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Looking for a video reupload of "Super Mario 64 Big Star Secret"

Last posted Jun 19, 2021 at 04:23AM EDT. Added Jun 18, 2021 at 09:34AM EDT
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EDIT: Forgot to mention this was on

Does anyone happen to have a reupload of this video? Me and these other peeps have been desperately looking for it but haven't been able to find one. The video was called "super mario 64 big star secret", and it was uploaded in 2007 and was deleted in 2012. The video had a blue mario with black overalls, and supposedly the video was about the star statue in the courtyard, and at the end of the video, a text prompt would tell you to push a on a wall, and it cut to the infamous car commercial jumpscare.

We were able to find the thumbnail but nothing much else, it did have around 700k views when it was deleted. Here's the thumbnail:

We got into contact with the creator of the video "Lotusman17", but he said he lost the video.

I can provide some more details that we found if you guys want.

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