Lacey Vicich

Lacey Vicich

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Lacey Vicich is a teenage girl who became the target of a 4chan raid after taunting users on the website’s /b/ (random) board in August of 2012.


On August 15th, 2012, Vicich created a thread on 4chan’s /b/ board with a photo of herself holding up a timestamped message which read "Post ending in 69 decides what I show, tits or pussy.” Many users replied with “TITS OR GTFO!” and “OP (original poster) is an attention whore." Eventually, a post number endeding in 69 appeared, but instead of fullfilling the request, Lacey (and her boyfriend Ronald Paul Baker) responded by posting a pictures of themselves flipping off the camera with signs that read "U Mad?", "you will never reveal my true identity!" and a URL to her profile page on paid cam site Though the thread was not archived, screenshots of the posts were taken and shared online.

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Notable Developments

In retaliation, 4chan users began doxing her, attempting to find Vicich's personal information. While this was going on, Vicich posted another timestamped photo (shown below) on August 16th taunting those trying to find her by calling them "jits"[5], a slang insult used in some parts of Florida. With her location narrowed down, 4chan users were able to find a Facebook account (now deleted) and personal information.[3] The same day, a Facebook fan page[7] appeared, under the guise of fans for her porn career.

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The anonymous users attempting to find her convened on[4] and a corresponding IRC room to share new information. The link to this site was provided via an Anonymous-style YouTube video uploaded on the 16th by TheNewOperation[6], but as of August 28th, the audio has been removed. Also on that day, a definition for "Lacey Vicich" was submitted to Urban Dictionary[1], attempting to pin the doxing on humor site 9gag. In several threads on the 16th, her and her boyfriend continued to post taunting images on 4chan.

a Co with The FCCU lead seems Promisim S in complete different state/ we live on our own onlite nal JAs onothing will come this ond IKnowr a faet! Some Random Gu or all you idiotS knou[2] was registered on August 20th, hosting a pornographic video of her and her boyfriend taken from her MyGirlFund page. On August 21st, another 4chan thread was posted[8] ruminating on how she will feel in the future due to the consequences of her actions.

Alleged Firing

On August 20th, YouTuber OfficialVideoZone uploaded a video titled "Lacey Vicich Was Fired Phone Call", which featured an audio recording of someone calling the restaurant where she was allegedly employed. At the end of the video, the caller asks if Lacey was still employed there, to which the employee responds that she is no longer with the establishment.

Police Involvement

On August 25th, another 4chan user claimed he reported an armed burglary at Vicich's parent's house to the North Port, Florida police department. A text transcript of the call was then uploaded to YouTube. However, the only report in the North Port, Florida dispatch database relating to Vicich is from her employer[9] in reference to receiving harassing phone calls in reference to Vicich between August 16th and 18th.

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