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Steam Sale Q4 2023 Bonanza: mistakes were made

Last posted Jan 01, 2024 at 02:43PM EST. Added Dec 04, 2023 at 09:16AM EST
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Well it’s that time of year again where I’m going to talk about a bunch indie games that I like and want to share. My apologies for making this article this late in the year. I’ve primarily focus on finish up my college courses, prioritize more important things in all. At least I got the whole month off.

Truth be told, I was still concern about the current situation involving the unity engine. It doesn’t hinder many of the games I’ve been following since some other are made with other engines. But there’s still the uncertainty of the future some of the unity made games. Until that time actually happen in January, I’ll just continue on and hope for the best.

but actually start, I want to lay out a few rules I made when making these.

1. I only mention games that have less than 1000 reviews on steam based on the given time. I don’t go by sells or the amount of playtime, so I usually determine on how less talk about games based on general user reception.

2. One game per developer, per year. I want to mention as many creators as possible. And while there is the rare occasion of the developer making more than one game at the same time, I’ll mostly mention that I’ve been interested the most. If the creator is making another game, I’ll mention them on both the previous mention list and even in the recommendations below, if there's a demo.

3. I originally wanted try to feature 2 games (1 demo and 1 released), every 3 days. But given this particular circumstance, I’ll post everyday till the end of December. I can not guarantee that I will keep that promise when I also have to keep in mind with everything that’s going ion with my life. So bear with me.

4. For Demos. If the game is about to released by the following few months, I’ll mention it by the date next to it. The range would be between as of the post and as far as March of 2024. for the rare occasion in which the demos do have reviews and does past 1000, I’ll mention them in the aftermath of this thread.

5. mature games are allow, but no adult games. any game that’s consider rated M, I’ll do mention with the comment be set to nsfw. But I won’t mention any games that are explicitly pornographic.

And now I’ll add a new feature for this: the viewer’s response (), and the links to itchio for those who want to support more income to developers and available systems from either Xbox, Playstation, and/or Nintendo consoles.

[ UNBEATABLE [White Label] / Steam Link / Itchio Link / By: D-CELL GAMES / Available (Demo) ]
[ Maiden & Spell / Steam Link l / Itchio Link / also on Switch / By: mino_dev LLC / Available / roguelite spinoff in development]
[ Nine Sols / Steam Link / By: RedCandleGames / Available (Demo) ]
[ Annalynn / Steam Link / Itchio Link / also on Switch / By: Cruise Elory / Available ]
[ Spark the Electric Jester 3 / Steam Link / By: Feperd Games / Now Available ]
[ PomPom / Steam Link / also on Switch & iOS / By: Willem Rosenthal / Now Available ]
[ Goodbye World / Steam Link / also on Switch & PS4/5 / By: Yo Fujii / Now Available ]
[ The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo / Steam Link / also on Switch & PS4/5 / By: Gammera Nest / Now Available… but read this before buying ]
[ Last Command / Steam Link / also on Switch / By: DinayaHsu / Now Available ]
[ Berserk Boy / Steam Link / By: BerserkBoy Games / Demo Ended ]
[ Elsie / Steam Link / By: KnightShift Team / Available (Demo) ]
[ Quetzal / Steam Link / By: TissueInu / Available (Demo) ]
[ Dragon Drop / Steam Link / By: Sunken City / Available (Early Access) ]
[ Peppered / Steam Link / By: Mostly Games / Available (Demo) ]
[ Petal Crash / Steam Link / Itchio Link / also on Switch, PS4 & iOS / By: Flutter Sprite / Available ]
[ Psilosybil / Steam Link / By: bad_vertex / Available (Early Access)]
[ Buck up and Drive! / Steam Link / Itchio Link / By: Fabio Fontes / Available ]
[ CROSSNIQ+ / Steam Link / Itchio Link / also on Switch / By: FUTURE MEMORY / Available ]

