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"Clovergender" is a fake gender identity term for pedophiles who supposedly identify as children. The term was coined by members of 4chan as part of an internet hoax campaign to discredit sexual minorities and LGBTQ activists.


On December 31st, 2016, several threads announcing the creation of a "new gender to troll social justice warriors" surfaced on 4chan, urging participants to create "propaganda images" and sock puppet accounts to spread a hoax that pedophiles were identifying as "clovergender" to legitimize themselves

41 " .d 27%. 7:02 PM Anonymous 12/31/16(Sat)18:30:29 No.717240712 Reply] 2271224433Z We're creating a new gender to troll SJWs with. Clovergender: a child trapped in a man's body who is attracted to other children. Pronouns: Cl Clir/ Climself We will be trolling on tumblr and facebook Needed: propaganda images, accounts


On December 31st, 2016, the Clovergender Facebook[1] page was launched and the @Clovergender[6] Twitter feed was created. Over the next several days, several clovergender-themed Tumblr blogs were created, including proud2exist,[2] clovergendersafespace,[3] clovergendered[4] and clovergenderandproud.[5] On January 1st, a post titled Clovergender was submitted to the /r/drunkenpeasants[7] subreddit. On January 4th, 2016, Martin Shkreli tweeted "plrease spread clovergender awareness (shown below, left).[11] The same day, Twitter user Lauren Southern tweeted a screenshot of a Tumblr post about clovergender, which gathered upwards of 4,900 likes and 2,600 retweets (shown below, right).

Martin Shkrelie @MartinShkreli Following Please spread clovergender awareness. This Tweet is unavailable RETWEETS LIKES 134 304 9:14 AM-4 Jan 2017 わ47 134 304 Lauren Southern @Lauren Southern Follow "Excuse me officer I'm actually clovergender. Have fun in jail bigot for trying to seperate me and my 10 year old girlfriend."

Also on January 4th, a page titled "Clovergender" was created on Encyclopedia Dramatica,[8] described it as a "troll" created on 4chan. On January 6th, Snopes[9] published an article about the hoax campaign titled "Cloverfailed."

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