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Nick Rekieta's Arrest

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Nick Rekieta's Arrest refers to the purported May 2024 detainment of Minnesota lawyer, YouTuber and streamer Nick Rekieta of the Rekieta Law YouTube channel, following an alleged, months-long descent into alcoholism and drug abuse, which some viewers claimed to have noticed during his streams leading up to the arrest. Rekieta, who is also being sued by YouTuber Montagraph after allegedly making false accusations of him being a pedophile, was purportedly arrested along with his wife Kayla and April Imholte on firearm and drug possession charges. The detainment went viral on social media and inspired memes and rumors that Rekieta's downfall began after he put on a replica of Chris-Chan's Sonichu medallion sent to him by an unknown party in October 2023, with the memes claiming the medallion is supposedly cursed. On May 2024, Rekieta attended his arraignment over Zoom, during which it was revealed that he was being charged with possessing over 25 grams of cocaine or meth.


Intoxication / Problematic Behavior On Streams

Throughout early 2024, multiple clips of lawyer and content creator Nick Rekieta, in which many noted that he appears to be intoxicated while streaming on Rumble and YouTube, were uploaded online. Rekieta also became more aggressive on his streams, with incidents that include publicly making fun of a suicidal fan who reached out to him and comparing Michelle Obama to a baboon (clips shown below, left and right).[1][2]

On May 21st, 2024, Rekieta hosted a now-deleted livestream (reupload shown below) after finding out that he lost his court appeal regarding a slander lawsuit leveled against him by YouTuber Montagraph, who Rekieta purportedly accused of being a pedophile. Throughout the stream, Rekieta can be seen drinking.

That day, several X[3] users, including @HappyHouseVideo, uploaded a clip from the now-deleted livestream in which he appears notably intoxicated at the end of his stream, sits quietly with his head in his hand and then wonders why his camera is still on, the user writing, "What is going on with Nick Rekieta?" A clip from the same stream was also shared, supposedly showing him returning from a break with a substance under his nose.[4]

Also on May 21st, X[5] user @BhilPurnell2 posted a video combining a clip of Rekieta talking about being able to control his alcohol drinking, followed by the clip of him failing to realize his stream is still running, garnering over 2,100 likes in three days (shown below). On May 22nd, the video was uploaded to the subreddit /r/sadcringe,[6] where it gained over 5,000 upvotes in two days.

On May 22nd, 2024, YouTuber[7] The Feltorcist posted clips from a stream by Kick streamer Kinocasino in which they hypothesize, using enhanced audio, that Rekieta is receiving oral sex from April Imholte in the clip. Imholte is associated with the Steeltoe Podcast and is the ex-wife of Aaron Imholte, one of Rekieta's ex-friends. It has been rumored that Rekieta is cheating on his wife with Imholte, although this is unconfirmed speculation.


May 2024 Arrest

On May 23rd, 2024, claims that Nick Rekieta, his wife Kayla and April Imholte were arrested began spreading on social media, along with screenshots of their purported arrest records. The records claim that the Rekietas were arrested on 5th-degree drug possession and possession of a firearm or ammo, while Imholte was arrested on only 5th-degree drug possession (shown below).[8][9]

According to a Fox9[17] report, the police attempted to execute a search warrant on Rekieta's home on May 23rd but were greeted at the door by a girl who refused to let them enter. They used a door ram to enter the home, where the Rekietas, Imholte and four children were found inside.

Police found drugs and paraphernalia around the home, including cocaine and ketamine. They also reportedly found a "Sig Sauer AR with several magazines and loose ammunition underneath the bed, a spent shell casing on the bedroom floor, and located additional firearms and ammunition in the garage."

57602 Rekieta, Kayla Christine F 40 26992 05-23-2024 11:30 53412 Rekieta, Nicholas Robert M 42 26991 05-23-2024 10:08 1538885 Imholte, April Diane F 29 26990 05-23-2024 10:03 F-COURT/PENDING 152.025.2(1) Drugs - 5th Degree - Possess Schedule 1,2,3,4 G-COURT/PENDING 624.713.1(10)(iii) Possess Ammo/Any Firearm - User of Controlled F-COURT/PENDING 152.025.2(1) Drugs-5th Degree - Possess Schedule 1, G-COURT/PENDING 624.713.1(10) Possess Ammo/Any Firearm - User of Contro -> F COURT/PENDING - 152.025.2(1) Drugs - 5th Degree - Possess Schedule 1,2,3,4

Aaron Imholte's Response

On May 24th, 2024, X[13] user @cenkpesos shared a clip of Aaron Imholte finding out that April Imholte was arrested in real-time during a May 23rd stream on the MLC Podcast on YouTube[14] (shown below). The episode garnered over 14,000 views in under a day.