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[ Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass / Steam Link, Itchio Link / By: Kasey Ozymy / Available / new game in development. ]
[ Dono's Tale / Steam Link, Itchio Link / By: Super Item Studios / Available(Demo) ]
[ Potionomics / Steam Link / By: Voracious Games / Available]
[ Rusted Moss / Steam Link, Itchio Link / By: Faxdoc, Happysquared & Sunnydaze / Now Available]
[ Forza Polpo! / Steam Link, By: Monte Gallo / Available]
[ Invercity / Steam Link / also on Switch / By: Marudice / Available]
[ BROK: the InvestiGator / Steam Link, Itchio Link / also on Switch, PS4/5, XB1 + Series X|S & GOG / By: COWCAT / Available]
[ Aero GPX / Steam Link, By: Aaron McDevitt / Available(Demo)]
[ In Stars And Time / Steam Link, Itchio Link / also on Switch, PS4/5 & / By: insertdisc5 / Now Avalible]
[ Beacon Pines / Steam Link, Itchio Link / also on Switch & XB1 + Series X|S / By: Hiding Spot / Available]
[ Little Ghost / Steam Link / By: Leaf Riifuneko, Law Jun Yan, Jose Angel Romero, & Alan Abbadessa / Available(Demo)]
[ Frogun / Steam Link / also on Switch & XB1 / By: Molegato / Available / Sequel game is in development.]
[ Decline's Drops / Steam Link / also on Switch / By: Moulin aux Bulles Studio / Available(Demo) & Coming Soon]
[ Samurai Gunn 2 / Steam Link / also on Switch & PS5 (once finished) / By: Adam Robezzoli, Evan Hemsley, & YellowAfterlife / Available (Early Access)]
[ Peripeteia / Steam Link / By: Ninth / Available(Demo)]
[ Rolled Out! / Steam Link / By: Polarbyte Games & Skymap Games / Available (Early Access)]
[ Vernal Edge / Steam Link / also on Switch, PS4/5, & XB1 + Series X|S / By: Hello Penguin / Now Available]
[ Lunistice / Steam Link / also on Switch / By: A Grumpy Fox / Available ]
[ Scratchin' Melodii / Itchio Link / By: LephemStar / Available(Demo)]
[ Jack Move / Steam Link / also on Switch, PS4, & XB1 / By: Edd Parris / Available]
[ Somnipathy / Steam Link / By: Tearcell / Now Available]
[ UNSIGHTED / Steam Link / also on Switch, PS4 & XB1 / By: TianiPixel & ironfairy_ / Available / an Untitled 3D hack n' slash game is in development]

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[ Day 1 ]

[ Wooden Ocean / Steam Link, Itchio Link / Developed By: Leif Ian Anderson / Status: Available]

The premise of the world is puzzling. The trailer itself doesn’t describe much if not all of what the games is about. Not even the game page says anything in addition to the game crashes when you screenshot it. Getting any info on Wooden Ocean outside of let’s plays is quite improbable. And good luck getting any info by the creator interview, it’s also vague. And that’s deliberate by the creator, who I also couldn’t find outside of SoundCloud. What I’m saying is that you’ll be completely blind when playing this game.

The setting of the game takes place in a “dark fantasy” in which the majority of the worlds ocean suddenly turn into a landscape of trees. The rest of the game after the first 2-3 towns became very open ended. As in, trying to find the ending of the game itself is cryptic, and there are several different endings to it. And some of them actually requires you to exploit some of the features in the game to unlock them.

The more you explore the game, the more you question what’s going on. And the more you discover the world, the more absurd it gets. NPCs and your party members would sometimes break the immersion of setting to even breaking the 4th wall at times. I thought the game is going for a meta textual subject, but I’m not sure about that from one of the endings I got 80+ hours on my first playthrough.

I haven’t even talk about how insanely robust the game’s battle system and features. Pretty much every weapon type, element, and additional equipment are basically classes/sub classes of their own. Allowing you to make certain builds and strategize your fights. Not to mention the absurd amount of hidden mechanics to remember (it’s not required in normal difficulty, but in harder difficulties it’s crucial for winning). But this game really pushes the amount of plugin features the creator can flesh out in RPGMaker. The fact that the game isn’t even completed with new updates every now-and-then is quite overwhelming.

If your a fan of very robust RPGs, and especially the ones in RPGM, I highly recommend trying this out.

[ Hymn to the Earless God / Steam Link, Itchio Link / Developed By: Kasey Ozymy, Jason Vanderslice, Cubesona & Innosaryn / Status: Available (Demo) ]

Hymn to the Earless God is a SNES era turn based RPG, with similar inspirations to games of said era. Made by the same creator behind Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass, (one of my favorite EarthBound-likes). After finishing up JatPM, Kasey wanted to create a new game from the ground up with a neatly small team. And from the their Kickstarter demo, they really killing it with the premise!

The game take’s place in an alien-like world where it take’s the ‘survival of the fittest’ to an extreme, reflecting nature in all it’s beauty and horror. You played as 1 of the 4 main characters, each of them follow a different story and with intersections that affect the world and characters based on which order of character you played. Although, there isn’t gameplay besides the first segments with 2 of the 4 characters. But the layout of the game is very promising with amount of potential mechanics, optional party members, and customization.

I couldn’t speculate much about the thole story, but given the creator’s previous work, I’m confident it’ll as impact as it is. The game has a successful campaign and now it in further development. I suggest follow for updates in the future.

