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Take Two now owns Gearbox

Last posted Apr 10, 2024 at 08:39PM EDT. Added Mar 29, 2024 at 01:55PM EDT
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Yet another Embracer owned company breaking away from them, though through being bought by another corporation. Take Two Interactive, the parent company of 2K Games, the publisher of the Borderlands series, now owns Gearbox outright. I feel it's safe to assume a likely reason for Take Two specifically buying them is so now they can keep a tight grip on the studio that makes another one of their big money makers (Borderlands may not sell GTA numbers, but it's still a pretty big franchise). In a bit of an ironic twist this does mean Take Two now also owns Duke Nukem again after helping fund and publish the infamous Duke Nukem Forever.

I'd genuinely be impressed if they tried to make a Modern Duke Nukem game. I'd at least want it to be as good as [for example] either of the two newer Doom games, but I have virtually no faith that could happen.

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It's annoying that despite the fact there was a period of time where 3D Realms had access to the IP again when Saber was still under Embracer, a new Duke game under the modern 3D Realms never occurred. Now 3D Realms and Duke Nukem are separated once again since Saber Interactive, who own 3D Realms now, has gone fully independent and they took all the studios under their umbrella with them.

If you really want a "modern Duke Nukem" game then please play Ion Fury and its Aftershock expansion. I'm also hoping Phantom Fury actually turns out well, that game looks like it's trying to be what DNF was supposed to be during the period of time when it was being made on Unreal Engine 1 (main reason why I'm being cautious with Phantom Fury is because it's NOT being developed by the same team that did Ion Fury, but rather it's being made by the studio that did Rise of the Triad 2013 and Graven, and they have a shaky reputation).

Oh yeah, i think i saw a Civvie11 video mentioning that studio, Slipgate Ironworks right? Their games were supposedly very sloppy and half-cooked, so he was very pessimistic about Phantom Fury. Also, fuck Embracer for buying an then destroying a lot of fine developing teams to cut costs, because Daddy Saudi decided not to foot the bill. Apparently one of the gutted studios was on their way to begin development of a new Deus Ex game and knowing that it got killed before even getting a chance to exist made me furious.

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