On May 24th, X[15] user @ChristheNarc uploaded a clip of Aaron Imholte claiming that Rekieta did two lines of cocaine in front of him (seen below). He also alleges that Rekieta got April addicted to coke and that he tried to express his concerns about the cocaine use to Rekieta multiple times, only to have Rekieta attempt to justify it in various ways.


On May 24th, 2024, YouTuber[16] MLS God of Law hosted a livestream in which he sat in on Rekieta's Zoom arraignment (shown below). During the arraignment, Rekieta's charges were read and it was revealed he is being charged with possessing over 25 grams of cocaine or meth, with a max sentencing of 25 years in prison.

He has also been charged with possession of a firearm or ammo while intoxicated and child endangerment. The stream was trolled throughout, with people joining the Zoom call to hurl insults at Rekieta.

Search Warrant Released

On May 28th, 2024, Rekieta's search warrant was made publicly available, inspiring law YouTubers, content creators and others interested in the case to comb through it. For example, that day, YouTuber Legal Mindset posted a video going through the warrant that gained over 60,000 views in under 10 hours (shown below).

That same day, X[18] user @TeeExTee posted a segment of the warrant that details how Rekieta was losing weight, how track marks were seen on his arms, how his kids were allegedly wearing the same clothes for days and more (shown below).

Text @TeeExTee Man, the search warrant for Nick Rekieta's house is f------ bleak. ** Kids wearing the same clothes for days and going to school hungry. Both Nick and Kayla losing weight, lethargic. Track marks on Nick's arms. I can forgive the sex stuff, but the drug/neglect s--- is infuriating. It was reported that Nicholas is a social media blogger and he and his wife Kayla had befriended hosts from a different local social media blogger. Those individuals were identified as Aaron Michael Imholte, DOB 12/24/1986 and April Diane Imholte, DOB 12/20/1994. Your Affiant knows personally these are personalities of the Steel Toe Morning Show, which used to be in St. Cloud, MN radio. However, as of recent years the show has been a social media entertainment show, strictly online based. It was reported that the Imholte's may have been staying with the Rekieta's and the home was in disarray and cluttered. It was reported from a church preschool teacher that the children had complained of being hungry, not being fed, and wearing the same clothes for 3 to 4 days at a time and would start to smell. Nicholas was reported to being lethargic and appeared high or drugged driving a car around. Another individual advised the reported that Nicholas will walk out randomly during sermons at church and have noticed behavioral changes in him. It was alleged Kayla looks anorexic and Nicholas has lost a substantial amount of weight recently. One individual described Nicholas of having injection or track marks on his arms. The reporter reiterated concerns for possible neglect and/or controlled substance use within the home. Your Affiant started to review the Rekieta's and Imholtes social media blogs. The blogs are commonly related to legal issues and high profile trials as Nicholas is a licensed attorney. Nicholas is known to drink alcoholic beverages excessively on these video blogs. I immediately noted that Nicholas's appearance in recent months has changed. In videos from January 2024 compared to May 2024, Nicholas appears to have lost weight, appears tired, and overall appears "strung out", common with controlled substance users. Nicholas commonly refers to his "studio" as his basement in his own residence. Nicholas has been the victim of Swatting phone calls and is known to Your Affiant and the Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Office because of these calls. When the Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Office responded to these calls they were at 12:53 PM - May 28, 2024 - 6,119 Views

Online Reactions

Chris-Chan Sonichu Medallion Curse Theory

On October 14th, 2023, Rekieta hosted a stream on Rumble[10] in which he tells a story about how he received a mysterious package containing a cryptic note and what appears to be a replica of Chris-Chan's Sonichu medallion. During the stream, he can be seen putting on the medallion (shown below).

Just before his May 2024 arrest, some people started to hypothesize that the medallion was cursed and putting it on is what caused Rekieta's downfall into addiction. For example, on May 22nd, 2024, X[11] user @FolderBloat posted about the theory, garnering over 8,500 likes in two days (shown below).

FolderBloat @FolderBloat so just to get this straight... someone mailed Rekieta one of Chris-chan's real Sonichu medallions, with a letter saying "a new host has been chosen" Nick put on the medallion. Nick then became an alchoholic drug addict who goes to swinger bars and rambles about cheese pizza. 10:48 PM - May 22, 2024 293K Views

On May 23rd, hours before Rekieta's alleged arrest went viral, X[12] user @ChrisBoresIG, known best for his Irate Gamer persona but now working as a ghost behaviorist, posted a video about the medallion theory, offering some support for the theory that it was cursed, garnering over 850 likes in a day (shown below).

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