows what looks like a reference to cult Japanese horror film "House," which is neat). Game does look neat but as mentioned by me and others in the past it's certainly going to have a lot of scrutiny put on it given it is basically being published by Dunkey. Gotta admit it was just surprising actually seeing Dunkey in an official Nintendo presentation (just make sure the Xenoblade devs don't know he's in the building, lol).

-Crime O'Clock looks like a really neat detective game, with the use of time travel manipulation reminding me of Ghost Trick.

-I've never played Teslagrad but now looks like a good chance to with the remaster and sequel being available now.

-Shadows over Loathing reminds me I still need to play West of Loathing, but might be safe to say if you're someone familiar with Kingdom of Loathing, or just enjoy comedy RPGs in general, this is one to keep an eye on.

-First look at Blasphemous 2, launching this summer. If you like Bloodborne I recommend checking out Blasphemous as it's probably the closest thing to "Bloodborne in 2D." Definitely gonna grab this one when it comes out.

-Oxenfree 2 coming out July 12, and interestingly Netflix is publishing.

-FNAF: Security Breach is shadow dropping on Switch today which I'm interested in seeing if the game is launching in a decent state (I still recall the original release was plagued with bugs).

-While I find it really odd it was relegated onto to a sizzle reel, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, the spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio, is launching on August 18.

Overall a nice Indie World IMO.

Sugary Salt wrote:

Just casually drop the release date of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, huh?

Small part of me wonders if Naganuma might have had a hand in convincing the dev team to reveal the date in a sizzle reel, because knowing his sense of humor that sounds like something he'd want.


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