Cody and Satori Controversy depicting ghost hunters Cody and Satori and YouTubers Sam and Colby.

Cody and Satori Controversy

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Cody and Satori Controversy, also known as Sam and Colby Conjuring House Controversy, refers to criticism against "professional ghost hunters" Cody and Satori after they made an appearance in YouTubers Sam and Colby's Conjuring House series in late October 2023. The controversy surrounds Cody and Satori's supposed supernatural abilities to communicate with ghosts through "knocking sounds" that appear when they clasp hands. Members of Sam and Colby's subreddit and their fans on TikTok began criticizing Cody and Satori soon after appearing on Sam and Colby's YouTube series.


On October 22nd, 2023, YouTubers[1] Sam and Colby posted the first video in their "Conjuring House" series (seen below), which gathered over 14 million views in two weeks.

The video also introduced Cody and Satori, a paranormal investigation couple who claim to be able to speak with ghosts who "knock" to spell out words. Cody and Satori also claim that they can only do this routine with each other. Notably, Satori is the daughter of Jason Hawes, the star and co-producer of the show Ghost Hunters.

On October 22nd, the channel released an uncut version of Cody and Satori's knocking routine, gathering over 1 million views in two weeks (seen below).[2]


Various TikTokers began posting videos either debunking or defending Cody and Satori against criticism, with TikToker[3] @user2924550572553 showing how their ankle pops and makes a similar "knocking" sound in an October 28th, 2023, upload that gathered over 400,000 plays and 9,000 likes in 10 days (seen below, left). TikToker[4] @.mclovin03 also posted a clip on October 28th, defending Cody and Satori in a post that gathered over 180,000 plays and 30,000 likes in a similar timeframe (seen below, right).

@user2924550572553 Replying to @ajordan1732ik it ant pavement #colbybrock #theconjuringhousesamandcolby #theconjuringhouse #theconjuring #samandcolbyreaction #samandcolby #fyp ♬ original sound – user2924550572553

@.mclovin03 Nah the fact i started bawling when they got in contact with sams past relatives. #conjuring #satoriandcody #samandcolbyconjuring #fyp ♬ original sound – Chris Dapkas

On October 28th, YouTuber[5] Rational Era then posted a video debunking Cody and Satori's routine, referencing a historical anecdote about "the Fox sisters" from the mid-1800s. The Fox sisters reportedly conducted shows around America claiming to be able to speak with ghosts through their "knock" routine, which they performed using popping bones in their ankles. This was revealed by one of the sisters after she left the troop. The video gathered over 217,000 views in 12 days (seen below).

On November 1st, 2023, Redditor[6] /u/owonekowo posted a clip showing Cody doing a solo knocking routine 11 years ago, before he met Satori and before his battle with cancer, which he claimed had granted him special powers (seen below).

401 @ Cody had been doing the "knocking" method 11 years ago WITHOUT Satori Conjuring House (self.SamAndColby) submitted 8 days ago by owonekowo Check out this paranormal investigation Cody does with some dude at 10:06[¹], Cody is reciting the alphabet and what do ya know, some very familiar "knocking" sounds can be heard when he pauses between the letters...! This investigation was done 11 years ago, before Cody met Satori and before his battle with cancer (his IG says 8 year cancer survivor), where he implied dying from complications due to cancer gave him this special ability... and Satori (the other "half" that completes their ability) is nowhere to be seen! Homie really just be out here perfecting the "knocking" method for over a decade. This 11 year old investigation with ody doing the "knocking" method without Satori outs the "paranormal couple" as scammers and liars, imho... Just about everything they said on Sam and Colby's Conjuring series relating to their "gift" has been proven to be false, just from this video alone. I hope Sam and Colby can see this. If this video doesn't encourage people to question the legitimacy of the "knocking" method by the so-called "paranormal" couple, I don't know what will. 128 comments source share save hide report crosspost hide all child comments !

Over the following days, fans on the /r/SamandColby subreddit claimed that Sam and Colby were deleting critical or negative comments from their YouTube videos, resulting in further backlash.[7][8]

On November 9th, Sam and Colby then posted[9] the following message to their social media pages:

ever since the Conjuring series released we’ve seen a lot of information/questions come out about Cody & Satori. we are in the process of looking over everything and will be making a video soon to talk about things 🙏🏼
appreciate everyone’s patience and opinions

Sam and Colby @SamandColby ever since the Conjuring series released we've seen a lot of information/questions come out about Cody & Satori. we are in the process of looking over everything and will be making a video soon to talk about things appreciate everyone's patience and opinions 8:45 AM Nov 9, 2023 353.5K Views • : !

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