[ Day 2 ]

[ QUESTER / Steam Link / soon be on Switch, PS4/5 & XB1 + Series X|S / Published By: Thousand Games / Status: Available]

It’s a retro futuristic apocalypse. The world is in ruined by mutated fungi and insectoids of alien like proportions. And the only way for humanity to overcome this is to find the key that lies at the deepest part of the ruins, to restore the world from it’s crisis. And the only a select few of individuals who survived this world to seek it.

And that’s basically the premise of Quester. The whole plot is basically a blurb on a back of an old game cartridge. After the beginning segment, it goes straight away to the game play. Quester is a dungeon crawl, grid based, auto battle RPG with a constant game loop of surviving every 10 days exploring the world, fighting monsters, and gather food/material to reach the quota. the game has a clear progression on enemy/resource spawns, treasure, and optional characters. the further your progress in this game, the more options you have for form whatever build you want at the cost of maintaining more food/materials for each party member and leveling up. Most of the skills in the game cost certain resources that you get from equipment passives. But most of the resources restore after each battle, allowing you to us all your hard hitting attacks on regular encounters.

[ Urbano – Legends Debut / Steam Link, Itchio Link / Developed By: Barosa / Status: Available (Demo)]

Urbano is a Rhythm RPG that fuses action commands, life sim, and other forms of minigames with rhythm based game play. The premise of the game is that you play as a hunter who spend his night shifts in investigate and fought off supernatural entities known as Urban Legends. While at day, you interact with various people in the city and get to know them more each day. The game had a well selection of rock, punk, electronic, hip hop, and so-on to fit with whatever mood is given. Urbano wear it’s inspiration of The World Ends With You’s stylization of both the city life and the people who live in them.

Nevertheless, it’s another promising action rhythm game that’s worth checking out on.

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[ Day 3 ]

[ Cavern of Dreams / Steam Link / Developed By: Bynine Studio / Status: Available ]

I’m glad were getting resurgence of low-poly fifth-gen 3D platformers. And while each of them are different approaches of PS1 games. Cavern of Dreams takes the cake for being the most authentic N64 style game (it’s the way the texture warp/cluster with the slight blurriness that gives it the familiar vide). In fact, this and the other game I’ll mention is a great predecessor to Banjo-Kazooie.

It’s a small collectathon with 4 worlds to explore, but never overstay it’s welcome. Platforming in this game also has a nice physics-based movement that alters speed and height. Just great for messing around throughout.

Plot wise, it’s a simple story of Fynn trying to rescue his siblings form a sorcerer who likes to play tricks and make friends along the way. But there is a bit more to that’s going on with the premise. And the postgame, while there’s only a couple of places to wonder, there's a bunch of secrets that’s mostly up for interpretation. And that’s all I’m going to say.

But regardless, is that this is a very polished 3D platformer and a welcome introduction for younger players.

[ Hazuki Dies / Steam Link, Itchio Link / Developed By: ChairGTables / Status: Available (Demo) ]

Hazuki Dies is a silly, anime-style Tactic RPG were you play as an up-incoming, yet shy, girl who want’s to archive her dreams of being a doctor so that no one could get hurt or die. The only problem is that everything kills her in the process because she’s the weakest person in the world. But her life gets more complicated as she get herself involved with criminals. And you must help And help her achieve her dreams of becoming a thug criminal doctor.

Gameplay wise, it’s sort of similar to Live-A-Live. Except you’ll spend most of your actions distancing opponents and ensure that you defeat them in a single turn. A single slip up and it’s basically gameover. But it’s not just the battles, it’s also the overworld platforming and puzzles that you need to worry about. But for the most part, you’ll quickly restart back to the segments if you failed. But it’s not like the game portray itself as difficult. Again, the game plays it off as comedic.

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[ Day 4 ]

[ Corn Kidz 64 / Steam Link / Developed By: BogoSoft name / Status: Available ]

Another classic gem of a N64 era 3D mascot platformer. And playing as a goat person and realm of dreams, no less. Not to be confuse with the other one. Funnily enough, there is an easter egg related to Pseudoregali in it.

Speaking of which, the platforming for this collectathon is open ended with the only caviar is that the platforming is more focus on overcoming obstacles more-so than using whatever movement to exploit. There’s no primary macguffin, the only collectibles are bits that function as a level up gauge to progress different levels and bonus rooms. Which also incentivize for speedrunning and planning the most efficient routes.

