5/19/13 expect us

5/19/13 expect us

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Added Nov 13, 2010 at 03:28AM EST by AnonymousOA.

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"5-19-13 Expect Us" Is a phrase mimicking the idea of an apocalypse on 2012. No confirmed details have surfaced as to what the date signifies other than a supposed 4chan revolution. The purpose of Operation Apocalypse (Where the phrase "5/19/13 expect us" came from) is to create widespread panic and/or speculation about what the date means for the amusement of those involved. It was also stated that /b/ is doing this as an attempt to show its power of information dissemination. The date itself is completely random and most likely nothing will happen (similar to Y2k Etc.) The phrase "Expect us" was chosen because of its vagueness and the way reader's imagination will interpret it to mean different things. The apparent leader (or leaders) of OA calls himself/themselves /b/rain and made it imperative that through the spreading of the message, you should seek to avoid permanent property damage.

The rules for OA are as follows, but in the OP it was stated that rules can be bent.

1. Don't talk about OA
2. Don't link OA to /b/ or 4chan
3. Don't explain the meaning of the message to civilians
4. Ideally don't get caught writing the message
5. stop all activity on New Years 2013 and sit back and observe.


This meme was created by the members of 4chan, specifically /b/. The date of creation is questionable, but it seems to be around may of 2010.


This meme supposedly came from 4chan, and is now being propagated by the site http://5-19-13.org

Also, because of the nature of this meme, it is spreading itself through writing on coins, bathroom stalls, toilet paper, etc.

A document discovered on 4chan revealed that they only post the message on the 31st of each month. They write the message on money, coins, the internet, and pretty much everywhere they can. People are starting to see it everywhere.

The Website

The meme is being spread by this website: 5-19-13
The website includes some cryptic information regarding the date, and is updated frequently with messages that are seemingly meaningless.

The Signal

Adding to the confusion, a supposed signal that will start the chaos on 5-19-13 was recently added to the website.
The link to the signal is: Iced Tea And Lemonade
The signal is referred to as "La Senal" on the website, which is spanish for "The Signal"

Their Leader

The name Rashad is frequently mentioned on the website, and most message postings are categorized in "The Book Of Rashad" Many of the posts also mention the "Rise Of Rashad" and "Rashad" as their teacher.

/b/ Threat To KnowYourMeme.Com

Yesterday, multiple emails from supposed members of /b/ threatened to "attack" this website. For example, one /b/rother wrote:

: If this page is not taken down within the next week, this website will be taken down. Seriously, don't fuck with /b. If you don't take this down, we will, and we'll take your site with it. You have until October 3rd. Considered yourself warned, Anon.

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