Mike Cernovich

Mike Cernovich

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Mike Cernovich is an American blogger and conspiracy theorist who is frequently associated with the alt-right, though he has denied allegiance to the group and prefers "new right" and "American nationalist." He is known for strong anti-feminism and anti-immigration views. He has been at the forefront of movements such as Gamergate and Pizzagate, as well as contributing to anti-Hillary Clinton conspiracies.


Mike Cernovich was born in Orange Country, California on November 17th, 1977.[1] He began his career by starting the blog Crime and Federalism, and later by promoting male-empowerment in the blog Danger and Play. There, he wrote pieces which he would later delete in the wake of the #MeToo movement, including a piece titled "When in Doubt, Whip it Out"[2] in which he advocated masturbating in front of girls who did not want to have sex. He came into further fame when he began advocating on behalf of GamerGaters.[3] In 2015, he self-published a self-help book called Gorilla Mindset in which he advocated women submit to dominant alpha males and controversially called date rape "a work of liberal fiction."

During the 2016 United States Presidential Election, he spread the false rumor that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was sick with Parkinson's disease. While not necessarily a supporter of Donald Trump's policies, he supports Trump for what he sees as Trump's alpha male persona. Cernovich supported the Pizzagate investigation in his blog and believed that nearly all Hollywood actors engage in pedophilia.

NAMBLA Protest Sign

NAMBLA Protest Sign refers to a sign at a protest of a talk by Cernovich at New York City's Columbia University that claims "No Pedo Bashing." Some have speculated the sign was planted by the alt-right in order to make the protesters appear to have sympathies for pedophiles, though Cernovich and noted Infowars writer Paul Joseph Watson have claimed that the reports of a plant are "fake news".

Sam Seder Smear Campaign

Sam Seder MSNBC Termination Controversy refers to the firing of MSNBC contributor Sam Seder over a tweet he made in satire of long-standing Roman Polanski sexual assault allegations in 2009. MSNBC faced criticism after the tweet was interpreted by Cernovich as a rape joke, claiming it was a media double standard that Seder was allowed to contribute to MSNBC with these views. MSNBC soon cut ties with Seder but rehired him after backlash from people who saw MSNBC as misreading the tweet in bad faith. In 2009, Sam Seder tweeted "Don't care re: Polanski, but i hope if my daughter is raped it is by an older truly talented man with a spectacular sense of mise-en-scene" (shown below).

Home Moments Search Twitler Sam Seder @SamSeder Follow Dont olanski, but i hope if my daughter is ever r---- it is by an older truly talented man w/ a great sense of mise en scene 5:39 PM-29 Sep 2009 2 Likes ORITY.FM t2 0 Sam Seder @SamSeder 2017 Twitter About Help Center Terms Privacy policy Cookies Ads info Host. Majority FM daily & Ringoffireradio.com weekly. MSNBC contributor. Movies at pilotseasondvds.com

On November 28th, 2017, Cernovich took to Medium to write about the tweet, claiming it was "far worse than even my most satirical or sarcastic tweet. And the media won’t say anything, because Sam Seder is one of them."

Rebrand to Philosophy

On April 16th, 2018, Cernovich streamed himself on Periscope and promised his followers his focus would be "less politics, more philosophy" going forward.[9] During the stream, he claimed the shift was due to a discontentment caused by a "shift in energy" that he and "other high consciousness people" have felt (shown below).

During the stream, Cernovich also pitched a "blockchain" social theory:

“We’re moving from a centralized understanding of the world to a decentralized understanding of the world. The blockchain is a distributed network that solves all the problems that we have of finance but more broadly it’s like a philosophy it’s a way of life… We’re going toward a decentralized consciousness, do you understand? That’s what blockchain is.”

The stream came after several weeks of Cernovich tweeting about what he sees as the cosmic shift in energy as well as his drug experiences (examples shown below). Buzzfeed News Director Ryan Broderick compiled some of these tweets, saying "Cernovich slowly rebranding himself as a psychonaut is my favorite plot developments of 2018."[10] Cernovich's rebrand was also covered by The AV Club.[11]

Mike Cernovich @Cernovich Following Several high consciousness people l've spoken to independently told me about feeling a shift in energy. Something is going on. It happened 2-3 weeks ago. Not talking politics or elections. It's much bigger. Energy shift. 1:41 AM -16 Apr 2018 302 Retweets 1,050 Likes @(@et ●0 墮. Mike Cernovich @Cernovich Following Yes, l've used Ayahuasca, 5-5-MeO- DMT, and microdosed LSD That and the fact that I served in military and listen to house music always surprises people 2:36 PM-31 Mar 2018 24 Retweets 162 Likes

Cernovich also began referring to modern reality as a "Simulation," and praised Kanye West for apparently "waking people up" to this truth.

Mike Cernovich @Cernovich Follow Kanye on the Simulation, told you, people are waking up, Energy is changing. KANYE WEST @kanyewest everyone will say he needs to learn how to act. At home parental acting classes are one of the first steps to us loosing who we really are to "the simulation". Parents are our first acting coaches. Mike Cernovich @Cernovich Follow Remember when Scott Adams said Kanye could be President if he wanted to run. Now Kanye is waking people up to the Simulation It's all here, it's happening Odds of a Kanye West Presidency: 90%-Dilbert Blog This morning I was catching up on some drawing while watching a rebroadcast of the VMAs (Video Music Awards). I was vaguely aware that Kanye West had given some sort of overlong, ramb... 크 blog.dilbert.com

Online Presence

Cernovich is most prominent on social media platforms Twitter, where he has over 389,000 followers,[4] and YouTube, where he regularly appears on the alt-right channel Open Mind.[5]

Cernovich was the runner-up in the annual Shit Account Tournament in 2016 and 2017, losing to Kurt Eichenwald and Laura Loomer.

Reddit AMA

On December 22nd, 2017, Cernovich held an AMA on Reddit. The AMA was considered by many media outlets to be a failure for Cernovich, as many of the questions posed to him were about how many hate him. A large amount of questions asked Cernovich how to escape a rape charge, as Cernovich had been charged with rape in 2003 but had the charges reduced to battery.[6][7] The thread was covered in /r/AMADisasters,[8] where it gained over 900 upvotes.

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Ryumaru Borike
Ryumaru Borike

"including a piece titled “When in Doubt, Whip it Out”[2] in which he advocated masturbating in front of girls who did not want to have sex… In 2015, he self-published a self-help book called Gorilla Mindset in which he advocated women submit to dominant alpha males and controversially called date rape “a work of liberal fiction.”"

Hoo boy.


"though he has denied allegiance to the group and prefers “new right” and “American nationalist.”"

I am sure Osama preferred to be called "Messenger of Allah" instead of "terrorist", too.


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