And just like Cavern of Dreams, this game is a bite-size proportion of a standard collectathon. Only 1/3 of a usual 3D platformer. But it really delivers on the gameplay. It’s a great 8-10 hours of your time. Especially how difficult the real secrets for 100%.

[ Rabbit & Steel / Steam Link / Developed By: mino_dev / Status: Available (demo) ]

Rabbit & Steel is the co-op, boss gauntlet, roguelike bullet hell game made by the same creator behind Maiden & Spell. Gameplay wise, it's similar to Maiden & Spell, except the game is more focus on PvE. if you like the EX equivalent stages from the previous game, than this one is on par with it. and it's particularly due to how the attack patterns are a based off of FFXIV’s tab-target battle system, where you need to also pay attention your partner’s position from bullet patterns. I say the hardest part is getting to understand certain telepath for attacks for anyone who didn’t play through FFXIV raid bosses. It’s complicated, but it makes the game much more engaging, especially in harder difficulties.

The game can be play in either single player or lobby. With a online availability with still active lobbies in this demo. I also recommend joining their discord server for more active players to form campaigns and even private tournaments for Maiden & Spell.

[ Day 5 ]

[ Dandara Trials of Fear Edition / Steam Link / also on Switch, PS4, XB1 + Series X|S & iOS / Developed By: Long Hat House / Status: Available]

Dandara is an eye-catching Metroidvania game with an original idea. The only way to move the character is to aim the direction and make fast dashes across marked walls and ceilings rather than using an analog stick. This version of the game includes the most current expansion, which adds new bosses, areas, and a redesigned soundtrack along with several QoL changes.

The premise is a gravity defy realm of salt with each area is based on certain forms of art and creation. The game gives you time to get acquainted to its new mechanics at the beginning before showcasing how challenging it can be.ut with practice, quick precision and adjustment, this game can also be fast-paced. Too fast for missing out on some of the gorgeous pixel art.

[ RADIO THE UNIVERSE / Steam Link, Itchio Link / Developed By: 6E6E6E / Status: Available (demo)]

Radio the Universe is a melancholic, top-down action game taking place in a desolate city, were you play as a lost wanderer searching for oneself. Compare to the recent build, the game’s visuals and direction change a lot from it’s original premise from kickstarter. It’s as equally visually intensive as it is readable and reactive for maneuvering and combat. everything about the demo is top notch. You can tell that the years worth of development and revisions by (from I can search) a single developer. In fact, all the way back from 2012.

It’s very promising, so much that I would be surprise if you haven’t play/heard of this game in the first place. I wish the creator best of luck in their endeavors.

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[ Day 6 ]

[ Wolfstride / Steam Link / also on Switch / Developed By: otaimon / Status: Available]

WolfStride is a mecha turn-based RPG about a group of misfits trying to reach the goal of winning the grand tournament for their own personal goals. half of the game is split in 2; play as a mecha pilot in battles while the other half is you playing as the team’s manager, Shade going around the town to do task, interact with people, and customize the mecha. It's sort of has the same kind of gameplay pattern similar to No More Heroes, but less egregious. In which you spend your time in the game will be doing mundane work during your off days til the next big excitement of the tournament round. It’s a slow burn from the start, but somewhere around Day 10 is when it pick up the pace for what you can do, in addition to optional fights.

The writing and dialogue of the game is on par with Neon White with It’s own the kind of trashiness that is made by a group of sincere anime fans who want to took that inspiration into their own concept. However, the story of this game reveal more about how Shade and his group meet in the first place and how their actions in their life lead to here. But if you don’t the game’s crass since of humor, you’ll enjoy this hidden gem of a game.

[ Studio System : Guardian Angel / Steam Link / Developed By: rytuwil / Status: Available (demo)]

Studio System: Guardian Angel is a survival horror game about three female school students are stuck inside the school’s film studio during their investigation. The main character, Rebecca Townshend, is one of the girls who wake up in a room with no recollection of being here and being noticed by another entity. she refer to it as her guardian angel and put her trust for it to guide her through the distorted place. You, the guardian angel, functions both as a weapon to shoot enemies and telepathy certain obstacles to solve puzzles. The game play’s a bunch with the fixed-camera angles and tricks. Some much, that there’s even a FPS mode to play the game in a whole different view.

The story from the demo and the little bits of info involving around the group is interesting enough to look forward to.

[ Day 7 ]

[ Heart&Slash / Steam Link / also on Switch, PS4 & XB1 + Series X|S / By: AheartfulOfGames / Status: Available]

Heart&Slash is a 3d hack ‘n slash rougelike made by AHEARTFUL. They’re a small developer team who made couple of license games that manage to create their first original project. And quite a delightful experience it was. It’s quite uncommon to have an action rougelike to be 3D (or at least from what I recall from the other games I’ve remember).

