Bonus Ducks

Bonus Ducks

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"Bonus Ducks" is a memorable quote voiced by the non-playable character Merasmus in a holiday minigame for the first person shooter Team Fortress 2 (TF2).


On October 29th, 2014, the "Scream Fortress 2014" update was released for Team Fortress 2, which included the "Carnival of Carnage" map featuring a fictional wizard character named Merasmus. After each round was completed, a "Looting Gallery" minigame would sometimes launch, where players would compete to collect rubber ducks while driving bumper cars along a racetrack. When crashing against an enemy player, Merasmus would yell the phrase "bonus ducks!" while populating the track with additional golden ducks. Initially, the recording did not have a cooldown and would repeat whenever cars collided.


On November 1st, 2014, YouTuber Uncle Dane uploaded a video titled "Bonus Ducks Hitsound", featuring Team Fortress 2 footage in which the "bonus ducks" recording is played whenever a player is hit with an enemy weapon, along with a download link to the game mod in the description (shown below, left). On November 8, 2014, YouTuber Purple doom uploaded a video titled "CS:GO BONUS DUCKS!", in which the audio clip is mashup up with audio from Counter Strike: Global Offensive. (shown below, right). On the Team Fortress 2 subreddit /r/tf2, the upvote arrow was replaced by a duck, and duck flairs were added in November, 2014.[7]

End of the Line Update

On December 8, 2014, the End of the Line update was released, which featured the Duck Journal event, spawning collectible ducks whenever a player is killed.[4] Upon gathering the ducks, a player received experience points but could only view their level by purchasing a Duck Journal from the game shop. The event was poorly received by the fans, who viewed the update as a "pay to win" scheme.[8][9]

4 NEW ITEMS ACQUIRED! YOU EARNED ITEM #4 SELF-MADE DUCK JOURNAL Level 50 Jcurnal Style Nene Effect: Ccmmunity Sparkle Duck XP Level:0 Duck Pewer :05 Duckstreaks Active I made the Equip in the Acticnct te increate duck draps Use Duck Tckens te increase pewer level Higher levels give nreased cluck dr cps Nct Tradable cr Usable n Craftng PREV INUEVO! LO MÁS VENDIDO NUEVO NUEVO! NUEVO 0 1 1 2 3 1.99 1,59 3.99 NUEVO NUEVO 0 0 4 1.99 1.59e

On December 12th, YouTuber MrBreadedchicken uploaded a video titled "", in which he parodies the event by changing his name and avatar to Merasmus (shown below, left). On December 14th, YouTuber Dapper Dog uploaded an animated video title "BONUS DUCKS!", featuring a music remix featuring the "bonus ducks" clip (shown below, right). Within two years, the video gathered more than 400,000 views.

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