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Note: Because this started with the finnish spurdo sparde meme, I have a feeling that we might be able to find out more if we had some finnish memers who use the finnish web a lot to work on this.


Benis is a term, originating from the misspelling of the word "penis". Online, the phrase has become associated with Spurdo Sparde due to it being commonly used in Spurdo-related comics, as well as being used to refer to male genitals.


The first (unintentional) portrayal of this term comes from the Iranian village called "Benis"[1].
In 2004, a definition[2] for the term was submitted to Urban Dictionary.

Benis is to refer to ones entire package. Balls & Penis.


Due to the intentional misspellings in most Spurdo Sparde comics, the term began to be used frequently in examples of Spurdo Sparde. The phrase has been used on multiple 4chan boards as a form of shitposting[5][6], as well as having many examples of the phrase being used in Spurdo comics on Google Images[3], as well as having several videos using the term on Youtube[4].

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