Gameplay wise, your only source of upgrades are boxes that you colled by defeating a certain amount of enemies that can add attributes to the weapon that increase damage and speed, armor that give passives, and/or module which increase health and various of effects based on which character you choose from the start. If you die during the run, you’ll keep whats left of your boxes for the next. However, the game is a lot more skill and reacted based, loot and health is fairly sparse and can only get you far enough. Which lead to sacrificing your current gear for the hopes for a better set or discard them for health in return. But really, this game pull no punches. If you like a difficult game with great replayability, than give this one a go.

[ Genokids / Steam Link, Itchio Link / By: Nuke Fist / Status: Available (demo)]

Genokids is 3D hack n’ slash game that take inspiration to Kingdom Hearts. In both it’s various of movements and attacks. Even down to the small details in enemies’ design and reaction command (well, a couple during the demo).

You play as a group of 4 bandmates, each specialize a weapon and playstyle that you can swap on the fly. Either sticking to one character of your preference or switching them to further combo mixing. The demo only had 2 of the 4 playable characters to experiment. The game is design more closely to KH’s critical mode for requiring more attention to both the enemy’s attacks and your own timing. Not punishing, but you will get carry for not paying attention.

Overall, the presentation of this game is very promising. And with the success of the Kickstarter, it might become pretty robust game for customization and challenges. If you’re a fan of KH and DmC, I highly recommend wishlisted this game.

[ Day 8 ]

[ Knight’s Try / Steam Link, Itchio Link / also on Switch / Developed by: Modus Interactive / Status: Available ]

Most people usually called this the ‘Darksouls of Mario 64’ in some places. But to me, this game is more close to a 3D equivalent of Jump Knight. Knight’s Try is a 3D precision platformer in the style of a N64 game. You have a standard jump and there's no maneuvering to obstacles. Nearly everything can kill you in one hit, missing your jump and you’ll be fell into the pit, and you have to make quick adjustments with the new hazards with the prior knowledge of the stage’s obstacles. This game is unforgiving. And I dig it. it’s great! I spend over 6 hours total on the same level. I don’t know if there’s more to this game besides the large gauntlet and I’m to afraid to find out.

The game has 3 difficulties, but they all determined if you want checkpoints and infinite tries. Suitable for those who’re well knowledgeable about the game and speedrunners. Or masochists. TBH, I’m surprise of how little traction this game’s getting. Compare to the other difficult games.

Besides that, the music in the game is in midi. It’s very limited, with only songs to change freely. But it does allow you to import midi files to add/change music in the game. Which is the first time in long while since I search for midi songs. Sure you can just mute the game and play any song your device. But where’s the fun in that.

If you like difficult games, I say give this a try. Or you can just watch a streamer (I won’t judge).

[ Real Web Legends: Carter’s Quest / Steam Link / Developed by: Goba / Status: Available (Demo) ]

Real Web Legends is an 3D action adventure game that recapitulate the vibe of the retro N64 era of Legend of Zelda. And it check’s out on all boxes, from the premise of the world, to the quaint character design and personality, and the level structure with new tools to progress puzzles and combat. Except for the combat itself, in which it play’s more of a hack ‘n slash with a bit of floatiness, but there might be some adjustments for the final product. Given my time with the demo, I see some great potential in this.

[ Vividlope / Steam Link / Developed by: Jaklub / Status: Available ]

Vividlope is an arcade style puzzle game about filling every tile in gravity defining stages with a particular color while avoiding enemies and hazards and rack up as much score as possible along the way. It’s like the funkier version of Qbert in all of it’s Y2K style and simplistic character designs. Each stage adds up a newer power ups, platforms, and requirements such as doubling the steps and/or stepping the same tiles revert the change. It gets hectic the more you progress, but most of the spawns are predetermined so you’ll know where you should watch for. In fact, you can basically plan out a perfect run on each stage to get the best score possible.

This game also has a customize level editor that allows you to use everything that feature’s in the campaign. It’s as robust as it is complex, you’ll spend a good amount of time to get the gist of the layout and keyboard binding if you also want to go all out on your levels. There’s even a OBJ import for those who want to edit them in Blender. It also includes local levels that you can download and share with others online.

[ vivid/stasis / Steam Link / By: Hajieli / Status: Early Access (Free) ]

Vivid/Stasis is a hybrid game that’s half 4 button 4K rhythm and half mystery visual novel about uncovering the main character’s missing sister, the organization's real intentions, and meta shenanigans. The rhythm in the game is very user friendly, allow a bunch of options to adjust the game’s visuals, input delay, button layout, difficulty, additional challenge for grinding up points. It’s oddly both challenging (even for easy difficulty), at the same time forgiving in getting FC. (but I think that’s a personal issue for me since I’m not use to this kind rhythm game).

