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Social Media Editor

We are looking for a seasoned culture writer to join the meme research team as a full-time Social Media Editor in June 2019!

The Role

As a staff editor of Know Your Meme, you will work alongside a team of professional researchers to spot and track internet trends of all shapes and forms on a hourly basis. As the social editor and curator for Know Your Meme, you will be responsible for developing and managing a content program that is strategically tailored for our growing audiences on off-site platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.


The ideal candidate should have at least two years of distinguished work experience in content production or social media management for an online publication, with impeccable composition skills, up-to-date fluency in webspeak and an in-depth understanding of memes and social media ecosystem, both as a cultural and an industry phenomenon.

Good to Haves

How to Apply

If you're a qualifying candidate interested in this position, please submit your application via Indeed or email at Be sure to include the title of the position, followed by your name, in the subject line of e-mail (Ex: Social Media Editor - Jane Doe).

Application Checklist

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