Destiny Wife Runs Off controversy and drama depicting an image of Melina Goransson and a Swedish streamer.

Destiny's Wife Runs Off

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Destiny's Wife Runs Off refers to a controversy surrounding streamer and YouTuber Destiny and his wife Melina Goransson, an influencer and a Twitch streamer, who reportedly became obsessed with a Swedish streamer she was involved with. Destiny and Goransson, who are in an open marriage, are purportedly heading for a divorce as a result of the situation. The subject became a viral topic of discussions and memes in early December 2023 as word of the drama spread online.


On December 6th, 2023, Redditor DGG-DALIBAN-WARRIOR made a drama post in the /r/Destiny[1] subreddit about streamer Destiny unfollowing and blocking Melina on social platforms, commenting "it's all ogre…" The post (shown below), which received over 1,900 upvotes in two days, was later updated with news that Melina's melW emote was removed from the list of Destiny's Twitch emotes, along with some other speculations regarding the couple.

1.9k Posted by u/DGG-DALIBAN-WARRIOR 1 day ago Destiny has unfollowed or blocked by Melina on a social platforms Drama it's all ogre... UPDATE: melW has been removed UPDATE 2: Joever Edition: all pics with melina are GONE from his instagram FINAL (?) UPDATE: melina has been KICKED OUT of the apartment 402 Comments Share 4

On December 7th, X[2] / Twitter user @UselessIcarus posted a screenshot of the Reddit post, with the post gaining over 25 reposts and 430 likes in one day.

Later that day, a post clarifying the situation appeared on Destiny's Discord server.[3] In it, Destiny said that his wife, influencer and streamer Melina Goransson (with whom he is in an open marriage) had become obsessed with "a toxic/abusive guy" (allegedly, Swedish TikToker @memetix), who gave her an ultimatum that she must divorce Destiny, allegedly threatening to kill himself (post shown below). The message, in which Destiny says "I'm out," led many to believe that the couple might be heading for a divorce.

||| #dgg-relay # Destiny: I'll have a small convo when I'm back about things, I'm not gonna "nuke" Melina or anything, but the last two months (and two weeks) have been a massive mindfuck for me, watching her become obsessed with a toxic/ abusive guy (When I visited Sweden last, he gave Mel an ultimatum to divorce me and then threatened to kill himself when she didn't do it, among 20 other abusive/manipulative things he's done) and endlessly make excuses for him, so I'm out. Destiny: Anyway have fun with mooobies for 3 days good luck cya on the 9th or 10th DGG Relay BOT Today at 12:29 PM Destiny: Josh yeah, me discovering boundaries was the death knell in this relationship Destiny: SleepyRunt why? This proves every point I've ever made, girls can leave you for jobless manipulative losers if they just play their cards right (: Destiny:chocobo_coco yeah I wanted a massive therapy session to see if I could express myself better and iron out some boundaries, but it's hard for me to ask for anything if I've been a pushover for so many years

Also that day, a clip from Melina Goransson's mid-November 2023 Twitch[4] stream in which she is sitting with a feminine-looking man (purportedly Swedish TikToker @memetix) in her lap saw viral spread (shown below).

Online Reactions

On December 7th, 2023, the news became a viral topic of discussion on X and Reddit, with users commenting on the drama and posting memes. For example, on December 7th, streamer Darius shared a Hello, Human Resources?! meme referencing both the current drama and his past controversy involving Goransson, which received over 100 reposts and 2,200 likes on X[5] in one day (shown below, left).

Later on December 7th, X[6] user @marionumber4 posted a Meme Heaven meme about divorced celebrities, which received over 760 reposts and 14,000 likes in one day (shown below, right).

KNOW THE WORK RULES 11 leave him or i kill myself leave him or i kill myself APPROPRIATE AWWW.YOU'RE SWEET. INAPPROPRIATE HELLO, HUMAN RESOURCES?! Join us, Destiny

The topic maintained prevalence online the following day, with more memes and reactions going viral.

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