The characters in the story are written as long-time friends who know each other’s nonsense but still there for one another concerns, especially the main character Saturday. They make them more endearing than annoying, and you’ll get to grown on them on the following chapters.

The game has a fair progression system in which you need to clear a couple of stages to gain enough points to progress the story as well as unlocking more songs. But the big highlight for this game is during the end of the chapter when the game basically becomes an ARG puzzle that requires deciphering the code and use their own site to gain access to the secret stage and further progressing the story.

[ Extra 1 ]

[ Mysteries Under Lake Ophelia / Steam Link, Itchio Link / also on Switch / Developed By: Bryce Bucher / Status: Available]

A neat concept for a horror game. Instead of dealing with monsters or other invasive creates, you’re basically spending most of the game doing one thing, fishing. The actual horror is much more sparing with it’s atmosphere. As the progression of the game involves about catching fish, selling them, finding hidden items in the water, and buying newer gear to progress to what’s below the lake. Or you can just ignore that and spend your time fishing. The game is relaxing in an ominous way more than anything. There’s even a couple of other secrets.

TBH, I kind of surprise how little traction this indie game get, especially for a horror indie game. But then again, it’s not the standard kind of horror that garners let’s plays. But if you want a good old fishing game, this will be a nice addition to your collection.

[ Sorceress / Steam Link, Itchio Link / Developed by: Wabbaboy / Status: Available (Demo) ]

Sorceress is a first-person action adventure game about traversing into a cursed castle in hopes for riches and to escape the place alive. This game has a heavy focus on using both the games physics and contextual interaction for combat and exploration. Speaking of the combat, the game has a nice cycle of improvising the tools you find to defeat enemies. While the magic in the game ca has multiple purposes that can effect either the enemies, the player, or the objects around the area. the amount of ways you can use the tools you’re offer to make sick tricks is very promising. But that’s just the action of this game. The platforming aspect is also great. with the amount of possible paths to traverse and the amount of stuff you can interact with.

The first level after the tutorial showcase a few mechanics, equipment, and other upgrades that will be further implemented in the final product (given that the kickstarter campaign was a success when I find this).

[ Extra 2 ]

[ Goodboy Galaxy / Steam Link, Itchio Link / Coming soon on Switch, PS4/5, XB1 + Series S|X & GBA / Developed by: Hot Pengu & Exelotl / Status: Available (on itchio) ]

This one is a delight! Goodboy Galaxy is a metroidvania game that’s aimed to be as compatible with the GameBoy Advance’s limitation. So much so that the game itself is actually a fan created ROM that you can played on the actual GBA and the recreational Analogue Pocket (which is a modernize version GBA). As well as being compatible to the 3DS. Reason for this neat little feature is to be a contribute for the 20th anniversary for the GBA’s released back during it’s Kickstarter Campaign. In addition to the other knickknacks from the physical edition.

The game really encapsulate everything great about the GBA era of games while standing out from the rest. Everything from the characters, animation, minigames, and several languages cram inside a 40MD file. given it’s a handheld game, the levels are structure to be short pace with each world splitting in 3 paths that either limit your jump, attack, or protection. Which intersect very well into the game’s exploration and side quests. Actually, I classify this as a collect-a-thon for the amount of collectibles to be obtain in each world.

[ Schwarzerblitz / Steam Link, Itchio Link / Developed By: Andrea Demetrio / Status: Available (Free)]

Schwarzerblitz is a freeware retro 3D fighting games reminiscing of Tekken, Bloody Roar, Virtual Fighter and with similar mechanics from other 3D fighting games such as Soul Calibur. TBH, I don’t have that much prior knowledge of fighting games to talk about game’s feel and tech. But from what I’ve played, this is quite easy starting point for a fighting game with some very well mechanics to master for veteran players. This game’s main mechanic of bullet triggers. It basically has to functions, either break the opponent's combo chain if you’re or the opponent’s guard. You start with 6 throughout the whole match, winner gain 1, loser gain 2 for each round. it’s an interesting approach to the standard fighting game meters.

I do admire that the game gives you the option to either have all unlockable characters and stages or have to unlock them through story mode and arcade.

Schwarzerblitz is a great starting point for those who want to try out 3D fighting games, especially when the game is free.

Another thing I want to mention is that the developer of the game also releases the repository code for the game for anyone who want to get there hands on making their own 3d fighting game (although it is quite janky). Here’s the link to the code.

