A My Hero Academia character pointing at a take-down notice for a website in Indonesia.

2022 Indonesia Internet Apocalypse

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2022 Indonesia Internet Apocalypse refers to a mass block of websites on the Internet in Indonesia that didn't register their URL domains to Indonesia's PSE (Indonesian: Penyelenggara Sistem Elektonik . Eng: Electronic System Operator). Since some big corporations such as Steam, Epic Games Store, and PayPal didn't register their domains, the government temporarily (and perhaps permanently) blocked all of them, severely impacting Indonesian gamers and freelancers who use these services to play games and earn money.


On November 16th, 2020, Indonesia's Kementrian Komunikasi dan Informatika (Acronym: KOMINFO or Kemkominfo. Eng: Ministry of Communication and Information Technology) put out a new Ministry Law titled Permenkominfo No.5/2020 about Penyelenggara Sistem Elektronik [1], and Permenkominfo No.5/2022 as a reference[2]. The law declares that "every website on the Internet that has been used as an e-commerce service, streaming service, or social media site and uses electronic payment should register to the PSE."

According to CNN Indonesia [3], the Ministry threatened Google , WhatsApp , and Instagram with a block, giving the corporations until July 21st, 2022 to register their URL domains, or else see their apps and websites become inaccessible in Indonesia.

The Indonesian government's reasoning behind the registration requirement is a new value-added tax on digital transactions, which would generate revenue for the government.[15] Another reason is the increased control that the registration law gives the government over what information appears on the Indonesian internet. Under the new rules, registered websites must provide data to law enforcement and remove content which the government determines might "disturb public order" or guide people in accessing "prohibited content."[16] For this reason, many human rights advocates are disturbed by the new law and how it might be received in a global climate that sees many countries increasingly seeking to regulate the internet.

Starting July 30th, 2022 on 12:00 AM local time, the Ministry blocked all websites that didn't register their URL domains to the PSE on time, including Steam , PayPal , and more. Facebook[4] page "Pratama Game Shop – PGS" uploaded the earliest post about not being able to access Steam . The post received 543 reactions and 804 shares (shown below).

☆ store.steampowered.com Koneksi Anda tidak pribadi Penyerang mungkin berusaha mencuri informasi Anda dari store.steampowered.com (misalnya, sandi, pesan, atau kartu kredit). Pelajari lebih lanjut NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID < Kembali agar aman E Lanjutan 02:27 1 G 0 Pratama Game Shop - PGS 23 jam - Sangkain gertakan doang, beneran di blockir dong. Steam, Epic, Origin. Uplay, Paypal, Battlenet dll gak bisa di akses 547 Suka 516 Komentar 805 Kali dibagikan Komentari Bagikan Paling relevan Fairuz Afdhal pake private dns masih bisa diakses Suka Balas 23 jam 38 Balasan Agung Prabowo Yang bikin susah hidup orang semoga dapet balesan yang lebih susah. Abi Hamzah Ramadhan Amin Suka Balas 22 jam Paling Relevan dipilih, sehingga beberapa balasan mungkin sudah difilter. Suka Balas 19 jam → Tampilkan 2 balasan lain 14 Tulis komentar... 117

Online Reactions

Only a few hours later, many Indonesians created memes about their disappointments and frustrations after the Ministry blocked critical websites such as Steam and PayPal . For example on July 30th, 2022, Facebook[5] user Abraham Ehrlich uploaded a screenshot edit written "May Allah destroy KOMINFO." The post received 564 reactions and more than 1,300 shares (shown below, left). On the same day, Facebook[6] user Dani Fatih Panggalih uploaded a We Did It Patrick! We Saved The City edit. The post received more than 1,000 reactions and 2,300 shares (shown below, right).

Hossam Hello May Allah destroy KOMINFO KOMINFO We did it Patrick! We saved Indonesia

On July 30th, 2022, Indonesian e-sports team BOOM ESPORTS via their official Twitter[7] uploaded an edit making fun of the Ministry decision to block Steam , showing their team playing the offline game Zuma using Virtual Reality. The tweet received more than 14,200 likes and 4,400 retweets in two days (shown below, left). On the same day, another e-sports team, Team Secret via their official Twitter[8] uploaded a My Hero Academia edit showing Deku pointing to a monitor that reads "this website has been blocked." The tweet received more than 46,500 likes and 15,200 retweets (shown below, right).

BOOM BOOM Esports @boomesportsid now that steam is blocked, welcome boom esports zuma division be prepared 30 Tensora fiber JAG I WAING (0) 1:26 PM Jul 30, 2022 Twitter for iPhone 750 4,455 Retweets 511 Quote Tweets 14.2K Likes SE MENU 20 +230 48189 : Team Secret @teamsecret Steam, PayPal, Battlenet, Epic Games and other websites have been banned in Indonesia SITUS DIB! Website B DANG-UNDANG RI NOMOR 19 TAHUN 2016 PASAL 40 (2a) dan (2b) TENTA Indonesia Low No. 19 Year 2016 Article 40 (2a) and (2b) regard MAAF, AKSES KE SITUS INI DIBLOKIR OLEH PEN KARENA MENGANDUNG KONTEN NEGATIN PERATURAN PERUNDANGAN DI INDONES Sorry, access to this website has been denied by The Government of Indonesia de content as it violates Indonesia Law contact: aduankonten@mail.kominfo.go 3:09 AM - Jul 30, 2022 Twitter Web App 15.2K Retweets 8,427 Quote Tweets 46.5K Likes ...

Many local and international media outlets such as The Jakarta Post[10] , Reuters[11] , and IGN Southeast Asia[12] published articles about the mass block.


