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#DumpStarWars is a hashtag spread on Twitter that calls for a boycott of the upcoming film Star Wars: Rogue One after a rumor spread that scenes in the film had been altered to promote an anti-Trump agenda.


Anti-Star Wars sentiments had been spreading since Rogue One screenwriter Chris Weitz tweeted a few days after the 2016 United States Presidential Election that Star Wars was against hate and pointed out that the villainous Empire is a white supremacist organization.[1] This angered white supremacists, who had threatened to boycott the film.[2] The rumors of the boycott and the hashtag "#DumpStarWars" began to spread when Trump supporter Jack Posobiec[3] tweeted the hashtag along with an unsubstantiated claim that Star Wars writers had rewritten and reshot the film to include scenes that called Trump a racist.

Jack Posobiec @JackPosobiec * Follow Star Wars writers rewrote and reshot Rogue One to add in Anti Trump scenes calling him a racist Disgusting #DumpStarWars


Weitz was quick to call the notion that the film was rewritten to include anti-Trump scenes "completely fake,"[4] but the hashtag had already started to spread. One notable sincere response came from author Mark Dice, who claimed The Force Awakens and Rogue One were propaganda films and that Mark Hamill had claimed Luke Skywalker was gay. The tweet, shown below, gained 745 retweets and 1,745 favorites.

Mark Dice MarkDice Follow Two Feminist propaganda Star Wars movies ina row, and Mark Hamill says Luke Skywalker may be gay. Time to #DumpStarWars RETWEETS LIKES WOMEN TRUMP 745 1,745 12:51 AM-9 Dec 2016

However, the majority of posts including the hashtag were made to mock it.[5] Many users pointed out how Star Wars had always been about rebelling against white supremacy and fascism and that the boycotting the film for those ideals was oblivious and racist.[6] The AV Club,[7] Mashable,[8] and The Daily Beast[9] covered the spread of the hashtag.


Rogue One made $155 million in North America and $135 million internationally on its opening weekend, making it the fourth-biggest opening weekend on record, behind Avatar, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.[10] Despite this, some still called #DumpStarWars a success, most notably alt-right mouthpiece and Shit Account Tournament finalist Mike Cernovich, who claimed that the movement was still a success in a tweet shown below.

Mike Cernovich Follow Cernovich #DumpStarWars worked! Rogue One not a huge hit, lost money compared to last Star Wars Great! weekend is fourth-best for December Trails Avatar, Lord of the Rings and, uh, last year's Star Wars flick By Owen S. Good on December 18, 2016 7:17 pm

Gizmodo[11] and The Daily Dot[12] covered the reaction from the #DumpStarWars supporters who claimed the boycott worked despite the film having made $290 million dollars on its opening weekend.

Various Examples

David Slack @slack2thefuture Follow If Star Wars - an obvious allegory about Nazism feels like an attack on your candidate, the problem isn't with Star Wars #DumpStarWars Cody Johnston Odrmistercody Follow These #DumpStarWars folks are gonna be disappointed when they find out virtually every movie they love was written by people who hate Trump. Earl Hoffert @Earl_Hoffert Follow The #DumpStarWars crowd probably shouldn't watch The Sound of Music. (Spoiler: The bad guys aren't the singing family. Or the nun.) Mike Cernovich @Cernovich Follow Right wingers work hard and then gicd their money to people who hate them. This must change. #DumpStarWars for calling you Nazis. (((OhNoSheTwitnt)) @OhNoSheTwitnt Follow Love that it took racist idiots nearly 4 decades and a KKK-endorsed POTUS to figure out what Star Wars is about. #DumpStarWars Matt Christman @cushbomb Following Disgusted that the makers of Rogue One added a scene where they land the Millennium Falcon on a Comet Pizza. #DumpStarWars

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"…pointed out that the villainous Empire is a white supremacist organization. This angered white supremacists, who had threatened to boycott the film."

I don't know which is funnier – white supremacists find being compared to the Empire offensive or this being explicitly a white supremacy boycott movement.


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