Marcel Hesse's Darknet Murder Confession

Marcel Hesse's Darknet Murder Confession

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Marcel Hesse is a 19-year-old resident of Herne, Germany who rose to international notoriety for killing his nine-year-old neighbor and sharing the footage and photographs of his crime on various message boards in March 2017. After three days of a nationwide manhunt operation, Hesse was captured and arrested by the police on March 9th.


On March 6th, 2017, Marcel Hesse, a 19-year-old resident of Herne, Germany, approached his neighbor's house and asked the youngest of the three brothers, Jayden, if he would help him put up a ladder. According to the police investigation, Hesse lured the nine-year-old boy back to his home and killed him by repeatedly stabbing him with a knife 58 times, all the while filming his senseless act of murder on camera. Within the hour of committing murder, Hesse posted the video and several pictures of himself posing beside the lifeless body of his victim to an anonymous Darknet message board.



Police Investigation

That evening, the local authorities in Herne launched an investigation in search of Jayden and a possible murder suspect after the boy's mother reported her son as missing, as well as an anonymous tip from someone who saw Hesse's post on the message board. By March 7th, the investigation had snowballed into a nationwide manhunt when Jayden's body was found in the basement of Hesse's house, with the main suspect nowhere to be found. In the following 72 hours, the German police used helicopters and K-9 dogs in search of Hesse, while schools and kindergartens in Herne were placed on lockdown.

Hesse's Online Activities

Even after the public announcement of the nationwide manhunt operation, Hesse reportedly continued to boast about his killing and share more photographs from the crime scene on various online chat rooms and WhatsApp, along with a series of disturbing messages alluding to his one or more acts of murder.

GESTERN Gleich alle vorbereitungn getroffen Kann kaum grade laufen wegen den Rotwein Wenn ich das heut nich hinkriege mach ich was knastwürdiges Soon all preparations done Can barely walk straight from all the red wine If I can't pull it off today, I'll do something jail-worthy Have fun in the anime world hab spaß in der anime welt Willst später 4chan reife bilde? Want 4chan-worthy pictures later? Of course Klar 8.09 Feueralarme sind los, sht Fire alarm is off, There you have something jail-worthy das ist doch was knastwürdiges 41 In eigenrt wohnung Enilk hat zuviel rauch gemacht Wenn imd kommt renn ich In 20 minutn oder so fahr ich fort Bilder kommen sofort Grill made too much smoke in my apartment If someone comes now, I'll run In 20 minutes or so I'll drive away Pictures coming immediately
19:00 © CEN

Social Media Reaction

As the news of the horrifying murder in the city of Herne spread across Germany's social networking sites and online news outlets, additional photographs and writings allegedly posted by the suspect or his friend on numerous message boards, including 4chan. On March 6th, an anonymous user claiming to be a friend of Hesse spilled the beans on 4chan's /b/ board, along with several links to photographic proof, which was subsequently screen-captured and posted on Reddit's /r/4chan later that same day. On March 8th, an ominous post written in German about an imminent killing spree surfaced on 4chan's /b/ board, which also made the rounds among German users on Twitter. The authenticity of the posts remain unverified (shown below).

Anonymous 03/06/17(Mon)23:43:40 No.7245715 A friend of mine wanted to plan his suicide but then he killed the neighbours child bcuz he fucked u his suicide attempt wtf /b/ idk wtf SCREEN CAPS OF CHAT 227 KB JPG Anonymous 03/06/17(Mon)23:45:23 No.72457166 Translate that shit Anonymous 03/06/17(Mon)23:48:05 No.72457190 2-72457 1547 (OP) # http://prnt.sclegs 1h1 whats going on here? >>72 Anonymous 03/06/17(Mon)23:48:16 No.72457192 First Screencap ▼ A 07:47 Board /b/ Random ▼ Settings Home Anonymous 03/08/17(Wed)07:41:56 : Anonymous 03/08/17(Wed)07 41:56 No.724758039 Bin jetzt wach. Kauk geschlafen vor Nervosität. Hand mehr weh als gestern. Gleich gehts los. Um 8 uhr versuch ich das video hochzuladen um halb 9 bin ich auf einem öffentlichen platz und versuche so viele Leute wie möglich mit nach Walhalla zunehmen. Hoffe ich konnte meine Jungs angenehm unterhalten. >>724758110 # >>724758163 # >>724758168 # >>724758198 # Anonymous 03/08/17(Wed)07:41:56 No.724758040 724757986# 404 KB PNG Anonymous 03/08/17(Wed)07:42:22 No.724758067 221 247 57 932 # ledig iol Anonymous 03/08/17(Wed)07:42:31 No.724758082 >>724757506 #


On the evening of March 9th, Hesse walked into a Greek fast food restaurant in Herne and told the owner to call the police, effectively turning himself in. Furthermore, Hesse also alerted the police to a burning apartment nearby the restaurant, where another body of a 22-year-old man was discovered. According to the authorities, Hesse has admitted to both crimes.

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Considering this apparently started due to a failed suicide attempt, guy was incredibly sick and no one gave even the slightest of fucks and tried to help the kid.

Just shows to show how mental health is just as important as physical health. Could saved 2 lives.


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