Matt from Wii Sports appearing as a final boss in a boss battle.

Boss Fight

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The term Boss Fight or Boss Battle refers to a common meme trope where a character or object is compared to the final boss in a video game, implying that it would be nearly impossible to beat the boss in a hypothetical conflict. It has been used to suggest a fight between the viewer of the meme and the subject of a cursed image, as well as a battle between two or more things within an image itself. A fight with a "final boss" is often perceived as unbeatable in the meme trope.


While "boss fight" as a term has been used in gaming communities for decades, it did not become a prevalent phrase online until the early 2000s. On April 10th, 2004, "boss fight" was added to Urban Dictionary[1] by user Brian Johnson. The definition (seen below) received 135 likes in roughly 17 years, becoming the top definition for the term on the site.

At the end of a level in a video game you typically fight a much larger enemy with much more health, called a boss. Typically these bosses are defeated by figuring out their pattern of attack.

In memes, the term's exact first use is unknown, but it likely coincided with the rise of its use in the mid-2000s elsewhere online. While the exact date of this meme’s origin is unknown due to the original site going defunct, this reupload from October 6th, 2009, on Flickr is an early example of a Demotivational Poster meme implying a boss battle (seen below). In it, a spider invading someone’s home is compared to a final boss with a mana bar. This particular meme circulated the internet for over a decade after this reupload. BOSS SPIDER F--- that! That one has a Mana bar!


The meme trope began to take off in the early 2010s. For example, this early boss fight meme (seen below) from Memedroid[2] user bex-ter was uploaded on May 22nd, 2012, where it received 532 votes in nine years.

One does not simply remember to save before boss battle Memedroid

The trope continued to increase in popularity throughout the next decade. One of the most prominent examples is this /r/memes post (seen below) from August 17th, 2020, by Redditor u/SkullGamingTR.[3] It received over 45,800 upvotes and 212 comments in six months.

Everyone: 2020 can't get any worse! God in September 2020: MALT FROM WII SPORTC

/r/Bossfight Subreddit

Reddit’s /r/Bossfight was created on August 3rd, 2017. It has over 1 million members as of August 2021 and posts images of potential rivals that could be perceived as the final boss of a video game. The top post of all time is an image (seen below) entitled "The Beatle, Lord of All Music." It was uploaded on November 21st, 2020, by u/A_TREE57[4] and received over 80,100 upvotes in six months.

Mary Advance SP @MarylnTheStars I used face app to merge all the beatles together and it created this behold the beatle.

Various Examples

THE FIRST 8 YEAR BOSS FIGHT OLD ME IN A GAME When the top 2 students of the class end up having different answers u/drmanhattannn UF 1 THE 249 Real life boss battle! - Maegantron when you finally beat the boss battle after the 300th time boss:*kills me for the 20th time & takes me back to the unskippable cutscene before the battle* boss: You're finally here me: UrFiNaLIY hEeR 6 Boss Encountered!! The Construction Trio Air STOP

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