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Asking for a Friend

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"Asking for a Friend" is an expression often used as a sarcastic quip when asking embarrassing or awkward questions, indicating that the subject is so shameful it must be asked under the guise of a helpful friend.


While the origin of the quip is unknown. On May 14th, 1996, user Andy the Pugh jokingly claimed to be "asking for a friend" when asking about how to straighten fork legs on a motorcycle (shown below).[5]

A.C... (Andy the Pugh) said: >Or use a video cassette. Youve taped yourself straightening fork legs???? And how would someone go about get one of the fork lowers/stancions<sp on a CBR1000F straightened???? I'm, ahem, asking for a friend Ged I The reason why we have two ears and | DoD #5088] only one mouth is that we may listen I LHFC #1 MAG #909831 the more and talk the less UKMC #9 | Zeno of Citium, c. 300B.C. I SOFC #?


On March 1st, 2001, AnandTech Forums[6] member Spoooon submitted a thread titled "Will photo places develop 'dirty pictures?", in which he jokingly claimed to be "asking for a friend" (shown below).

WIll photo places develop "dirty" pictures? Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Spoooon, Mar 1, 2001 Page 1 of 3 2 3 Next> Um, I'm asking for a friend. Yeah, that's it. Spoooon Lifer Joined: Mar 3, 2000 Messages Likes Received: 11,334 4 Spoooon, Mar 1, 2001

In 2010, a Yahoo Answers question asking "Does a cat know when you're masturbating? I'm asking for a friend?" was submitted to the site. In December 2012, the Asking For A Friend Tumblr[8] blog was launched, featuring image macros captioned with embarrassing questions and the phrase "asking for a friend" (shown below).

Does it feel good Can dogs fall in love Will a criminal record ruin your |chances of being a mall Santa? WHEN DOTHE NICKELBACK to Stab someone ? I with their owners? TICKETS GOON SALE? ASKING FORA FRIEND Asking for a friend Asking for a friend Asking for afriend. Can you be attracted How many days until a Can you get sickfrom kissing Are there any good photos to your adopted sister? dead body starts to stink?drelative on the lips dead body starts to stink? of Santa with no Shirt on? Asking for a friend Asking for a friend Asking for a friend. Asking for a friend.

In November 2013, the Asking For a Friend Twitter feed was launched, featuring various bizarre questions followed by the statement "asking for a friend."[3]

TWEETS FOLLO WING FOLLOWERS 24.8K 200 な 뇨 Follow 2 Tweets Tweets & replies Media Asking For A Friend @AskingFriend I'm just asking for a friend. Real tweets from real people. Curated by a robot and anonymized Asking For A Friend @AskingFriend 18m is it frowned upon to drop outta college? asking for a friend IS 酋Joined November 2013 LR Asking For A Friend @AskingFriend 1h "I can offer no excuse other than being very busty." How do you recall email again? Asking for a friend. Tweet to Asking For A Friend O 489 Photos and videos TARE PSYCHOLOGY CLASS ABOUT NENTAL ILLNESS 27 GOD I HAVE ALL OF TH

On April 2nd, 2014, Mashable[4] published a listicle titled "31 People Who Are NOT Asking For a Friend."

On August 12th, StackExchange[2] user ellyahu-g submitted a question asking if there was a term for the practice of saying you are "asking for a friend" when asking a question for yourself. On September 16th, the internet humor site Elite Daily[9] published a listicle of "46 questions you would never ask for yourself."

On November 3rd, 2015, Urban Dictionary[1] user Ash1355 submitted an entry for "asking for a friend," defining it as a phrase used by someone who claims "to be asking for a friend, when they are in fact asking for themselves."

asking for a friend Someone uses this phrase while asking a question. They claim to be asking for a friend, when they are in fact asking for themselves. Is real? Asking for a friend by Ash1355 November 03, 20195

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