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[ Day 10 ]

[ Tadpole Treble / Steam Link / Was on WiiU, but updated on Switch / Developed by: Matthew Taranto / Status: Available]

If the creator’s named nor the trailer’s theme song doesn’t trigger a longtime memory like I do, then you’re missing on something wonderful!

Tadpole Treble is a score based rhythm game created by Matthew Taranto. Yes, the same person behind Brawl in the Family. And for those who don’t quite know, BitF is a weekly gag, videogame webcomic that mostly center around Nintendo games (especially Kirby). And also an uncommon videogame webcomic that’s both great and sincere. The comic ended around 2014, but the site still update for new songs created. Speaking of which.

One of the most well known aspect of BitF and the creator is the amount of musicals that feature along with the webcomic pages (And still does music jingles to this day). Fitting how the first game Matthew had made is musical based around tadpoles. This game was originally made during the WiiU, but due to the discontinuation of that console it was soon rereleased in both steam and later Switch, with the latter having a bit more content. The game itself is short, but charming with dozens of musical theming, set pieces, side content and a few nodes to his previous works. There’s even a music maker mode that’s very reminiscent of Mario Paint, in which you can share via steam workshop and – from my assumption – QR codes for the consoles.

The game is only 5 dollars and I belived it’s worth your time. And give the webcomic a look too.

[ Dreamshot Fantasia / Steam Link, Itchio Link / Developed by: Miracle / Status: Available (Demo)]

I just discover this game literately this afternoon.
Dreamshot Fantasis is a 4-tile match action puzzler with 80’s anime inspired art and electronic synth music. Instead of dropping tile, you shove them from side-to-side, moving piles of tiles to clearing as many chains as possible. It’s a small change in the concept, but it’s effective enough to change the way you approach the board. The Demo only has a tutorial and endless mode to try out the game’s concept. But the presentation and the clips show on their account have already proven this will be another lovely game for puzzle fans. One thing I want to mention:

The campaign has about to reach it’s deadline by the time I posted this. So here’s your chance to support them.

[ Extra 1 ]

[ Copy Kitty / Steam Link, Itchio Link / Developed by: Nuclear Strawberry / Status: Available]

Copy Kitty is a mission based Megaman inspired game about an alien Gatgirl who’s gifted with magical powers, but due to her being inspired by so many heroes, her power is mimicking others, to her disappointed. Given a gift by her adopted uncle, a virtual reality that help her master her ability and show her her true potential.

The game’s big twist in this genre is that you can carry 3 abilities that can be combine into countless of effects. Experimenting and trying out new powers to defeat every enemy in each stage. While finding personal favorite combinations along the way. The game feature’s a bunch of side content, from level editor, endless mode, custom bosses, a large encyclopedia/lore, and even cheatcodes.

It’s a really fun and challenging 6th generation game.

[ Gimmiko / Steam Link, Itchio Link (Old) / Developed by: SorryPoniko! / Status: Available (Demo) ]

Gimmiko is a twinstick rougelite game about gimmicks. What kind of gimmicks? Dices of course. As your only attack is tossing dices that’ll cast a spell or effect based on what it lands. In other words, your only skill is luck! The game is unapologetically chaotic, given how little control of what attack you can do as you circle around the horde of mods. Besides weighting more of the same spells when customizing dies or getting effect dies.

A wacky Japanese folklore game, made by the same individuals behind Undertale 2. The game originally started off as a newgrounds game of the same concept. Given how promising the premise the creator expand upon the idea and developed a full-fledged game. The started with one character, but after completing a successful run, you’ll 2 more characters with different approaches to the game's gimmick. quite a lot of replayability for your time.

[ Extra 2 ]

[ SlipDream Resonator / Steam Link / Developed by: Small Brain Games / Status: Avalible]

Here’s a quite obscure game. SlipDream Resonator is a visually intense, twin-stick rhythm game with a nice selection of music made by starting artists. The music selection in the game is a rather small, it’s mostly due to the songs are made by a neatly tight group of independent musicians. It’s a nice introduction to a bunch of small creators.

The game is more of a casual arcade given the power ups it offer in the stages that destroy notes. The game has harder difficulties and score based, but that’s for advance players who’ve master the multi-directional controls. the visuals on the other hand are stunning. From nearly each stage uses a variety of different effects and scenery, to the futuristic UI, to the general Y2K aesthetic.

[ Captain Wayne / Steam Link / Developed By: Ciaran Games / Status: Available (Demo) ]

Captain Wayne is a cartoonish, Boomer Shooter about hot-shot pirate sailing through various island resorts to clam every treasure and beat up everyone in his path in the process. It’s the same ol’ fast paced and bloody action you expect from Doom and it’s predecessors with the Pizza Tower flare of exaggerated MS Paint sprite animations.

