Lauren Mayberry "Leave a Trace" Trolling

Lauren Mayberry "Leave a Trace" Trolling

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Lauren Mayberry "Leave a Trace" Controversy is a debate in which posters of the music board of 4chan, /mu/ attacked Lauren Mayberry, lead singer of the band Chvrches, for her appearance in a music video for the band's 2015 single "Leave a Trace." The controversy spread to Twitter when a board poster invited Mayberry to join.


On August 17th, 2015 the official Chvrches Vevo uploaded a music video to the song "Leave A Trace," the second single off their album Every Open Eye.

On the same day, a thread on /mu/[2] was created showcasing the video. Much of the comments in the thread focused on two criticisms: firstly, that Lauren Mayberry was being sexually provocative in how she was clothed and styled in the video, and secondly, that the other Chvrches members Iain Cook and Martin Doherty were barely featured in the video, despite Mayberry's previous claims that she was intent on not focusing on being a female figurehead for the band.[8] Before it was archived, the post received 819 replies.

File: 118489991477009562619994(...)ipg (53 KB, 640x640) Anonymous 08/17/15 Mon 09:38:24 No. 581 83887 ▶ >>581 83959 >>581 84023 2581 84029 2258184 382>581 84 90 >>58184372 >>58185069 58185822 2258185886 58185949 2258186124258186731 2258187065 258187499 58187888 58188024 2-58188141 258188718 258189994258190497 New Chvrches video]DIMKI Embed] >>「Anonymous 08/17/15(Mon)09:39:57 No.58183906 File: 10044892.ipg (21 KB, 433x548) Time to whip out the Vaseline. Vaseline Anonymous 08/17/15(Mon)11:27:50 No.58 185822 > >>58185981>>58187289 >>53187394 File: 1421035740242.ipg (34 KB, 800x530) 58183887 (OP) 'M NOT A SEX OBJECT !!! DON'T OBJECTIFY ME "!!!! WE'RE A BAND OK !!!???!!! Proceeds to dress as a sex object for the purposes of objectification >Band is nowhere to be seen Anonymous 08/17/15(Mon)11:31:00 No.58185886 58183887 (OP) Well at least she's finally embracing the fact that chvrches basically survives by using sex appeal to sell bland 2nd rate 80s music to neckbeards Anonymous 08/17/15(Mon)11:32:23 No.58185910 She would be dribbling jism for weeks if I ever got my hands on her

A few hours after the post went up, after it had accumulated several hundred replies, one poster tweeted a link to the thread to Mayberry(the account who did this has now been banned due to multiple reports from users). She responded by blocking the user who sent it, retweeting the link and writing: "Dear anyone who thinks misogyny isn't real. It is and this is what it looks like."

Tweet 7KTbroship y /mu/ requests your presence in our thread tbgh. boards. 17/08/2015 17:15 わ Lauren Mayberry elaurenevemay 7KTbroship Block. 1m Reply to 7KT Broship Lauren Mayberry Follow Dear misogyny isn't real. It is and anyone who thinks this is what it looks like. 12:22 PM- 17 Aug 2015 わ다883*804


After Mayberry tweeted the thread, multiple news outlets, including the Mirror[3], Music.mic[4], Daily Records[5], The Sidney Morning Herald [6] and The Independent[7] wrote opinion articles commenting on the misogyny and abuse of the 4chan users, as well as their sexual objectification of Mayberry. The official Chvrches Twitter tweeted in support of Mayberry on the same day, along with fellow Chvrches member Martin Doherty, and Stuart Braithwaite, the lead guitarist of the post-rock band Mogwai.

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winton overwat
winton overwat

>4chan thread
>expecting anyone to not be an asshole

I honestly believe this is more evidence of the assholery that comes with online anonimity and lack of accountability than of systemic oppression, but that is just me

Nanalan is the source of all evil
Nanalan is the source of all evil

Jeez, I kind of have the feeling that 4chan isn't what it used to be anymore. The next thing they do is stealing some child's lollipop if they keep this boring shit up. The controversy is also shit, who expects 4chan to be kind to women or take them serious. Most of them probably forgot how women besides their anime waifus look like


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