Buzzer Terrors

On July 30th, 2022, Facebook[9] user Hafiz Habis uploaded screenshots of himself after he attended the Twitter Spaces event discussing the controversy. Later, he was terrorized by unknown people online called "buzzers" (the Indonesian version of China's 50 Cent Army online troll army) who threatened his family after he asked questions such as "How can the Indonesian government invite foreign investors, while unironically creating laws that makes investors not want to invest their money in Indonesia." The post received 570 reactions and more than 1,400 shares only in a few hours (shown below).

Kepilih ngomong di space di Twitter tadi, terus nanya beberapa pertanyaan. tiba2 ada yang WA gini?? telfon2 juga, buzer itu nyata temen-temen REC Blokirkominfo Sesi 2 #BLOKIR #KOMINFO Hafiz Habis menambahkan 2 foto baru ke album: ?? 2 jam. Ⓒ Teguh Apr... Host Isnur Pembicara Zulfikar... Pendengar DAM Pendengar awas KBGOI awaskb... II|Co-host DATA OIL Arie Sem.... Pembicara AVARIESAGA Avarik... Pendengar KemoTher... Pembicara 88 Wicaks... Pendengar ia M... Pendengar Prasety... akun utama Pendengar Pendengar LBH ARK ART LBH JA... Pembicara Eno | S... Pendengar #BLOKIR #KOMINFO SAFEne... Pendengar fil. Pendengar 212 23:08 | 14,6KB/don ← +62 851-5671-3015 online Pesan dan panggilan terenkripsi secara end-to-end. Tidak seorang pun di luar chat ini, termasuk WhatsApp, yang dapat membaca atau mendengarkannya. Ketuk untuk info selengkapnya. hafız 23.05 Hari ini Panggilan suara tak terjawab pukul 23.05 MAKSUDNYA APA TANYA2 GITU DI TWITTER SPACE? HAHA KONTOL 23.06 KELUARGA LO YA ABIS INI 23.06 Panggilan suara tak terjawab pukul 23.06 ANGKATLAH PANTEK 23.07 Pengirim tidak ada di daftar kontak Anda LAPORKAN BLOKIR 23.06 TAMBAH KE KONTAK 54% CHISOR Ketik pesan dan 647 lainnya 441 Komentar 1,4 rb Kali dibagikan

Throwing A Bottle Of Pee At The Kominfo Office

On July 30th, 2022, Facebook[13] user Anichka created an event titled "Ramai-Ramai Lempar Botol Pipis ke Kantor Kementrian Komunikasi Dan Informatika." (Eng. Let's Throw A Bottle of Pee at the Communication and Information Technology Office) that will be held on August 1st, 2022. More than 3,500 people indicated they were interested in the event (shown below, left).

Prior to July 31st, 2022, Instagram page @blokpolitikpelajar uploaded a post about a similar message calling on people to bring a bottle of pee and throw it at the KOMINFO office in Jakarta, Indonesia. The original post has been removed due to "inappropriate words" such as lempar (Eng. Throw), and pipis (Eng. Pee). On July 31st, 2022, the same Instagram[14] page reuploaded the post and censored some words. The post received 530 likes in one day (shown below, right).

1 KEMENTERIAN KOMUNIKASI DAN INFORMATIKA REPUBLIK INDONESIA SENIN, 01 AGUSTUS 2022 PADA 12.00 Ramai-Ramai Lempar Botol Pipis ke Kantor Kementrian Komunikasi Dan Informatika Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika #BlokirKominfo Seruan dan Undangan Peliputan Media: Ramai-Ramai Lopar Botolinics ke Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika Tetep jadi ya gaes!!! Konten kita yang ini di take down instagram!! Cemeenn Gara gara ada kata kata le*par ama p*p*s kata instagram hihi Senin, 1 Agustus 2022 | Gd. Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika RI, JI. Medan Merdeka Barat, Jakarta Pusat 14.00 - selesai | Narahubung: 0887-7722-322

Various Reactions

when I'm in a Dumb Decision Making competition and my opponent is Kemenkominfo Indonesian censorship and government in a nutshell 2 LESTONS fil SNP Ma Klass Irlanisin 2851 no way its the kominfo employee COMO The evolution of the trash icon 1995 1998 2001 2006 2015 2000 KOMINFO 2022 Indonesia has truly entered a Great Pirate Era! K

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To people trying to understand this beyond the meme potential here is a writeup of what this Internet Board is asking for:


So from my understanding they are wanting a broad write-up on how secure their company's data systems are in order to get a certificate to operate in Indonesia. Anyone failing to do this by July 31st would get locked out of Indonesian ISP by filtering. Seems to me the big fuckup was that they told website like Google and Instagram but declines to tell services like Valve, which is expected of 3rd world Government agency trying to implement some big new "cybersecurity" mesaure.

Easy way around this is with a VPN. I'm sure they haven't gotten around to tracing/blocking VPNs like they do in China, so this should be achievable for now.

For anyone thinking this is worse than PRC/China, reminder that China has a great firewall in place that monitors everything since thing you post online and tracks/blocks VPNs. You can get arrested in China for posting on Steam something they deem "inappropriate", where they will come get you out of house, arrest you, make you swear an affidavit declaring guilty, and then publicly shaming you. Not to mention China has Genocide camps, whereas Indonesia has at least a somewhat free Christian population in a majority Muslim country. Don't get me wrong, they have issues, but China is straight fucked on the morality scale.


Remember that the Kominfo, or the Ministry of Comms made the decision to ban Reddit, Newgrounds and every smut site because of pressure from moralists (ahem, fundies) that our country is absolutely obsessed to pander to

This is just yet another fuckup in their already long list

If they don't overturn this decision soon there'll be literal hell to pay even worse than the banning of the aforementioned sites a few years back


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