There’s nothing more to say. if you're a fan of either of them, you'll get a good kick out of this one.

[ Extra 3 ]

[ Super Sami Roll / Steam Link / also on Switch, PS4/5, & XB1 + Series S|X / Developed by: Sonzai Games / Status: Available ]

Super Sami Roll is a speedrun focus 3D platformer about reaching the goal in a limited time. The game has 3 basic moves: roll, ground pound, and grappling objects. But the whole game plays off of these with nearly each level includes a new enemy/obstacle that requires you to maneuver around. The ground pound also has a physics base form any slope and/or object, making you both move faster and leap far longer gaps in stages.

it’s all about mastering the simple controls and experimenting creative ways to get the best time. While finding secret paths and unlockables (some cosmetics and other gameplay changes).

[ Tamarindos Freaking Dinner / Steam Link / coming soon to Switch / Developed by: Jacob Jazz / Status: Available (Demo)]

Tamarindos Freaking Dinner is a trippy, 90's horror comedy, point n click style game game about a pizza delivery gone wrong as you’re trapped inside a haunted mansion with family of cannibals. With an active in-game timer that preset events, you only have a limited amount of time to murder the family members in elaborate plans before they murder you. It’s a game made by Jacob Jazz, who’s… well.

Alright, I usually find enjoyment in games that I gone out of my way to discover on my own and many of the games I listed are from rare happenstances. While I never had a single flawed game, I never experience something like some of Jacob’s games before. of Their earlier games are a required a certain taste and fortitude. I say there ambitious for it’s mix genre and direction, Bobabs trilogy is too ambitious for it’s own good, it’s the kind of game that warrant a 3 hour essay video if you get what I mean. But Mezmeratub is a fun surreal precision platformer and a better experience in general.

But compare to the their latest game, the jump from 3D is a surprise change, especially how Jacob managed to still keep the bizarre visuals of their old work from the characters, environment, and UI. Given the short time playing the demo, it’s surprisingly well put together. form the beginning of the game. Base on the steam’s description, it will be pretty large game with a bunch of miscellaneous interactions and witty dialogue. Hopefully the development for this for this will turn out smoothly and garner more attention since Jacob works are quite creative in their own right.

[ Extra 4 ]

[ Splatter / Steam Link / Developed by: Rat King Collective / Status: Available]

Out of the few selection of weird and/or bizarre games I’ve been playing for a while, Splatter is definitely the all time. Imagine if UltraKill and Cruelty Squad had a cringe as nae nae baby, and this is what you get. An arena shooter game about surviving rounds of techno color humanoids while completing certain tasks inside a simulation made by most terminally online niche internet personalities you come across in your life. This game will make you feel like a trans-woman on post-Elon twitter. The constant bombard of clown vomit and instant gratification, and only way you get through this depressing, anxiety induce state in your life is through memes and shitposting.

Speaking of which, I originally though this game is just well crafted shitpost, until I realized what the whole message this game is about and now it really hit close to home about how it feels to spend way too much time on the internet and being around people you can’t stand. But you persist on staying, not because of hypocrite, but moreso because it pisses them off by your presence.

[ Ultra Fight Da Kyanta 2 / Steam Link / Developed by: Haramaself / Status: Early Access (Free)]

[ no trailer ]

Another freeware fighting game with both a simple mechanics for first time players and complex features for veterans. While Schwarzerblitz that’s inspiration of 90’s fighting games, Ultra Fight Da Kyanta 2 is inspired by Peak. But really, this game remind me of Dong Dong Never Dies for how it’s a well polish it is for a fighting game despite the amount of absurd visuals and story. I would explain what’s going on with premise, but it’s funnier not knowing in the slightest.

The game’s mechanic is quite odd, in which specials are a dedicated button instead of a set of input commands, but each special also has a strong variant that grant invincibility and other effect based on certain characters. This might sound broken to a standard fighter, but this is not ordinary fighting game. This is a fighting that has a large roster of characters that each have very own way of broken jank. From screen nukes, instant kills, trap setups, to spammable snipes. All in an infinite input buffer that allows you to do crazy shit such as storing throws. This is an exaggerated offensive game in which parry attacks are much more useful than blocking and hitting your opponent as quickly as possible gives you a large advantage. In addition to a big selection of playstyles that can either gain marginal buffs such as health, damage, speed, and some other forms of special recovering. This is a goofy fighting game that’s casual enough and available for newcomers while having complex techs and variety for Kinoko.

You will become Kinoko.


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