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Booty Incoming

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Booty Incoming, also known as Mt. Lady Crushing Fat Gum, is a scene from the manga and anime My Hero Academia where the giantess superhero Mt. Lady gets blown back by an attack and nearly crushes Fat Gum, who exclaims, "booty incoming!" as she comes at him butt-first flying through the air. The scene originates from Chapter 271 of the manga, released in May 2020, and became the subject of memes in the following years. In October 2022, the scene then appeared in the anime, causing a resurgence in memes and posts referencing it.



On May 17th, 2020, chapter 271 of My Hero Academia was published. On page 14 of the chapter, the character Geten creates a wall of ice that blows Mt. Lady, a giantess superhero, backward toward Fat Gum. She comes at Fat Gum butt-first, resulting in him yelling what is translated by the Viz[1] version of the manga, "Booty incoming!" Some translations have him yelling, "Buns comin' in hot!"[2]


On October 29th, 2022, season six episode five of My Hero Academia aired in Japan, including the "booty incoming" scene. It was uploaded to YouTube that day, garnering over 12,000 views in a week (shown below).


The scene page became well known by My Hero Academia fans online in the days and months following its release. On May 19th, 2020, Twitter[3] user @aestheticc_meme tweeted, "My Hero Academia, Chapter 271, Page 14," garnering over 180 likes in two years. Around that date, Hexamendle[4] published a colorized version of the chapter including a colorized version of the page (shown below).


On May 22nd, a Redditor posted a meme to /r/Xenoblade_Chronicles[5] using the panel, garnering over 190 upvotes in two years. On June 6th, a Redditor posted a meme to /r/ Animemes[6] where it looks like SpongeBob is about to get crushed by Mt. Lady, garnering over 350 upvotes in a similar span of time (shown below, left). On June 1st, 2021, a Redditor posted a similar meme to /r/blursedimages,[7] garnering over 26,000 upvotes in a year (shown below, right).


On October 29th, 2022, following the scene's adaptation from manga to anime, the meme saw an increase in popularity. People also started using the clip in memes. That day, a Redditor posted a meme to /r/goodanimemes[8] using the scene, garnering over 1,500 upvotes in a week (shown below).

On the same day, Twitter[9] user @MightyGazelle1 tweeted, "This may be in contention for the greatest still frame in all MHA anime 🍑," along with a screenshot from the scene, garnering over 13,000 likes in a week (shown below). On November 3rd, CBR[10] published an article about the meme.

MightyGazelle @MightyGazelle1 : This may be in contention for the greatest still frame in all MHA anime?

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Xenoblade Definitive Edition My free time 18 Leviathan @SlimyLeviathan Tag a OC who be like this XD 18 Ohhh...! A bottom! : BOOTY INCOMING!

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