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r/Cringtopia is imploding onto itself as we speak

Last posted May 30, 2022 at 01:49AM EDT. Added Apr 22, 2022 at 10:54AM EDT
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So two days ago a 1.8m users large subreddit dedicated to cringe went into red alert as Reddit Admins apparently decided to overthrow mods by banning them, including creator of the sub. To retaliate a new site was made and every post and comment written on the subreddit will now have a AutoModerator report attached with link to it. As it happens, users didn't like the change and botspam, so they began lashing out. As a result commenting have been disabled. Right now people are calling for removal of moderator Elneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee who aside from banning a lot of protesting users is also incredibly stereotypical Reddit mod

I just went on there, and holy cow has it gone to hell. The entirety of the posts on there are just ragging on elneee, who is personally replying to a ton of them and getting downvoted to oblivion. Their total comment karma has gone straight from what the above image says to the minimum cap of -100.
Every post and comment is replied to by automod trying to weasel them onto their website, which seems to be trying to be an even worse version of reddit. They somehow filtered out anything redeemable about the main sub and concentrated all of the cringe into a total cesspool.

Okay so while Elne got tossed out (I think), rest of the remaining mods have turned the sub into furry propaganda first and then yesterday into ramadan sub by restricting commenting and titling rights. It's part time trolling, part time quarantining as explained in the stickied commnent

As it turns out people overreacted to the both (though mods didn't do their best either)

In the end the Reddit admins remain the main villain of this story


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