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Cereal or Milk First Debate

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Added 6 years ago by Don • Updated 9 months ago by andcallmeshirley

Cereal or Milk First Debate
Cereal or Milk First Debate

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Type: Viral Debate
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Cereal or Milk First Debate the longstanding argument surrounding which order cereal and milk should be poured into a bowl prior to consumption.


The earliest known reference to the debate was featured in Season 3 Episode 4 of How I Met Your Mother, originally aired on October 15th, 2007, during which the child Doug argues with the character Robin over whether milk should be poured into a bowl first.[5]


On January 20th, 2011, YouTuber anthony hagans uploaded a video titled "Pouring milk first is wrong!", arguing in favor of pouring the cereal in first (shown below).

On August 5th, 2015, Urban Dictionary[4] user Swaggy Boy submitted an entry for "Pouring the milk first," which argued that "people who pour the milk first should not be trusted" (shown below).

Urban Dictionary definition exclaiming that if you pour the milk in first, you can not be trusted

On February 18th, 2016, the pop culture blog MadameNoire[1] published an article titled "Are There Really People Out Here Pouring The Milk Before The Cereal?" On August 21st, YouTuber giancarloparimango11 uploaded a video titled "Pouring Milk Before Cereal In Shofu's House (GONE WRONG)," in which a man pours milk into a cereal bowl first (shown below). Within 14 months, the video gained over 65,000 views and 730 comments.

On September 16th, 2017, Redditor Arctic_Milk submitted a post titled "Why haven't all humans evolved so that they pour cereal into the bowl before pouring in the milk?" to /r/shittyaskscience.[2] On October 18th, the blog Crave[3] published an article highlighting notable image macros and tweets about the debate (shown below).

Meme image macro saying that it is disgusting to pour the milk in first before the cereal image macro meme saying that he had a friend in 3rd grade who poured the milk first, and now he is in jail, trust your instincts people Funny meme explaining that milk first, then cereal, then bowl, which obviously made a huge mess and implies milk never goes first

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