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4 Hour Life / 4HL

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4 Hour Life, often abbreviated as 4HL, is a neologism referring to the amount of personal time someone has left in a 24-hour period after working for eight hours, sleeping for eight hours, commuting, and spending time with family. The term was popularized by technology lawyer and Twitter personality Paul Skallas and is commonly associated with Lindy.


On November 27th, 2018, Twitter user @PaulSkallas posted the earliest known tweet to use the phrase "4 Hour Life." The tweet[2] gathered over 40 likes in over four years (seen below, left). In the following months, Skallas continued to discuss the "4 Hour Life," sometimes abbreviated to "4HL." Skallas also opines on the differences between the "12-hour class" (as in hierarchical social class) and the "4 hour class," where things such as politics, philosophy, climate change, and pop culture are best relegated to those with 12 whole hours of freedom. This includes politicians, business owners, academics, and the wealthy. A December 18th tweet[3] by Skallas discusses the same (seen below, right).

LindyMan @PaulSkallas You work a job 8 hours sleep 8 hours work 4 hours exercise/meals/family/friends You got 4 hours left What're you gonna do in that 4 hour life bro? 8:18 PM . Nov 27, 2018 4 Retweets 7 Quote Tweets 44 Likes ... LindyMan @PaulSkallas Class isn't tied to money, ownership or profit. It's tied to time. How much time you have is all that matters. That's why academics, journalists, advertisers, politicians, shop ownrs and CEOs are in the same 12 hour class. 12 hour class experiments on the 4 hour class. 11:49 AM Dec 18, 2018 . : ...

On February 29th, 2020, Paul Skallas published a post titled "4 Hour Life Glossary" to his Medium[1] blog, discussing the psychological differences between "4Hlers" and those living 12 Hour Lives.


Friday in the 4HL

On February 7th, 2020, Skallas posted the earliest known tweet[4] to reference a phrase now popularly attributed to him; "Friday in the HL, you can really feel the pull of the weekend." The tweet gathered over 20 likes in over two years (seen below, left). On April 2nd, 2021, Skallas posted a Wojack he often associates with the 4HLer, and a simple graphic to illustrate the "pull" from the weekend. The tweet[5] gathered over 100 likes (seen below, right).

LindyMan @PaulSkallas Friday in the 4HL. A special day. Workers feel the pull of the weekend on their physical and mental state. Congrats you've reached the end of the finish line once again. 7:54 AM. Feb 7, 2020 : 4 Retweets 29 Likes LindyMan @PaulSkallas Friday in the 4HL. You can really feel the pull of the weekend G 8:46 AM. Apr 2, 2021 5 Retweets 2 Quote Tweets 211 Likes :

The phrase "Friday in the 4HL and you can really feel the pull of the weekend" is also often used as a joke copypasta template on Twitter paired with various images and photographs. Twitter user @ElectionLegal often posts the phrase accompanied by photographs of Red Scare cohost Dasha Nekrasova.

On October 28th, 2022, @ElectionLegal tweeted[6] the earliest known tweet from him containing a photo of Dasha alongside the copypasta, gathering over 400 likes in three months (seen below, left). On January 20th, 2023, Dasha tweeted[7] a photo of Pericles with the same caption, gathering over 600 likes in nearly two week (seen below, right).

Pericles 'Perry' Abbasi @ElectionLegal Friday in the 4HL, you can really feel the pull of the weekend dash_cam 3h 1:50 PM - Oct 28, 2022 ARE ⠀ dasha @dash_eats Friday in the 4HL....you can really feel the pull of the weekend TION CAUTION CAUTI 9:19 AM • Jan 20, 2023 83.8K Views . adidas ...

Twitter account @coldhealing, who often posts screenshots or videos from Day In The Life / Adult Daycare style TikToks, also often uses the phrase "Friday in the 4HL." On December 2nd, 2022, @coldhealing posted one such tweet[8] gathering over 800 likes in two months (seen below, left). On January 24th, 2023, @coldhealing tweeted[9] a TikTok screenshot alongside a caption that read, "so true queen enjoy your post-4HL lindywalk," gathering over 2,000 likes in a week (seen below, right). Lindywalk is in reference to Skallas's theory on "walking" being "Lindy."

cold ✔ ✔ @coldhealing friday in the 4HL Convinced that Fridays at corporate companies are some sort of simulation. Only a third of the office actually comes in, and the ones that do peace out at lunch time. Teams go for happy hour cocktails at 1pm and don't return till Monday morning. Half of TikTok @postgraddiaries the office chitchat is either gossip or weekend plans. Everyone collec- tively decides that it's okay to check out and finish your work from the comfort of your own home. God bless the pandemic for giving Corporate America new standards. 9:27 AM . Dec 2, 2022 : cold @coldhealing so true queen enjoy your post-4HL lindywalk literally nothing feels better than making the switch from hospitality to a cheeky little office job. Waking up at 7:30am and walking to work with my takeaway iced latte! Sitting at a cute lil desk all day filing documents and taking calls. Walking home in time for dinner, not smelly or sweaty or exhausted and my legs don't even hurt. War is over. Life is good. 7:05 PM - Jan 24, 2023 239K Views Tik Tok @snotgal

Various Examples

Samuel @llsamueljames friday commutes in the 4HL MAN QUMP AUTO PEGAWCA MO,06 1 VIR 12:27 PM - Sep 30, 2022 SMIT <-200 ... LindyMan @PaulSkallas Friday in the 4HL. You can really feel the pull of the weekend Wiz 9:10 AM - Aug 26, 2022 LindyMan @PaulSkallas Friday in the 4HL 8:56 AM Jul 22, 2022 Monday Biscuit @not_dog__ Friday in the 4HL 10:42 AM • Jan 27, 2023 4,513 Views LindyMan @PaulSkallas Friday in the 4HL 000 MIE ...F.F.... 952 1000 1201000 100/150 9:08 AM Jan 20, 2023 37K Views 000 the Friday in the 4HL. You can really feel the pull of the weekend LindyMan @PaulSkallas Dramas fak THERESSEED H La V = Family Madone 12:50 PM. Apr 29, 2022 Lante เท ... DUKE 47

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